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Published by: Rowila Somera Macoco on Jun 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Entrepreneurship is a mindset more than anything. We identified six qualities that make anentrepreneur:
A big idea of how something can be better and different
Demonstrate how the idea applied outperforms current practice
Expressive so the idea creates energy and resonance with others
Risk taker:
Pursues the dream without all the resources lined up at the start anddistributes the risk over a network of capabilities
Dogged Committer:
Stays with executing the innovation through the peaks and valleysto make it work 
Continuous Learner:
Constantly exploring and evolving to do best practice
Qualities of an Entrepreneur
Being an Entrepreneur from home is not easy...
If you want to be an entrepreneur, you need to assess yourself. An entrepreneur must havesome key qualities. These qualities are not found in the average person. Here are the qualitiesthat make for an entrepreneur.
 An entrepreneur needs to have courage to withstand the ups and downs that come along withbeing an entrepreneur. Many times entrepreneurs might have to withstand financial difficultiessuch as debt or even bankruptcy. For instance, let's focus on entrepreneurs who are involved inhome based businesses. Entrepreneurs go through a lot to create a successful home basedbusiness. And that's because a thriving and lucrative home based business doesn't just happenover night. It takes time and sometimes sweat. Sometimes there may even be tears. A homebased business is a great way to make money, but often it isn't simple or easy. That's whyentrepreneurs need to have courage. Starting and maintaining a home based business can getrough at times.
 Often entrepreneurs have to put in long nights or get up early in the morning to run their homebased business. Many people who are starting home based businesses are beginning themwhile working a fulltime job outside of the home. And it really takes discipline to work with hourslike that. Often the budding entrepreneur is tempted to fall asleep during late hours when he or she should be getting work done. The budding entrepreneur is often swayed to quit when thingsdon't look like they are going very well. But with discipline every entrepreneur will stay up allnight working if that's what it takes. Working from home is different from working in an office
somewhere. You won't have your boss watching over you. The only boss you'll have is yourself.So you have to try very hard not to go too easy on your self. Give yourself just as hard a time asyour boss would give you if you worked somewhere else. Tell yourself you can't take a nap untilthe work is finished.
 Entrepreneurs need to be motivated. It takes some real "get up and go" to work from home.Working from home isn't something that everyone does. So the entrepreneur has to bemotivated to do things a little differently from the crowd. And those are the qualities that make for an entrepreneur. Take on some of these qualities, and before you know it you'll be the owner of a successful home based business.Want to talk more about what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Having a hard time withmarketing? Let me help you. Send me a message, visit me on theweb.
7 Key Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur - Kristine Geimure
Being an entrepreneur is about more than just starting a business or two, it is about having attitude andthe drive to succeed in business. All successful Entrepreneurs have a similar way of thinking andposses several key personal qualities that make them so successful in business. Successfulentrepreneurs like the ambitious Richard Branson have an inner drive to succeed and grow their business, rather than having a Harvard Business degree or technical knowledge in a particular field.All successful entrepreneurs have the following qualities:
Inner Drive to Succeed
Entrepreneurs are driven to succeed and expand their business. They see the bigger picture and areoften very ambitious. Entrepreneurs set massive goals for themselves and stay committed to achievingthem regardless of the obstacles that get in the way.
Strong Belief in themselves
Successful entrepreneurs have a healthy opinion of themselves and often have a strong and assertivepersonality. They are focused and determined to achieve their goals and believe completely in their ability to achieve them. Their self optimism can often been seen by others as flamboyance or arrogance but entrepreneurs are just too focused to spend too much time thinking about un-constructive criticism.
Search for New Ideas and Innovation
All entrepreneurs have a passionate desire to do things better and to improve their products or service.They are constantly looking for ways to improve. They're creative, innovative and resourceful.
Openness to Change
If something is not working for them they simply change. Entrepreneurs know the importance of keeping on top of their industry and the only way to being number one is to evolve and change with thetimes. They're up to date with the latest technology or service techniques and are always ready tochange if they see a new opportunity arise.
Competitive by Nature
Successful entrepreneurs thrive on competition. The only way to reach their goals and live up to their self imposed high standards is to compete with other successful businesses.
Highly Motivated and Energetic
Entrepreneurs are always on the move, full of energy and highly motivated. They are driven to succeedand have an abundance of self motivation. The high standards and ambition of many entrepreneursdemand that they have to be motivated!
Accepting of Constructive Criticism and Rejection
Innovative entrepreneurs are often at the forefront of their industry so they hear the words "it can't bedone" quite a bit. They readjust their path if the criticism is constructive and useful to their overall plan,otherwise they will simply disregard the comments as pessimism. Also, the best entrepreneurs knowthat rejection and obstacles are a part of any leading business and they deal with them appropriately.True entrepreneurs are resourceful, passionate and driven to succeed and improve. They're pioneersand are comfortable fighting on the frontline The great ones are ready to be laughed at and criticized inthe beginning because they can see their path ahead and are too busy working towards their dream.
Qualities of an Entrepreneurby Grove Seey
Different people have different understanding of the term Entrepreneur ,for some it’s someone who starts something new, for others it’s someone who thinks of new ideas and for even someothers it’s a person who is a dreamer of sorts.However, has anyone ever thought of an entrepreneur as an agent for social change? By far, anentrepreneur is a person who changes the way people think, the way people act and react, anentrepreneur is an innovator, an idealist a perfectionist, a thinker, an executor… While the othersare people who search for employment, the entrepreneur is someone who creates it, while theothers wait expectedly for the next pay cheque, the entrepreneur finds out ways to get them their  payslips, while the others wait for instructions, the entrepreneur gives them, and while the othersget up each single day in fear of his job, the entrepreneur gets up vowing to make hisdreamsasreality.So different is the entrepreneur from the normal crowd, he is someone who leads by example,who works through leadership, whodreamsbig and more importantly achieves them. And let’sface it, not everyone has it in them, the question is, do you? Now let us see what the most important qualities of anentrepreneur are:a. He most definitely should have an drive to succeed and that too should come from within.. b. He must be terrifically competitive in nature, give an inch, and take a foot…c. He must be self-motivated and energeticd. Should be a change manager, should not be apprehensive of change, in fact he must embrace ite. Should accept constructive criticism, and at times even hard core rejection

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