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Published by Tanveer Singh Rainu

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Tanveer Singh Rainu on Jun 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bournvita is a power brand. Bournvita was launched in 1948 and is one of the oldest brand in the malted beverages segment. The brand is a market leader in the Brown health drink segment with a market shareof over 17 %.This is a brand that has sustained over time and competition. Cadbury's - true to its reputation hasmanaged to sustain this brand over these years. The brand has sustained because of Cadbury's invested inthe brand and also ensured that the brand changed in tune with the times.Bournvita is a chocolate flavored health drink. When the brand was introduced in the market, it tried tosolve a perennial problem that mother's face : a need for a healthy food which is tasty. Bournvita offeredthat unique combination of health and taste.Its also interesting to see how this brand has evolved over these years.In 1970s t he brand was positionedas a product that helps in good upbringing. The brand used the tagline : Goodness t hat Grows with You.During 1980's the brand changed its focus from Upbringing to Intelligence. The tagline was changed to :Brought Up Right, Bournvita Bright.In 1990's the brand felt that it should be focusing on the overall health of the kid thus changed its focus onBody and Mind. The brand also took Energy as a main focus and thus evolved the famous VO ( voiceover) : "Bournvita has proteins, minerals and carbohydrates" . Along came the famous tagline : Tan KiShakthi , Man Ki Shakthi.During 1998, the brand faced intense competition from Milo from Nestle. At this time, the brown healthfood drink segment was facing issues of stagnation because of lack of value addition. Bournvita thenchanged its positioning on the health platform. The brand used a marconym RDA ( RecommendedDietary Allowance) to reinforce the health positioning. The brand used a clever Nutritional meter tocommunicate the RDA formula : 2 cups of Bournvita for balanced nutrition.The brand also set up a Bournvita Nutritional Center where nutrition experts recommended the right RDA percentage to kids. The brand at that time used the cricketer Ajay Jadeja to endorse the brand. The brandalso harped on the taste and used the tagline " No Bournvita No Milk " to reinforce the taste attribute.
In the current millennium, the brand has moved to the next level. In the typical laddering Up strategy,Bournvita has identified Confidence as its Core Brand Essence. The brand realized that every kid have achance to excel in his chosen field of endeavour if he have confidence . The realization has enabled the brand to chalk out the current marketing strategy. The brand now uses the tagline " Do you haveBournvita Confidence ".In the Brown beverages segment, Bournvita faces intense competition from Boost. In order to defend theleadership position, Bournvita has invested heavily in product development, advertising and sales promotion. In the product development front, Bournvita had significantly changed its packaging and thelatest pack is inspired by Boost. Along with packaging changes, the brand also had comeout with a newvariant : Bournvita Fivestar Magic. The new variant has the unique chocolate with caramel flavor of Cadbury's Fivestar. The brand is using the brand association with Five Star as a key differentiator.All these years, Bournvita has used taste as a consistent theme to attract the kids. The Five Star Magicvariant further reinforced this positioning.In the advertising campaigns, Bournvita has always been a heavy spender. When I am writing this post,Bournvita is running two different campaigns for Bournvita : one campaign for the Bournvita Fivestar Magic and another one featuring Bournvita Confidence Academy.
Bournvita Confidence Academy is not a School but a reality show. The show which premieredon July 2007 in the Pogo channel is different from the usual reality shows . The show features 7kids who have exceptional talents in various fields like dancing, racing, singing, magic, studiesetc. In the reality show , these kids to act as Gurus and is expected to teach each other skills . Soyou have a magic whizkid learning to sing. The point is that "You Need Confidence" to ventureinto unknown fields.Bournvita Confidence Academy is not the first event that this brand associates with. BournvitaQuiz is the longest running quiz show in Indian Television .In the sales promotion front also , the brand was active with its share of freebies and gifts . Theassociation with Cartoon Network enabled this brand to use the famous characters likePowerpuff girls and Dexter to the brand's advantage.As a marketer, I feel that the latest focus on Confidence is a smart move by the brand. Its archrival Boost has built itself on the energy platform and recently has gained headway using Sachin.Hence to counter Boost, Bournvita needed to own an important differentiation point. Confidenceis something that every kid look forward to. By featuring real whiz kids , the brand has been able
to create an impact in the TG. But the challenge that Bournvita faces is not from Boost but fromthe Consumer Promotion trap that both these brands have fallen into. Now most of the sales aredecided by the promotional gifts and freebies than the actual efficacy. Since mothers are happywhether the kids drink either of these , brand loyalty has become a thing of past in this segment.Source : Cadbury website, agencyfaqs.com
India- The Growing Market for Malted Food Drinks
While western markets remain challenging for malt- and chocolate-based drinks,there has been growth in this area in developing markets, notably in China andIndia where malt drinks have long been drunk as a substitute for milk. Now, strongeconomic growth in these markets is seeing middle class consumers trading up toadded-value hot drinks.The 82,000 tone, malted food drink segment can be dividedInto White Beverages and Brown Beverages. White Beverages account for 65% of the sales of the total market. Brown Beverages account for the balance 35% of themarket. Cadbury's Bournvita dominates this segment. Other players in the segmentare Boost (SBCH), Milo (Nestle) and Maltova(SBCH).India, the world's largest malt-based drinks market, accounts for 22% of world'sretail volume sales. In India, malt-based drinks are traditionally consumed as milk substitutes and are marketed as a nutritious drink. Such drinks are principallytargeted at older consumers, the young and the sick. Sales growth has been assistedin recent years by improved retail and distribution networks and demographicfactors, namely a large consumer base in the children's and youth market. Indiaalso recorded the highest growth (53% in US$ terms) of any market between 1998and 2003, primarily as a result of consumers trading up to value-added products.Major global players such as GlaxoSmithKline, Cadbury Schweppes and Nestléare present in India.

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