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2010 DPNM Platform

2010 DPNM Platform

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Published by john6715

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Published by: john6715 on Jun 18, 2010
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The statements below reflect the values and major planks of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, followed by a brief summary of all resolutions passed by the State Central Committee (SCC) from 2006 to 2009, and presented to the SCCat the Pre-Primary Convention on March 13, 2010.
e believe in a vibrant arts community that is advanced by and accessible to the public.
We believe in a balanced budget that supports the needs of all citizens by applying progressive taxes, fair trade, fair labor practices, and measures to ensure a sustainable environment. We support:
national and state budgets that consider all citizens’ needs• repealing tax cuts for the wealthy• fair trade practices, repeal of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and withdrawal from the WorldTrade Organization (WTO)• fair labor practices• research for best energy solutions
We value the people, land, water, and air that sustain us and believe that we have a responsibility to protect the environment for future generations. We support:
immediate efforts to reverse climate change through a comprehensive energy plan emphasizing renewable sources of energy• active environmental policies that promote conservation and energy independenceprotecting water resourcesprotecting local agricultural resources and seed stocksthe cleanup of nuclear waste produced during research and commercial nuclear activities
We value an ethical, open, and participatory government that protects the freedom and liberty of its citizens.We support:
protecting constitutional rights and civil liberties, including reproductive choice and marriage equalityholding all citizens, residents, and officials accountable for upholding the Constitution and the rule of lawethical and transparent governmental practicesa paid legislature elected by clean and verifiable electionsfair media practices
We believe that every citizen has a right to universal health care, superior education, and a protected future.We support:
adopting a comprehensive, single-payer, universal health care coverage which includes alternative and preventative health carestrengthening public education with increased teacher pay, graduation rates and curriculum requirements• eliminating any consideration of voucher plansprotecting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
e believe in a multilateral foreign policy that respects the sovereignty of nations, follows international law, and  policies that honor our veterans, and protect our national security. We support:
ending the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan• prioritizing diplomatic rather than military solutions to conflict• punishing war profiteerstreating veterans with respect and honortransitioning from nuclear weapons research to developing renewable and alternative energy resourcesadvocating international demilitarization of spaceensuring US observance of international law
e believe in protecting tribal sovereignty and the recognition of Native American contribution.
PLATFORMMarch 2010
 Following are synthesized summaries of all resolu- tions passed by the State Central Committee from 2006-2009, organized by plank (with date of passage).
*denotes resolutions pertaining to national legislation.
Ensuring public access to the arts
encouraging public support for the advancement of allareas of the arts, including the development of artists(2006) as all New Mexicans benefit from the arts*restoring funding for the National Endowment for theArts and Humanities at their highest funding level(2009)
National and state budgets that consider allcitizens’ needs by
preparing local-, state-, and national-level budgets thatwill keep our nation strong with emphasis on healthcare, education, research and development, a healthy en-vironment and alternative energy solutions (2008)establishing and enforcing a fair wage for all NewMexico workers (2006 )creating affordable housing, appropriate infrastructure,and economic development opportunities for NewMexico Community Land Grants and their heirs (2006)regulating profits from contracts for work and servicesassociated with the occupation of sovereign nations(2006-09)supporting legislation that will revitalize the UnitedStates manufacturing base (2009)supporting a public oversight process for the disburse-ment of stimulus funds, specifically through committeesthat include non-profit and community-based organiza-tions (2009)*removing the income cap for FICA taxes (2009)
Repeal tax cuts for the wealthy
(2006; 2008)
Fair labor practices that
enable small business to compete on an international,national, and state level (2006)protect the right to organize, collective bargaining,oppose right-to-work laws and support the EmployeeFree Choice Act (2009)strengthening regulation of payday loans (2006)pursuing legislation to continue and strengthen a fairwage (2006)use local union printers (2008)
* Fair trade practices, repeal of the NorthAmerican Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), andwithdrawal from the World Trade Organization(WTO)
Efforts to reverse climate change through acomprehensive energy plan by
reducing carbon emissions (2008)supporting Al Gore’s 10-point plan to combat globalwarming. (www.algore.org/Gores_10_Point_Plan_To_-Combat-_Global_Warming) (2008)continued efforts to significantly reduce energyconsumption (2009)supporting active environmental policies that providegood stewardship of the earth, that promote conservationof non-renewable energy resources, and that promote thedevelopment of renewable energy resources to achieveenergy independence (2008)supporting the enforcement of the Clean Air Act (2006)continuing support for preserving Otero Mesa and ValleVidal (2006)increased funding for alternative clean energy research(2009)supporting legislation which requires all companies thatgenerate power to expand the use of co-generation(2009)creating a Public Regulation Commission website whichgives consumers access to information on all state pro-grams, incentives and information on energy conserva-tion and efficiency (2009)*supporting the reinstatement of Corporate Average FuelEconomy (CAFE) standards of 40 mpg on all vehiclesbelow one ton (2006)* committing to a moon mission scale program to developclean energy technologies (2008)
Protecting water resources by
supporting the principle of sustainability in analyzinggroundwater resources and in regulating water usein New Mexico (2008)respecting the water rights and culture of acequias whenconsidering transfer of water rights to urban use (2008)creating a state-wide Citizens’ Water Resource Councilwith representation from all stakeholders (2009)
Protecting local agricultural resources and seedstocks by
supporting seed-saving traditions (2008)expanding conservation and farm and ranch landprotection programs (2008)
Supporting cleanup of nuclear waste produced dur-ing research and commercial nuclear activities by
immediately halting the use of depleted-uranium (DU)weapons and supporting legislation mandating thetreatment of all US personnel exposed to DU (2008)cleaning up and safely removing all Los AlamosNational Laboratory (LANL) waste containment sites(2008)
Protecting constitutional rights and civil liberties by
teaching the United States Constitution and especiallythe Bill of Rights as a requirement in public schoolcurriculums (2008)protecting the rights granted by our state constitutionfrom compromise (2008)reaffirming the separation of church and state (2008)improving human rights for the incarcerated (2008)prohibiting torture (2006)actively advocating for and supporting marriageequality and domestic partnerships with full spousalrights including community property and healthcaredecision-making (2009)repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (2006)committing to the right to privacy in health decisions, in-cluding reproductive choice and the right-to-die (2006)eliminating all discrimination based on race, religion,mental and physical disability, national origin, age,sexual orientation, or gender identity in housing,employment, and public services (2006)countering the effects of discrimination throughaffirmative action (2006)ensuring that prosecutors and courts deal with each individ-ual case to produce outcomes that are equitable and in thebest interest of society without dictated standards (2006)urging the reintroduction and passage of the EqualRights Amendment (2009)support the restoration of the balance of power of threebranches of government, opposing claims of a unitaryexecutive authority (2009)*opposing unreasonable searches and domestic spyingthat violates Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act(FISA) (2006)*repealing the Patriot Act and restoring habeas corpus(2008)*prohibiting evangelism in the military (2006)
Holding all citizens, residents, and officialsaccountable for upholding the Constitution andthe rule of law by
*investigating possible crimes and misdemeanors of theBush Administration (2009)*abiding by the Geneva Conventions and treating those whodo not follow those conventions as war criminals (2008)
Ensuring ethical and transparent governmentalpractices by
holding public officials accountable to their oaths of office (2008)supporting a paid legislature (2009)treating public comments, a citizen’s right, as animperative at committee and interim hearings, andrequiring that cancellations of same must be posted byfive pm the previous evening (2009)requiring that all legislative meetings be open to allmembers of the public (2009)legislating a “Clean Bill Act” requiring that any pro-posed addendum to proposed legislation must relate tothe subject matter of that particular legislation (2009)that the names of candidates for positions of US Attor-ney and US Marshall be publically disclosed five daysafter submission to our US Senators’ offices (2009)
Ensuring that elections are clean and verifiable by
supporting election day registration (2008)giving priority to accuracy over speed in vote counting(2008)supporting publicly financed political campaigns (2008)requiring cand idates who receive public campaign financ-ing to keep their spending local when possible (2008)continued commitment to voter verifiable paper ballots(2006)ongoing investigation into the causes of the change invoter party status from Democrat to “Declined to State”(DTS) (2009)limiting and disclosing campaign contributions for allelections in New Mexico (2009)*proclaiming election day a national holiday (2006)*urging Congress to implement the National VoterRegistration Act (2008)
Supporting fair media practices by
giving candidates free and equal media time andcoverage (2008)reinstating the Fairness Doctrine (2008)restricting corporate ownership of media (2008) andenforcing the Sherman Anti-Trust Act (2009)reducing private control of news media content (2008)*protecting public media with greater and guaranteedfunding for extended cycles (2008)
Promote healthy communities by
instituting comprehensive, single-payer, universal healthcare coverage, including alternative and preventative healthcare (2006) such as the Health Security Act (2009)protecting families from methamphetamine, black tarheroin, and other dangerous drugs (2008)fully funding Medicaid and Medicare programs (2006)limiting the use of mercury-containing vaccines andamalgam dental fillings (2008)*strengthening the Employee Retirement Income SecurityAct (ERISA) and defined-benefit pension plans (2008)*legislating that all domestic and imported food and otherproducts, whether man made or natural, contain originof country labeling for the products and disclosureregarding the presence of any substance that has beendetermined to be harmful to consumers such as pesti-cides, fertilizers, lead and mercury (2009)

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