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Respingerea evolutiei (Refuting evolution) - part 2

Respingerea evolutiei (Refuting evolution) - part 2

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Published by Balaban Ovidiu

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Published by: Balaban Ovidiu on Jun 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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RESPINGEREA EVOLUTIEI - Partea 2deJonathan Sarfati, Ph.D.siMichael Matthews
Continuarea cartii "Respingerea evolutiei- partea 1" care respinge ultimele argumentecare sustin evolutia (asa cum e prezentata inserialul PBS si de Scientific American )CUPRINS
:Introducere--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Partea 1. Afirmatie: Evolutia este StiintaEvolutionistii insista ca teoria evolutiei este stiinta, si afirma ca creationismul e religie.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Capitolul 1: Argument: Creationismul e religie, nu stiinta--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Capitolul 2: Argument: Evolutia e compatibila cu religia crestina--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Capitolul 3: Argument: Evolutia e stiinta adevarata, nu 'doar o teorie'--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Partea 2. Claim: Evolutia e foarte sustinuta de catre doveziEvolutionistii insista ca au gasit dovezi abundente, observabile in favoarea evolutiei.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Capitolul 4: Argument: Selectia naturala duce la speciatie--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Capitolul 5: Argument: Unele mutatii sunt beneficiale--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Capitolul 6: Argument: Designul comun arata catre un stramos comun--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Capitolul 7: Argument: 'Designul prost' e o dovada a resturilor evolutiei--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Capitolul 8: Argument: Cataloagele de fosile sustin evolutia--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Partea 3. Claim: 'Problemele' cu teoria evolutiei sunt iluzoriiEvolutionistii se incapataneaza ca exista teorii rezonabile chiar si pentru cele mai mari 'surprize' aleevolutiei.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Capitolul 9: Argument: Probabilitatea matematica a evolutiei--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Capitolul 10: Argument: 'Complexitatea ireductibila'--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Capitolul 11: Argument: Evolutia sexului
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Capitolul 12: Argument: Evolutia omenirii--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Appendix 1: Argumente comune in favoarea evolutiei care au fost respinse--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Appendix 2: Argumente comune in favoarea creationismul care nu ar trebui folosite--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Refuting Evolution 2
A sequel to
that refutes the latest arguments to support evolution (as presented by PBS and
Scientific American
Belief in creation is ‘nonsense.’ Creation is ‘a religious view that has nothing to do with science.’Daily, the airwaves and newspaper racks are filled with such inflammatory claims.The barrage of new arguments and scientific ‘evidence’ that ‘prove’ evolution can seemoverwhelming to believers in the Word of God, who are ridiculed as irrational religious zealots whostill live in the dark ages and believe the Bible’s ‘fables’ about creation. It is more crucial than ever that believers are ‘ready’ to defend their faith (1 Pet. 3:15).This book pulls together the most powerful arguments that Christians are likely to hear from today’sleading evolutionary scientists. These arguments come from two powerhouses in the media—PBS-TV and the journal
Scientific American
which have taken up the mantle of the pro-evolutioncrusade, preaching their message to a broad market around the world. PBS summarized the modernarguments for evolution in its lavish eight-hour series
which still airs and is shown inschools across America. It has also aired in Australia.
Scientific American
 pulled together its own best arguments in a combative cover story, ‘15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense.’
series multimillion-dollar propaganda
The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) first aired its ambitious TV series
in September 2001. Co-produced by Clear Blue Sky Productions (founded and chaired by Microsoft billionairePaul Allen),
had almost unlimited funding. In addition to the TV series, the producerslaunched an aggressive campaign to fully equip teachers to indoctrinate young people in molecules-to-man evolution. This propaganda effort included ‘an unprecedented array of resources for further learning at home and in school’ (their own words), including a free teacher’s guide, an interactivewebsite, a multimedia web library, teacher videos, monthly newsletters, student lessons, and teacher training workshops.The final segment in the series, titled ‘What about God?’ featured
 Answers in Genesis
(AiG), aChristian ministry that shows how the scientific evidence makes sense when interpreted within the biblical worldview.Ken Ham, president of 
 Answers in Genesis
, was interviewed for over two hoursfor this episode and was filmed at a live AiG seminar. The producers assured AiG that the serieswould be ‘balanced,’ but that proved to be untrue (as expected). Far from being ‘balanced,’ the program failed to show
of the scientific evidence against evolution. The real intent of the serieswas to show, once and for all, that evolution is true.To avoid the impression that
was one-sided propaganda, the producers claimed that theyinvited the Discovery Institute, part of the ‘intelligent design’ movement,
for ‘balance.’ But theDiscovery Institute declined because they would have been slotted in the ‘religious’ objectionssegments, whereas their objections to evolution are purely scientific. By failing to provide space tothe scientific criticism of evolution, the PBS/Nova series gave the impression that the onlycriticisms of evolution are ‘religious.’ They also ignored the self-declared atheistic faith of many of 

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Ati observat ca pentru a downloada o carte de pe scribd VI SE CERE UPLOADUL prealabil al altei carti. De multe ori, chiar daca uploadati, TOT NU vise acorda permisiunea de download, si sunteti intorsi la pagina de upload.(De asta, au aparut in ultima vreme cate 4-5 dubluri la fiecare document recent uploadat). De fapt, scribd a setat o interdictie pt aceste documente si, motivand ca vanzarea docu
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