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Daftar Website Musuh Islam

Daftar Website Musuh Islam



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Published by swaranonmuslim

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Published by: swaranonmuslim on Jun 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The complete list of sites offering an
Alternative Viewon Islam
Name & link
Forum about Islam's two faces.
Forum and web site with news and general infos about Islam.
Christian Tells Muslims about Jesus 
User friendly and available in Indonesian and Turkish language.Please look out for an excellent comparision between the Bible and the Koran. Interesting essays on known forgeries such as the 'Gospel' of Barnabas 
Christian/Ex- Muslim 
Web site by an ex-Muslim from Pakistan 
Nobody is more competent to talk abouthe difference between Islam and Christianity as somebody who was member of both religions.
Secular AIME was created in 1997 aimed at the North African World,to promote secularism,equality between women and men, to reject fundamentalis m and to take a critical look at religion.
In French. Founded by a courageous Tunisian woman, Samia Labidi whose brother was an Islamic terrorist at one point in his life.
Documents muslim genocide against Assyrians 
The suffering of the Assyrian nation under the Islamic rule 
News about Islamic terrorism and the Islamization of the West in French .
Very active website with current news about the Islamic threat.
Christian Tells Muslims about Jesus 
Easy to understand discussions on the fallacies of Islam and common Islamic allegations about the Bible.
Organization to support terror victims in Israel 
Interesting web site with a complete coverage of the Islamic terrorism against Israel. Includes a list of all terror attacks since 1993.
News about islamic madness in the USA and other western countries.
This site exposes the collaboration of neo- conservatives with muslims,while at the same time pretending to fight against it.
Secular Exposes Enemies living in the West. Videos of Muslim extremists living in the West.
Member of Yahoo Groups. Informative Links and information on terrorists living in the West.
Website about the silent islamization of Europe dedicated to Oriana Fallaci and Bat Ye'or 
The emphasis of this web site is on the decline of Europe as a partner in the war against terrorism and its transformation into Eurabia.
Christian Salem the Soldier's Homepage 
This site tells us about America and its war against islamic terrorism.
Anti-Islamic,support anti- terrorism actions website 
a lot information,articles, images, political and ideological analysis,forecasts, solutions.
US American,Anti-Terrorism 
News and information on terrorism around the world 
Very professional website giving a complete overview of the terror activities of radical Islamo-Fascism.
Islam explained rationally.
Atheists debunking the myths about the quran and the mystical figure of Mohammed.
Website by Arabs living in the USA in Arabic and English 
Annaqed" (Arabic = "the critic") is a website by Christian Arabs in the US, independend from any influence of Arab governments.
Official web site of the ADL, a Jewish organization against Anti- Semitism 
The Arab world is today the center of Anti- Semitism.
Blog in Italian ,which tries to open the eyes of Italians about Muslims and the real esence of Islam in the quran 
Against the the Islam apologetics in Italy.
Secular Exposing terrorist Nations.
Exposes General Pervez Musharraf and his backstabbing speech.
Atheist Questioning the Koran.
Funny facts about Islam and astronomy...includes a great drawing.
Christian Devoted to refuting, and criticising Islamic claims,doctrines,history, and the Koran.
It is well-documented,and is one of the few anti-Islamic websites that is very careful to give the proper references, and thus one has all the more confidence in its pronouncements.
Answering the Claims ofIslam
Small site,many links.
The links are good.Several of the Islamic claims are addressed in a non-biased manner.The link about Kuran and Yemeni scrolls are interesting.
Movement of concerned Canadians promoting awareness of threats from Islamic extremism in Canada.
Anti-Jihad Canada (formerly United Canadian Committee) is dedicated to promoting awareness of the threats within the Canadian borders. And the continued close monitoring of Islamic extremism.
"Kafir Unity"/Internatio nal An international network promoting unity among those who face the threat of Islamic terror 
Cool site for a crash course in resisting terrorism. Great links and forums.
Anti-Jihad forum for kafirs in the Netherlands in Dutch.
So far Anti-Jihad Nederland is no independend branch of Anti-Jihad, but only a forum. All depends on your participation.
Unofficial Portuguese branch of AntiJihad 
Website against islamic terrorism in Portuguese .
Islamic claims and the FACTS.
Reveils the ugly side of Islam with many pictures and interesting data 
International organization against Islamic terrorism.
Coalition to unite those who fight against terrorism. The ATC is anti-terrorism while underlining Islam as the greatest form of terrorism.
A website founded by ex-Muslims for ex- Muslims 
Professional designed and very important website, because nobody can understand better, how Muslims think, than an ex- Muslim.
Web site aimed at acquainting Poles with the persecution of Arabic speaking 
Christian Arabia is about Arabic speaking Christians living in many Islamic countries, like Assyrians, Chaldeans,Maronites, Copts,Armenians, Greeks,Christians in Turkey,

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