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Effective Stress Management

Effective Stress Management

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Published by UReportMe
Effective Stress Management as converted from Print Magazine
Effective Stress Management as converted from Print Magazine

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Published by: UReportMe on Jun 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Arun Bandodkar 
human resourcestrainer with15yearsexperience. Currentlyheis thetrainingmanager of HRDDept.of ETAStar Group and'Trainer and Consultant'for Dubai Institute Of Business Management.
Stress management is a collectionofskills, tools, and techniques that helpyoureduce, manage, and even counteractthe negative side-effects of stress.Identifying unrelieved stress and beingaware of its effect on our lives is notsufficient for reducing its harmful effects.Just as there are many sources ofstress, there are many possibilities for itsmanagement. However, you need towork towards change: changing thesource of stress and/or changing yourreaction to it.Stress is simply the way we reactphysically, mentally, and emotionallyto various conditions, changes, anddemands in our lives. A certain amountof stress in one's life is good. Stresskeeps us engaged, focus, and movingforward. However, too much stress canbe awful.It is important to realize thatthe stressyou experience is yourunique responseto a situation or event. For example,a change such as moving may not bestressful for you, but it could be stressfulfor your spouse, friend or coworker.It's actually not the stressor itself that'sharmful, but rather how we respond tothese stress inducing situations.Stress affects everyone differently. Somepeople are naturally good at stressmanagement. Others, however,needa little help. The importantthingtoremember is that everyone needstofind positiveways to cope with stressinducing situations and theeffects ofstress. Following are some of the strategies forstress management:
Become aware of stressfulsituations and your emotional andphysical reactions.
Noticeyourdistress. Don't ignoreit. Don't gloss over your problems.Determinewhatevents distress you.What areyou telling yourselfabout themeaningof these events?Determinehowyour body respondsto stress. Doyoubecome nervous orphysicallyupset?
Recognize what you can change.
Canyou change the stress inducingsituations by avoiding or eliminatingthem completely?Can you reduce their intensity (managethem over a period of time instead of ona daily or weekly basis)? Can youshorten your exposure to stress (takea break, leave the physical premises)?Can you devote the time and energynecessary to making a change (goalsetting, time management techniques,and delayed gratification strategiesmay be helpful
 A certain amount of stress in one's life is good,however, too much stress can be awful 

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