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The Box That Patriarchy Built

The Box That Patriarchy Built

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Published by Bill Pinder
An inspirational and intuitive look the origin of patriarchy from a male perspective.
An inspirational and intuitive look the origin of patriarchy from a male perspective.

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Published by: Bill Pinder on Jun 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Box That Patriarchy Built
Sadaka Tehuti-Ma'at, Jul 09
I would like to put some of my thoughts in written form, as to the nature of thesurroundings that men find themselves in, being a product – beneficiary – and avictim of an androcentric (male centered) society.Much of the thinking presented here is the result of my own personal inquiries,conversations with my wife, Tonya K. Freeman, her research, and informationfrom various media forms which I have been privy to.
There are two important things which must be discussed before-hand. The first isa working definition of patriarchy, and secondly, it's origins.
A Definition Of Patriarchy
Patriarchy has been defined several ways. Probably, as many ways asthere are points of view. However, for the purposes of thispresentation, patriarchy is defined as:
an intentional mind-set, and institution which maliciously heightens the status of man, while at the same time –devaluates the status of woman within a given social order and maintains these distinctions in varying degreesthroughout the entire culture
Its Origins
To my knowledge, no one for sure can give an an exact date, as to thebeginning of patriarchy. There is research which places its origins, asan institution, during the bronze age of the second milennia B.C.E. -being firmly in place throughout the ancient world by the 5th-6thcentury B.C.E.I would like to suggest a different view held by myself and someothers, as to the origins of patriarchy. This view is not historical, butinstinctual as to our understanding of human nature. If it holds anytruth and validity, it will pre-date what is suggested above, historically.It seems to me (and others as well), that the origins of patriarchy isbased on two prime factors: observation and response.
Since the beginning of the human race, man observed anotable difference between the physical makeup of himself and woman, which went deeper than the visual sexualdifferences.Two major factors stood out. Woman bled for up to sevendays, on a lunar cycle... and did not die and sheproduced and carried life within her, then brought it forthinto the world.These were miraculous things which he could neitherunderstand, nor do himself. Thus, he responded:
Essentially, there were two ways men could respond tothese amazing events: with awe, amazement andadoration – or with envy, dejection, fear and anger.Awe, Amazement and AdorationThis response honored women for their specialabilities and contributions to the family andcommunity. The Divine Feminine was understoodand worshipped through her as her life cyclescorresponded with the patterns of nature. She was
the Goddess, and was valued and protected.This was the dominate and the initial response of men, in the beginning … as is suggested in the vastamount of female centered archaeologicaldiscoveries, indicating tens of thousands of years of Goddess culture.Envy, Dejection, Fear and AngerNot every man responded with awe, amazement andadoration. There were some who were shakened tothe core. For this man, the difference that he noticedmade him envious. He questioned his inability to belike woman. He became dejected, which turned intofear of her, which then turned into an anger (and inmany cases, a hatred of her).Although he was in the minority, in his heart, heplotted and conspired with others of like-mind -waiting and preparing for a time to turn the tables.Sowing seeds of doubt and mistrust amongst thebrotherhood, the poison began to spread. Perfectinghis hunter/gatherer and martial skills, the comingbronze age (with its superior tools/weapons) offeredthe ideal setting to usurp established authority.The result became the history we live.Now what I've just suggested, may be viewed as an over-simplification of a very complex series of events, for which thereis no factual data.While it may be true that many unknown factors contributed tothe rise and fall of an ancient matrifocal period (as is similarregarding the rise and fall of other historical cultures); it is alsobasically true that something profound happened... within thecore of matrifocal culture, as well as within the psyche of men,which together (with other factors) led to the rise of patriarchy.What I am highlighting, is what we already know today - that “bruised egos” unaddressed, in time transform into psychoticand vengeful behavior... and become a plague to any society.It's a matter of cause and effect.

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