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Earth - School for the Spirit.... Means to an End.... an End in Itself....

Earth - School for the Spirit.... Means to an End.... an End in Itself....

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Published by BORIS

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Published by: BORIS on Jun 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde - 18.-19.8.1953
5750Earth - School for the spirit.... Means to an end.... An end in itself.... Consider the earth merely as a school for the spirit, as a place foryour soul to mature, which still has to pass through a school before it canenter the spiritual kingdom. You cannot be forcefully shaped in a way thatmakes you suitable for the spiritual kingdom; you have to transformyourselves.... And for that reason life on earth was given to you.... But youhumans don't recognise the purpose and goal of earthly life.... youmisinterpret it, you only strive to benefit your body without thinking ofyour soul.... you look at the earth as an end in itself, whereas it is only themeans to an end.... the means for the spirit to attain final maturity.The real task is to pass the test of volition which you shouldaccomplish during your life on earth and which must be taken incomplete freedom. For that reason you will only receive enlightenmentabout the meaning and purpose of earthly life when you consider thisquestion seriously yourselves. However, God gave you intelligence whichallows you to pose the question as to why and for what reason you are onearth.... There are enough incentives around you which can cause you toask this question but it has to come entirely and freely from withinyourselves in order to be answered correctly as well. Even the worldlyhuman being should occupy himself with this question, even he shouldoccasionally think about the cause and purpose of earthly existence,providing he takes the time to occupy himself with such thoughts....He certainly should not see the purpose of his life in the satisfactionof his body's wishes and desires, but if he does then the thought of deathwill always frighten or unsettle him too.... or he will reject all thoughts ofthat nature by believing that he will cease to exist after death. Onlysomeone who doesn't think much could have this opinion because hewould find enough proof during his earthly life to teach him to thinkotherwise, if only he seriously investigated the problem of life after death.The human being was given intellect.... but if he does not use it he willexist from day to day like an animal because the correct use of intelligence

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