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CBCPMonitor vol11-n19

CBCPMonitor vol11-n19



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Published by: cbcpmonitor on Jun 12, 2008
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Bishop Arigo appeals \u201csave
Bishop Arigo appeals \u201csave
Bishop Arigo appeals \u201csave
Bishop Arigo appeals \u201csave
Bishop Arigo appeals \u201csave
Palawan from mining\u201d
Palawan from mining\u201d
Palawan from mining\u201d
Palawan from mining\u201d
Palawan from mining\u201d
Protagonist of Truth, Promoter of Peace
Vol. 11 No. 19
September 17 - 30, 2007
Php 20.00
An alternative news organization
staffed by Catholic journalists dedicated
to providing accurate news written from
a distinctively Catholic perspective.
A supplement Publication for KCFAPI and
the Order of the Knights of Columbus
A Catechetical publication of the Episcopal Commission on
Catechesis and Catholic Education
Rosales calls for
concerted effort to
grapple climate change
A RANKING official of the Catholic bishops\u2019
hierarchy has called on the faithful and the gov-
ernment to tackle the moral dimension of cli-
mate change.
In a statement, Manila Archbishop Gaudencio
Cardinal Rosales said it\u2019s time for the country
to take action on the growing challenge to ad-
vance the common good.
Rosales / A6
Bishop: Jueteng could
topple Arroyo gov\u2019t too
IF jueteng toppled the previous regime, the
Arroyo government could also fall for same
reason, a Catholic bishop said.
Anti-gambling crusader Archbishop Oscar
Cruz voiced his sentiment, expressing out
strongly over the illegal gambling\u2019s continu-
ing operation in the country.
\u201cIf the previous administration fell primarily
on account of jueteng, the present administration
could also fall due to jueteng\u2014among so many
Jueteng / A6
Blessing the flock.Cebu Archbishop Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal blesses the faithful after Mass, at the newly declared Diocesan Shrine of the
\u201cMahal na Se\u00f1or, Santo Cristo de Burgos\u201d in Sariaya, Quezon on September 14.
Starting them
young. A young
girl holds a candle
as she prays at
the Carmel
Church in Lipa,
Batangas. She
said her mother,
a Marian devotee,
is most
instrumental in
forming her faith
at a very a
young age.
Marian exhibits open La Naval centennial
It was to help seminarians, says
Bishop Villegas on Doble case
Dominican provincial, two others quit
KCFAPI kicks
off jubilee
THE Knights of Columbus Fraternal
Association of the Philippines, Inc.
(KC FAPI) launched its year-long cel-
ebration of 50th anniversary of foun-
dation with a solemn mass presided
by Most Rev. Deogracias I\u00f1iguez,
bishop of Kalookan, with KC scholar-
priests as concelebrants, on Septem-
ber 14 at San Agustin Church,
The Eucharistic celebration was
also offered in commemoration of the
30th death anniversary of KCFAPI
founder Fr. George J. Willmann, SJ,
regarded as Father of the Knights of
Columbus (KC) in the Philippines.
In his homily, I\u00f1iguez extolled the
virtues of Fr. Willmann, whose vi-
sion for the KC led to the develop-
ment and revitalization of the orga-
nization in the Philippines; consid-
ered as one of the big religious orga-
nizations of laymen in the country
He said that Fr. Willmann\u2019s efforts
to develop the vision-mission of KC
left a lasting legacy to those who fol-
low him.
The prelate challenged the KC to
follow the examples set by Fr.
Willmann, who worked for the
marginalized and the miserable sec-
tors of society during his lifetime.
\u201cMay the inspiration of Fr.
Willmann be a reminder to all KC\u2019s
of this vital ministry of the cross of
Christ,\u201d the bishop said.
Likewise, the prelate praised the
KC for placing themselves and their
resources at the service of the Church
and marginalized members of soci-
\u201cThe declaration of the Church of
the year of Social Concerns is a con-
firmation of the call of the Church on
the KC,\u201d said I\u00f1iguez.
Philippine Bishop speaks before London Parliament on Mining
By Melo Acu\u00f1a

PUERTO Princesa Bishop Pedro D. Arigo called on the national leadership to spare the country\u2019s \u201clast frontier\u201d from the ill effects of mining.

In an interview over Catholic-run Veritas 846, the Apostolic Vicar of Puerto Princesa said he be- lieves there are interested persons lobbying for permits because some circumvent existing rules and regulations. He is about to issue his third pastoral statement on mining \u201cwhere I would expose the anomalies regarding the issuances of permits.\u201d His earlier pastoral statements on mining were issued in 2005 and 2006.

\u201cThere are procedures before a mining company is given a permit,\u201d Bishop Arigo said. Interested companies ought to secure consent from the resi- dents of affected communities and there are areas in Palawan where mining cannot be allowed, he pointed out.

\u201cThere are about a hundred mining applications in the province,\u201d Bishop Arigo said. He added per- mits ought to be given by barangay officials, mu- nicipal executives, provincial government, the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development, DENR, and finally, the Office of the President.

\u201cThere are a lot of persons lobbying for these companies because there\u2019s a lot of money involved, proof of which are areas not supposed to host min- ing companies [but] have been allowed entry,\u201d Bishop Arigo explained.

EPISCOPAL Commission on Social Ac-
tion, Justice and Peace (ECSA-JP) Chair
and Bishop of Marbel Most Rev.
Dinualdo Gutierrez, DD, spoke on min-
ing issues in the Philippines on Septem-
ber 18, in a public forum in London Par-
The meeting was chaired by a mem-
ber of Parliament Clare Short, who led
a fact-finding delegation in the country
in 2006 to investigate the impact of de-
structive mining practices on poor
communities and the environment.
Gutierrez discussed the controversial
revitalized mining priority program
(EO 270) of President Gloria Macapagal
Arroyo that encourages further entry
of foreign mining companies to explore
the countries natural resources.
Applying the See-Judge-Act method-
ology, Gutierrez presented before his
audience the status of mining industry
in the country, and how it contributed
in environmental degradation and de-
struction of people\u2019s livelihood.
He also presented cases of mining com-
panies whose non-compliance with gov-
ernment regulations have left both com-
munities and environment devastated.
He cited as examples the cases of Lafayette
in Rapu-rapu, Albay, TVI in Siocon,
Zamboanga and Marcopper in Boac.
joined forces and staged protests to stop
the open-pit copper and gold mining
operation of Xstrata, an Anglo-Swiss
company, in Tampakan, South
Gutierrez said the mining activities
pose great hazards to the environment
and will displace the indigenous people
of his diocese.
Speaking before an international fo-
rum, Gutierrez hopes to bring to the
international community a greater
awareness of the evils that destructive
mining practices havoc on the environ-
ment and people\u2019s lives.( P i n k y
Barrientos, FSP)
The Catholic Bishops\u2019 Conference of
the Philippines (CBCP) have been very
critical of the so-called 24 Priority Min-
ing Projects of the government and
called for the closure of large scale min-
ing projects.
In its pastoral letter issued in Janu-
ary 2006, the CBCP said \u201cthe promised
benefits of mining by these
transnational corporations are out-
weighed by the dislocation of commu-
nities especially among our indigenous
brothers and sisters, the risks to health
and livelihood, and massive environ-
mental damage.\u201d
Last May, the Mindanao bishops
Bishop / A6
BALANGA (Bataan) Bishop
Socrates Villegas broke his si-
lence on his role during the
celebrated Technical Sgt.
Vidal Doble case.
Almost a week ago, oppo-
sition Senator Panfilo Lacson
said he would invite the Ro-
man Catholic Archbishop of
Manila, Gaudencio B. Cardi-
nal Rosales and Bishop
Socrates B. Villegas to the
Senate hearing on the contro-
versial \u201cHello Garci\u201d case on
their respective roles in hand-
ing over Doble to military au-
In a statement, Villegas said
he received calls from priests
within the San Carlos Semi-
nary after their normal lives
were disturbed with the pres-
ence of former NBI Deputy
Director Samuel Ong and
ISAFP operative Vidal Doble.
Media practitioners milled at
the seminary complex\u2019s only
gate along Epifanio delos
Santos Avenue.
He said he received a call
from one Medy Poblador
whom he knew as one of
former President Corazon
Aquino\u2019s assistants but later
on learned to be part Presi-
dent Gloria Macapagal-
Arroyo\u2019s staff.
THE Provincial of the Dominican Prov-
ince of the Philippines, Fr. Edmund C.
Nantes, OP, UST Rector Fr. Ernesto
Arceo, OP and his Vice Rector Juan
Ponce, OP resigned from their posts re-
cently for still unknown reasons.
The Master General of the Order of
Preachers Fr. Carlos A. Azpiroz Costa,
OP accepted the resignationof the three
officials. Fr. Costa arrived in Manila re-
cently on a regular visit to the congre-
Fr. Costa who is also the Grand Chan-
cellor of UST \u201cbelieves that a new lead-
ership team will be better able to create
the consensus necessary for future de-
velopments at the University and Hos-
pital, especially as UST begins prepara-
tions for its 400th anniversary in 2011.\u201d
No cause was specifically stated as rea-
son for the three priests\u2019 resignation.
\u201cWith the best interests of the Univer-
sity, which is Asia\u2019s oldest institute, and
THE Santisimo Rosario parish on the
University of Santo Tomas (UST) pre-
mises is set to kick off rosary exhibits on
September 8 in honor of Mary on her
The show of ancient images, prints,
paintings and sculptures of theSantisimo
Rosario is done in the backdrop of the
centennial of the canonical coronation
of La Naval, the first Marian image in
the Philippines to be crowned on papal
order in 1907.
The exhibit features different images
of the Sto. Rosario, and unique rosary
beads. The special element is a photo
display of the Nuestra Se\u00f1ora del Rosario
de La Naval during her stay in the UST for
13 years before it was transferred to the
Sto. Domingo Church in the 1950s, ac-
cording to parish pries Fr. James
Alamillo, OP.
The venerated image of the La Naval
was brought to the university campus
A Catechetical publication of the Episcopal Commission on
Catechesis and Catholic Education
Seminarians / A6
Dominican / A6
Marian / A6

Impact magazine is 41. It may be the oldest running Asian magazine for human transformation in the region.

Get updated with the latest trends in social
development vis-\u00e0-vis the social teachings
of the Church.

To subscribe: email to subscription@impactmagazine.net Or write to: Impact, 470 Gen. Luna St. , Intramuros, Manila. Or call (02) 404-1612 / 404-2182 / 527-41-39

A supplement Publication for KCFAPI and
the Order of the Knights of Columbus
An alternative news organization
staffed by Catholic journalists dedicated
to providing accurate news written from
a distinctively Catholic perspective.
Read the daily church news at www.cbcpnews.com
To receive free daily online dispatch of CBCPNews, email request
for a free subscription to cbcpnews@cbcpworld.net
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The CBCP Monitor is now accepting
advertisers. I t has a niche readership. I t
can penetrate a select group of readers
w here m ainstream new spapers cannot.
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ad rates or call: (02) 404-2182 / 527-41-39
Welcome Advertisers!
The CBCP Monitor is now accepting
advertisers. I t has a niche readership. I t
can penetrate a select group of readers
w here m ainstream new spapers cannot.
Advertise with the CBCP Monitor!
Email to: cbcpmonitor@cbcpworld.net for promotional
ad rates or call: (02) 404-2182 / 527-41-39
Vol. 11 No. 19
September 17 - 30, 2007
CBCP Monitor
CBCP Monitor
World News
Vatican responds to questions
on artificial alimentation
Vatican, US bishops investigating
Georgetown theologian
Secret directive issued to
eradicated religion spreading
among soldiers in Nokor
Shimon Peres: Within a year the most important
Israel-Holy See problems resolved
U.S. Bishops call for end to human trafficking
Some Army of
Mary members
VATICAN CITY, September 14, 2007\u2014Made
public today was a response from the Con-
gregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to
certain questions raised by the United States
Conference of Catholic Bishops concerning
artificial nutrition and hydration.
The replies were approved by the Holy
Father during an audience granted to Car-
dinal William Joseph Levada, prefect of the
congregation. The text of the responses has
been published in its Latin original and in
English, French, Italian, German, Spanish,
Polish and Portuguese.
\u201cFirst question: Is the administration of
food and water (whether by natural or artifi-
cial means) to a patient in a \u2018vegetative state\u2019
morally obligatory except when they cannot
be assimilated by the patient\u2019s body or can-
not be administered to the patient without
causing significant physical discomfort?
\u201cResponse: Yes. The administration of
food and water even by artificial means is,
in principle, an ordinary and proportionate
means of preserving life. It is therefore
obligatory to the extent to which, and for as
long as, it is shown to accomplish its proper
finality, which is the hydration and nour-
ishment of the patient. In this way suffering
and death by starvation and dehydration are
\u201cSecond question: When nutrition and hy-
dration are being supplied by artificial
means to a patient in a \u2018permanent vegeta-
tive state,\u2019 may they be discontinued when
competent physicians judge with moral cer-
tainty that the patient will never recover
\u201cResponse: No. A patient in a \u2018permanent
vegetative state\u2019 is a person with fundamen-
tal human dignity and must, therefore, re-
ceive ordinary and proportionate care which
includes, in principle, the administration of
water and food even by artificial means.\u201d
An English-language note accompanying
the responses indicates that: \u201cWhen stating
that the administration of food and water is
morally obligatory \u2018in principle,\u2019 the Con-
gregation for the Doctrine of the Faith does
not exclude the possibility that, in very re-
mote places or in situations of extreme pov-
erty, the artificial provision of food and wa-
ter may be physically impossible, and then
\u2018ad impossibilia nemo tenetur.\u2019
However, the obligation to offer the mini-
mal treatments that are available remains
in place, as well as that of obtaining, if pos-
sible, the means necessary for an adequate
support of life. Nor is the possibility ex-
cluded that, due to emerging complications,
a patient may be unable to assimilate food
and liquids, so that their provision becomes
altogether useless.
Finally, the possibility is not absolutely
excluded that, in some rare cases, artificial
nourishment and hydration may be exces-
sively burdensome for the patient or may
cause significant physical discomfort, for ex-
ample resulting from complications in the
use of the means employed.
\u201cThese exceptional cases, however, take
nothing away from the general ethical crite-
rion, according to which the provision of wa-
ter and food, even by artificial means, always
represents a \u2018natural means\u2019 for preserving
life, and is not a \u2018therapeutic treatment.\u2019 Its
use should therefore be considered \u2018ordinary
and proportionate,\u2019 even when the \u2018vegeta-
tive state\u2019 is prolonged.\u201d(VIS)
WASHINGTON, DC\u00af, Septem-
ber 14, 2007\u2014The U.S. bishops
urged congress to reauthorize
legislation to combat human
In a statement released
Wednesday, Bishop Gerald
Barnes of San Bernardino, Cali-
fornia, chairman of the episco-
pal Committee on Migration,
asked that the Trafficking Vic-
tims Protection Act (TVPA), set
to expire in October, be reautho-
\u201cThis legislation should be re-
authorized, adequately funded,
and aggressively imple-
mented,\u201d said Bishop Barnes,
while noting that \u201cas many as
700,000 persons are trafficked
globally each year, men, women,
and children.\u201d
Human trafficking, the bishop
added, is a \u201chorrific crime
against the basic human dignity
and rights of the human person.\u201d
Bishop Barnes included in his
statement a request for the fed-
eral government to place empha-
sis on the recovery and care of
victims, particularly \u201cchild traf-
ficking victims, who are most
susceptible to the long-term hor-
rors of this crime.\u201d
In his statement the 62-year-
old prelate also asked that the
general public, and Catholics
specifically, work together to
end human trafficking.
Bishop Barnes wrote: \u201cWe call
attention to this tragic reality to
raise awareness among Catho-
lics and others of good will
about its devastating impact on
vulnerable persons.
\u201cWe urge Catholics to work
together to identify survivors of
human trafficking and to help res-
cue them from their bondage.\u201d
\u201cIn the end,\u201d the bishop stated,
\u201cwe must work together \u00af
Church, state and community \u00af
to eliminate the root causes and
markets that permit traffickers to
flourish; to make whole the sur-
vivors of this crime; and to en-
sure that one day soon traffick-
ing in human persons vanishes
from the face of the earth.\u201d
ROME, September 7, 2007\u2014The
Israeli President Shimon Peres is
\u201cquite optimistic\u201d regarding ne-
gotiations between Israel and the
Holy See and has declared that
\u201cwithin year\u2019s end the most im-
portant problems will be re-
solved\u201d. Answering a question
put forward byAsiaNews , during
a press conference, he also said
that he had invited Benedict XVI
to visit Israel.
In his first foreign visit as presi-
dent, Peres was received in audi-
ence today by the pope in Castel
Gandolfo and also met with Sec-
retary of State Cardinal Tarcisio
Bertone, Msgr. Dominique
Mamberti, and Secretary for re-
lations with states and Oded Ben
Hur, Israeli ambassador to the
Holy See.
According to a Vatican press
office statement, discussions fo-
cused on the possibilities for
peace between Israel and Pales-
tine in the \u201cthe current interna-
tional climate, which appears to
be particularly favourable\u201d. In
November in fact, there will be a
peace conference in Washington.
The Vatican hopes that \u201ceach of
the parties involved will do all
in their power to meet the expec-
tations of the populations, bowed
by crises that has lasted for over
60 years now and which contin-
ues to sow the seeds of death and
In order to study \u201ccommon ini-
tiatives in favor of peace\u201d, the
pontiff also met today with Saudi
Foreign Minister, Prince Saud Al
Faisal. Saudi Arabia and the Arab
League have long put forward a
peace programme for the Middle
On the long standing question
of the implementation of the Fun-
damental Agreement, 13 years on
from its signing, the Holy See
statement urges \u201ca rapid conclu-
sion to the important ongoing
negotiations and the beginning
of a constant dialogue with Israeli
Authorities and local Christian
communities, in view of their
participation in working for the
common good\u201d.
Last September 3\u2014after a long
summer pause\u2014and
after years of dead-
lock, negotiations
between the Holy
See and Israel recom-
menced. They aim to
lead to an agreement
regarding issues of
taxation and Church
properties, which
have been waiting
since 1993.
The Vatican statement makes
no reference whatsoever to a pos-
sible visit by Benedict XVI to Is-
rael, even if the pope has already
expressed a positive opinion in
the past. Peres told journalists
that he was \u201cmoved\u201d by the
pope\u2019s reaction to his proposal
and defined Benedict XVI as
\u201cgreat spiritual figure\u201d, under-
lining that \u201cthe Spirit\u201d incarnated
in the religions can give an im-
portant impulse to peace and the
elimination of violence, \u201cassas-
sins and killings\u201d.
According to Peres, Hamas
extremism and Iranian interfer-
ence in the region are the cause
of the blocked peace process.
\u201cHama\u2019s, he said, is not look-
ing for a political solution, but
an ideological one: the destruc-
tion of our nation\u201d. The Israeli
president instead, expressed his
trust in the President of the Pal-
estinian Authority, Abou
Mazen, and his commitment to
the November peace confer-
ence. Peres revealed that it will
not only focus on political is-
sues (two peoples \u2013 two states),
but also on the question of col-
laboration in the economic and
ecological field.( A s i a N e w s )
Chinese couple sues communist government for forced abortion
CHINA, September 13, 2007\u2014A
Chinese couple is suing the com-
munist government of China for
a forced ninth-month abortion.
Under the provisions of the one-
child policy, Chinese citizens are
required to obtain a license to
have a first child. Conceiving a
child before marriage is an of-
A young couple, Yang
Zhongchen and his wife Jin Yani,
had to wait until Jin was the
minimum age of 20 before be-
ing married. This meant that
their first child, a girl, was ille-
Attempts to bribe local \u201cfam-
ily planning\u201d officials failed and
while Yang was out of town, Jin
was abducted on September 7 by
local officials a few weeks before
her due date.
Jin described the incident in
which she was taken to a local
clinic and her clothes stripped
from her. Doctors \u201cpushed a
large syringe into my stomach.
It was very painful. It was all
very rough.\u201d Doctors then pulled
the dead baby from her body
with forceps.
While forced abortion is tech-
nically illegal in China, it is
known that officials, faced with
quotas, frequently succumb to
what is usually described as
\u201cover-zealousness\u201d in enforcing
the official one-child policy. Yang
and Jin are suing for $38,000 in
medical expenses and $130,000
for psychological distress.
\u201cThey can\u2019t really compensate
for all that we have suffered,\u201d
Jin told local media. \u201cOur baby
will never come back ... we just
hope this kind of thing will
never happen again.\u201d
The couple\u2019s previous attempt
at redress in the courts failed. The
judges ruled they had broken the
law by conceiving out of wed-
lock. Local family planning of-
ficials claimed Jin had consented
to the abortion. The couple is ap-
pealing the decision.
Even while China continues to
be courted by governments and
international business interests
for its thriving economy, the
government is determined to
keep domestic opposition to its
population control policies un-
der wraps.
Chen Guangcheng, a blind,
self-taught lawyer, has been im-
prisoned on fabricated charges
to keep his campaign against the
policy out of the international
media eye. His activism placed
him at the forefront of a grow-
ing civil rights movement
against the one-child policy and
forced abortion.
Guangcheng caught the atten-
tion of international media and
was placed under house arrest
from September 2005 to March
2006 after talking to Time maga-
zine. Authorities arrested him in
June 2006 for destruction of prop-
erty and assembling a crowd to
disrupt traffic.(Hilary White /
QUEBEC CITY, Canada, Septem-
ber 12, 2007\u2014Certain members
of the Community of the Lady of
All Nations, a movement com-
monly known as the Army of
Mary, have incurred excommu-
The Congregation of the Doc-
trine of the Faith issued a decla-
ration of excommunication that
applies to certain members of the
The Canadian bishops\u2019 confer-
ence explained in a statement:
\u201cFollowing earlier consultations
with the bishops of Canada and
also with the Congregation for
Institutes of Consecrated Life and
Societies of Apostolic Life, the
Congregation for the Doctrine of
the Faith has issued a declaration
of excommunication that applies
to various members of the Army
of Mary.
\u201cDespite repeated warnings by
the bishops of Canada, including
Cardinal Marc Ouellet, arch-
bishop of Quebec City, members
of the Army of Mary earlier this
year participated in ordinations
forbidden by and not recognized
by the Catholic Church. The ac-
tions obliged the congregation to
issue the declaration, it states,
because of \u2018the very grave situa-
tion\u2019 and given there was no
\u2018hope of another solution.\u2019\u201d
The bishops affirm that the
doctrinal congregation\u2019s declara-
tion was made with the approval
of Benedict XVI.
Those who incurred excommu-
nication include Father Jean-
Pierre Mastropietro, for having
attempted to perform ordina-
tions not approved or recognized
by the Church.
Others who are excommuni-
cated, claim to have been or-
dained by him as deacons and
Members of the movement and
its associated works who have
entered into schism by participat-
ing in the ordinations despite an
earlier warning issued by Cardi-
nal Ouellet, and who remain \u201cde-
termined to continue to associ-
ate with\u201d the movement also in-
curred excommunication, as did
\u201cwhoever knowingly and delib-
erately embraces\u201d the heretical
teachings of the Army of Mary.
The Vatican declaration states
the excommunications are\u201clatae
sententiae,\u201d incurred automati-
The congregation statement
said: \u201cIt is our hope that the clarifi-
cation provided by this present
declaration will assist those whose
faith may be harmed by this schis-
matic group to remain faithful to
the Catholic Church.\u201d (Zenit)
SEOUL, South Korea, September
13, 2007\u2014Religion \u201cis spreading
like a cancer inside North Korea\u2019s
armed forces, whose mission is
to defend Socialism;\u201d for this rea-
son it \u201cmust be eradicated with-
out delay since it comes from our
enemies from around the world,\u201d
this according to a booklet pre-
pared by the Propaganda Depart-
ment of the North Korean Army
titled Saving Our Soldiers from the
Threat of Religion.
A copy reached a member of
the Committee for the Democra-
tization of North Korea, a group
of political exiles and refugees
that had it translated and re-
\u201cWe should not look, listen,
broadcastings and video or au-
dio materials made by the en-
emy. The enemy is using radio
and TV to launch false propa-
ganda through well-made, stra-
tegic news and intrigue,\u201d the
booklet warned.
\u201cThey are placing spies within
international delegations enter-
ing our borders to spread their
religions and superstitious be-
liefs and win our citizens over to
their side. [...]
\u201cReligion and superstition are
like poison that corrupts social-
ism and paralyses class con-
sciousness. Our soldiers must,
more than ever, instigate a revo-
lutionary awakening to defy the
enemies\u2019 maneuvers.\u201d
Religious worship is allowed in
North Korea as long as it is the
personality cult of Kim Jong-Il and
his father, the late Kim Il-Sung.
Followers of traditional reli-
gions have obstacles to sur-
mount, especially Buddhists and
Christians, such as joining Com-
munist Party-controlled organi-
Those who do not join are per-
secuted, often brutally and vio-
lently. Anyone engaged in any
kind of missionary activity is the
recipient of a similar treatment.
Since the end of the Korean
War in 1953 about 300,000 Chris-
tians have disappeared in North
Korea\u2014any priest or nun who
was alive then has disappeared,
most likely persecuted to death.
About 100,000 are surviving in
labour camps with hunger and
torture as their main companions
and, for some, with death just
around the corner.
This is corroborated by former
North Korean officials and ex
prisoners who have said that
Christians in the camps are
singled out for especially harsh
treatment.(Joseph Yun Li-sun /
14, 2007\u2014Both the Vatican and
the U.S. bishops are investigat-
ing a book, which raises issues
about the uniqueness of Christ
and the Church. Fr. Peter Phan
of Georgetown University
authored the book, titled Being
Religious Interreligiously.
The Dallas priest and promi-
nent theologian is a former
president of the Catholic Theo-
logical Society of America. The
book in question was published
by Orbis in 2004.
According to a report by John
L. Allen Jr., Fr. Phan received a
July 2005 letter from the
Vatican\u2019s Congregation for the
Doctrine for the Faith. It pre-
sented 19 observations under six
headings, charging that Phan\u2019s
book \u201cis notably confused on a
number of points of Catholic
doctrine and also contains seri-
ous ambiguities.\u201d
The central problems with Fr.
Phan\u2019s text are reportedly re-
lated to: Christ as the unique and
universal savior of the world;
the role and function of the
Catholic Church in salvation;
the saving value of non-Chris-
tian religions.
The letter said the book is in
conflict with the 2000 Vatican
document Dominus Iesus, which
states that non-Christians are \u201cin
a gravely deficient situation in
comparison with those who, in
the Church, have the fullness of
the means of salvation.\u201d
The congregation asked Fr.
Phan to write an article to cor-
rect the problems and to instruct
Orbis not to reprint his book. Fr.
Phan reportedly replied in April
2006, offering to comply under
certain conditions.
According to Allen, Bishop
William Lori of Bridgeport,
chair of the Committee on Doc-
trine for the U.S. bishops, also
wrote Fr. Phan in May.
The bishop said the Vatican
had asked his committee to ex-
amine the book, and that it
wanted Fr. Phan to respond to
an enclosed three-page set of
observations. He indicated that
his committee would publish its
own statement.( C N A )
Israeli President Shimon Peres
CBCP Monitor
CBCP Monitor
Vol. 11 No. 19
September 17 - 30, 2007
News Features
Without the Lord\u2019s Day,
Without the Lord\u2019s Day,
Without the Lord\u2019s Day,
Without the Lord\u2019s Day,
Without the Lord\u2019s Day,
Sunday, life does not flourish
Sunday, life does not flourish
Sunday, life does not flourish
Sunday, life does not flourish
Sunday, life does not flourish
Australia, RP Catholic schools
join immersion program
Manila Shrine organizes
Marian pilgrimage

Strong societies
are built on
strong families

VATICAN CITY, September 9, 2007\u2014This
morning the Pope celebrated Mass in
Vienna\u2019s cathedral of St. Stephen, a Gothic
structure with a campanile 136 meters high
and a frontage incorporating two Roman
towers more than 60 meters high.
In his homily, Benedict XVI reflected upon
the meaning of Sunday, the day of the Lord.
\u201cIn the word \u2018dominico\u2019 [Sunday],\u201d he said,
\u201ctwo meanings are inextricably intertwined,
and we must once more learn to recognize
their unity. First of all there is the gift of the
Lord, this gift is the Lord himself: the Risen
One, Whom Christians simply need to have
close and accessible to them, if they are to be
themselves. ... The encounter with the Lord
is inscribed in time on a specific day.\u201d
\u201cWe need this encounter which brings us
together, which gives us space for freedom,
which lets us see beyond the bustle of every-
day life to God\u2019s creative love, from which we
come and towards which we are traveling.\u201d
\u201cWithout the Lord and without the day that
belongs to Him,\u201d the Holy Father insisted,
\u201clife does not flourish. Sunday has been trans-
formed in our Western societies into the
weekend, into leisure time. Leisure time is
certainly something good and necessary, es-
pecially amid the mad rush of the modern
Yet if leisure time lacks an inner focus, an
overall sense of direction, then ultimately it
becomes wasted time that neither strength-
ens nor builds us up. Leisure time requires a
focus, the encounter with Him who is our
origin and goal.\u201d
\u201cThe early Christians celebrated the first
day of the week as the Lord\u2019s day, because it
was the day of the resurrection. Yet very
soon, the Church also came to realize that
the first day of the week is the day of the
dawning of creation, the day on which God
said: \u2018Let there be light.\u2019 Therefore Sunday is
also the Church\u2019s weekly feast of creation,
the feast of thanksgiving and joy over God\u2019s
creation. At a time when creation seems to
be endangered in so many ways through
human activity, we should consciously wel-
come this dimension of Sunday too.\u201d
\u201cIn this Sunday\u2019s Opening Prayer we call
to mind firstly that through His Son God has
redeemed us and made us His beloved chil-
dren. ... To be someone\u2019s child,\u201d the Holy
Father concluded, \u201cmeans to be a free per-
son, not a slave but a member of the family.
And it means being an heir. If we belong to
God, Who is the power above all powers,
then we are fearless and free. And we are
heirs. The inheritance He has bequeathed to
us is Himself, His love.\u201d
At the conclusion of Mass, the Pope went
out into the adjoining square where he
climbed a podium to pray the Angelus. Be-
fore the Marian prayer he said: \u201cJust as Mary
bore Him in her womb \u00afa defenseless little
Child, totally dependent on the love of His
Mother\u2014so Jesus Christ, under the species
of bread, has entrusted Himself to you, dear
brothers and sisters. Love Him as Mary loved
Him! Bring Him to others, just as Mary
brought Him to Elizabeth as the source of
joyful exultation! The Virgin gave the Word
of God a human body, and thus enabled Him
to come into the world as a man. Give your
own bodies to the Lord, and let them become
ever more fully instruments of God\u2019s love,
temples of the Holy Spirit! Bring Sunday, and
its immense gift, into the world!\u201d
Following the Angelus, Benedict XVI pre-
sented a Letter he has written to children who
participate in the initiatives of the Pontifical
Work of the Holy Childhood. \u201cIn you I see
young collaborators in the service that the
Pope renders to the Church and to the world,\u201d
the Holy Father writes in his Letter. \u201cYou
support me with your prayers and with your
commitment to spread the Gospel.\u201d
There are many children, the Letter pro-
ceeds, who do not know Jesus, and many
more who lack the basic necessities of life.
\u201cThe Church gives them her special atten-
tion, especially through the work of mission-
aries. And you too feel called to offer your
contribution both individually and in groups.
Friendship with Jesus is such a beautiful gift
that we cannot keep it to ourselves.\u201d(VIS)
VATICAN CITY, September 13,
Castelgandolfo the Holy Father
received the Letters of Credence
of Jozef Dravecky, the new am-
bassador of the Slovak Republic
to the Holy See.
In his English-language ad-
dress to the diplomat the Pope
recalled how next year marks the
15th anniversary of diplomatic
relations between the Slovak Re-
public and the Holy See. In this
context, he thanked the ambassa-
dor for his reassurance that
Slovakia is committed to fulfill-
ing the two unresolved points of
the \u201cBasic Agreement\u201d between
the two States, regarding \u201ccon-
scientious objection and the fi-
nancing of Church activities.\u201d The
other two points, concerning
Catholic education and spiritual
ministry to Catholics serving in
the armed forces, have already
been ratified
On the subject of education,
Benedict XVI reiterated the im-
portance of States guaranteeing
\u201cthe Church the freedom to es-
tablish and administer Catholic
schools, affording parents the
opportunity to choose a means
of education that fosters the
Christian formation of their chil-
dren. ... Indeed, a solid education
that nourishes all the dimensions
of the human person, including
the religious and spiritual, is in
the interest of both Church and
State. In this way, young people
can acquire habits that will en-
able them to embrace their civic
duties as they enter adulthood.\u201d
\u201cThe family,\u201d he went on, \u201cis
the nucleus in which a person
first learns human love and cul-
tivates the virtues of responsibil-
ity, generosity and fraternal con-
cern. Strong families are built on
the foundation of strong mar-
riages. Strong societies are built
on the foundation of strong fami-
lies. Indeed, all civic communi-
ties should do what they can to
promote economic and social
policies that aid young married
couples and facilitate their desire
to raise a family.
\u201cFar from remaining indiffer-
ent to marriage,\u201d he added, \u201cthe
State must acknowledge, respect
and support this venerable insti-
tution as the stable union between
a man and a woman who will-
ingly embrace a life-long commit-
ment of love and fidelity.\u201d
\u201cThe rich cultural and spiritual
heritage of Slovakia holds great
potential for revitalizing the soul
of the European continent,\u201d said
the Pope noting how the ambas-
sador had \u201cdrawn attention to
the heroic sacrifices made by
countless men and women in
your nation\u2019s history who, in
times of persecution, labored at
great cost to preserve the right to
life, religious liberty, and the free-
dom to place oneself at the chari-
table service of one\u2019s neighbor.\u201d
Benedict XVI concluded by ex-
pressing the hope that \u201cthe cel-
ebrations marking the 1150th
anniversary of Sts. Cyril and
Methodius will renew Slovakia\u2019s
vigor to bear witness to these
timeless values. In this way, she
will inspire other member States
of the European Union to strive
for unity while recognizing di-
versity, to respect national sov-
ereignty while engaging in joint
activity, and to seek economic
progress while upholding social
MANILA, September 15, 2007\u2014
Saint Anthony Shrine in
Sampaloc, Manila is organizing
a Marian pilgrimage to seven
Churches in Batangas, Laguna
and Rizal in observance of the
Marian month of October.
Dubbed as a journey of faith,
the pilgrimage hopes to help
devotees reminisce the develop-
ment and history of the Marian
Fr. Cielo Almazan, OFM, par-
ish priest of St. Anthony Shrine
and one of the pilgrimage chap-
lains said the activity is being
organized to give the devotees
and Shriners the opportunity to
deepen their understanding and
appreciation of the Catholic faith.
\u201cThis gives a purpose to our
pilgrimage other than just idle
curiosity,\u201d explained Almazan.
\u201cSure, we will all be excited to
see our countryside in Laguna,
Batangas and Rizal, but we will
try to add in a balance way, a
Catholic spiritual experience. We
add a dimension of faith,\u201d he
The priest said the pilgrimage
is a special project of the Educa-
tion Ministry of St Anthony
\u201cNo Marian organizations are
involved here. This is being or-
ganized in-house, so to speak,\u201d
the pastor said.
Almazan also mentioned this
is the first time the parish com-
munity, the devotees and the
mass-goers of St Anthony Shrine
are being invited to join.
The pilgrimage will visit
Marian churches known to be
miraculous and flocked to by
people, like the Our Lady of
Caysasay in Taal, Our Lady of
Lourdes in Tagaytay, Our Lady of
Mediatrix of All Gracein Lipa, Our
(Redemptorist Divino Amor)
also in Lipa, Our Lady of Turumba
in Pakil, Our Lady of Guadalupe in
Pagsanjan, and Our Lady of Peace
and Good Voyagein A ntipo lo .
According to Almazan these
Marian Churches and Shrines
\u201care known and flocked to by
people because they contain im-
ages which ordinary Catholics
believe are miraculous or they
have been found miraculously.\u201d
The pilgrimage includes
catechesis, singing of Marian
songs and celebration of the sac-
\u201cIn every church we will visit,
we will pray one decade of the
Franciscan Crown, which recalls
the 7 joys of Mary, promoted by
the Franciscans in the middle
ages, especially St. Bernardine of
Siena,\u201d said Almazan.
A Franciscan Crown is a rosary
consisting of seven decades that
commemorates the seven joys of
the Blessed Virgin (the Annun-
ciation, Visitation, Birth of our
Lord, Adoration of the Magi,
Finding of the Child Jesus in the
Temple, the Resurrection of our
Lord, the Assumption of the
Blessed Virgin and her Corona-
tion in heaven), in use among the
members of the three orders of
St. Francis.
Fr. Long Gutay, OFM, the his-
torian of the Franciscans in the
Philippines, will explain to the
pilgrims the history of the
Marian devotion, while Fr.
Almazan, a bible scholar, will
give a biblical perspective of the
Blessed Mother as an ordinary
Almazan said the upcoming
pilgrimage is the parish\u2019s re-
sponse of giving life to the
archdiocesan vision of having
and being \u201cwith Mary as com-
While other parishes and
schools express their devotion to
Mary in the forms of exhibits or
pilgrimages abroad, the parish
community of St. Anthony, in-
stead have opted to express their
devotion through a local pilgrim-
\u201cOur community at St. An-
thony Shrine has chosen to have
a local pilgrimage, south of Ma-
nila, where the pilgrims will also
see churches built by the
Franciscans,\u201d opined Almazan.
The pilgrimage has the theme,
\u2018A Journey of Faith with Mama Mary
as Companion\u2019.
The pilgrimage is scheduled on
October 6, 2007 with a fee of
P1,200.00 per person inclusive of
transport, meals and prayer ma-
terials. Interested pilgrims may
register at the St. Anthony
Shrine\u2019s Office, or call Ging-
ging/Elma at 734-65-26. Due to
limited seats, only 45 pilgrims
can be accommodated. Last day
of registration will be September
25, 2007. For enquiries, please
contact Angie at 0917-6285827 or
Marie 0916-2066461.( P i n k y
Barrientos, FSP)
tember 17, 2007\u2014Students of
Australia\u2019s leading educational
Columban\u2019s Academy in
Cauayan, Negros Occidental last
August 19-22, in a \u2018life-changing\u2019
immersion program.
Some 12 scholars of the St.
Joseph\u2019s Nudgee College took
part in numerous community
service programs while learning
about the challenges people face
in one of the most impoverished
regions in the country.
\u201cIt was difficult to define the
experience of being involved in
the inaugural Immersion Expe-
rience to the Philippines because
it was a life-changing one that
had implications for the heart,
soul and mind of each boy who
journeyed there,\u2019 said Curtis
Skinner in a statement posted at
the Nudgee website.
\u201cTo see the joy in some of the
local Filipino students simply be-
cause we were there was some-
thing that brings about a certain
kind of humility each of us needs
to feel at some time in our lives,\u201d
the year 10 student said.
He said their 3-day visit were
filled with meeting new faces
and experiencing the work of fel-
low Christians, \u201cexemplifying
the true Christian ideal.\u201d
Aside from St. Columban\u2019s
Academy, the Australian stu-
dents also visited four others
schools in far-flung areas of
Negros Occidental to know their
situation and meet other stu-
With them were their three
teachers Matthew Hawkins, the
program coordinator, Toni
Riordan and Brian Garrone.
The foreign students said they
would share with others their
experiences during their four-
day sojourn at the said school.
Skinner said the camaraderie
they\u2019ve had was \u201cuplifting\u201d,
learning to help each other and
worked in a committed way to
understand the work going on
in each place they visited.
\u201cWithin each of us some spe-
cial memory touched our hearts
but now it is time to think about
what the Nudgee Community
can do to assist programs in
place or to help facilitate the
Brothers\u2019 goals so that we can be
a true Sign of Faith,\u201d he said.
\u201cOn behalf of the inaugural
group of \u201cPag-Inupdanay... with
Spirit\u201d students, I would like to
sincerely thank the Nudgee
community for its support of this
program,\u201d Skinner added.
(CBCP News/Fr. Jose Rembert
NUESTRA SE\u00d1ORA DE LA PEREGRINA ( Our Lady of the Pilgrims ) at St. Anthony
Shrine \u2013 Church in Bustillos, Sampaloc, Manila.

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