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The Reptilian War (Original Draft)

The Reptilian War (Original Draft)

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Published by Joshua Williams
The Reptilian War is one of my favourite, though least enthusiastic stories that I wrote, as a explosion of inspiration during my third year of secondary school and has been infrequently updated since I began my fourth year a few months later.
The Reptilian War is one of my favourite, though least enthusiastic stories that I wrote, as a explosion of inspiration during my third year of secondary school and has been infrequently updated since I began my fourth year a few months later.

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Published by: Joshua Williams on Jun 13, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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The reptilian War In times to pass, humans wondered why we became extinct and did we reallydominate earth.It was not a meteor that killed us, but the great war we held in the centuries before.Even before the war, the world never lay dormant; perhaps many diedevery day due to the suffering and fights held within the walls we built.Technology had existed but was destroyed during the savage war, which tothis day still stands a terror.Recruiting wasn’t required as everyone was recruited automatically as werequired all the recruits we could get.As humans thought we were un-educated, we were actually very bright andintelligent.Our enemy was the humans when the war began as it still goes on today.In these pages you shall read many of the terrifying and deadly events thathappened and made an impact on society.Many years before the war, we did live in peace until a human stood up to us proclaiming they were the dominant species which as of then they weren’t.Humans did live in peace but many planned to overthrow our government butit did not go according to plan.Both governments argued day after day , always disagreeing whenever disagreement was possible and open for their aspect.It had came to agreement that neither could decide on the correct terms andhad to settle it the unfaithful way.Later that year a wall was build to make the border between the humaneworld and the reptilian kingdom which still stood against the humans terror.The humans world was very unsatisfactory as the level of dirt was very highand causing many diseases.On the other side, our world survived through terror as we kept our sanctuaryclear of human filth and blood dread. We put our effort into making our palaces andhomes whilst the humans wasted many trees just firewood in caves which they calleda house.Only few had been able to cross over the wall but they were nota threat to us as they were spies we had recruited and sent to keep us on track with thehumans current action plans.A month past and our research had grown so huge our organisationsystem was becoming a hassle to manage; so we kept our oldest documents lockedaway in the place we called terania.Terania was an old abandoned town where we had first built the town andwhich of it grew to immense power.Many towns were big and few were small, our entire population was1,230,456,023. The humans was about half of ours as many had grown ill and had to be put down to rest in what they called pure heaven, a sanctuary where all humans arefree from us.Few humans stood up to us once again, but left with tears in their eyes as they were put into our laboratories to drain their minds and to implant our  pure knowledge and intelligence.It went for a while after but secretly one of our test subjects hadabused his gift and tried to declare war on us who are dominant of this planet.
Many items and possessions humans tried to make, we had alreadydone and perfected.Everyday in normal life, we would make a diary entry on either  bark or manufactured goods sometimes stolen from the humans.Simplicity was everywhere where as complexity was in the humans domain, thoughthe humans seemed quite small-minded; they had earlier in the year devised a planwhich they would execute a month later, when the time was right.It is mid-summer and it is nearing the time, our army has prepared itself for our  power. The world turned silent as we waited day upon day for the signal, many justthought it was a joke but many were determined to fight for what they believe is right.Our spies returned each day unfortunately no messages about anyhuman activity, all was that they were just lazing as they usually have in the past.Then gunfire was heard over at the watchtower as one of our guardsfell from the heights bleeding and unable to move without feeling the agony of pain.The war had begun and bloodshed was already everywhere. The wallhad fell and destruction began on both plains.Blood and gore spread throughout the land and terror hasawoken. Prisoners had been released to join in with the tremendous war.Almost everyone joined in, both governments hid underground where they would be safe for now.On the battlefield death was everywhere as the war music started to playgetting louder and louder as an enormous army was approaching the border.What used to be the border was now just trenches upon trenches of  both reptilian and human soldiers fighting for what they believe is right.Many trainees perished quickly as they were young and too distracted byother common events including the pain they take when wearing the metallic armor made by the blacksmiths who had also crafted our mighty weapons.The ground below us turned from rich to poor as burning arrows fell fromthe sky and into our fragile army tents laid out.Many of our trenches had caved in and left soldiers gasping for air with many wishing they’d have never been such a horrifying war.The human’s defences were weakening as their forces grew hungry as all thefood had already been eaten and gone to waste.Unfortunately our defences were weakening but not from hunger, butfrom pain; both emotional and physical.We soon recovered as we had already been prepared for such anunfortunately mishap.The war felt as if it was going to be over soon, but it wasn’t. As the human’s grewaggressive, we grew stronger and did not back down.All we could think about is war,war & war whilst the human’sminds were pre-occupied with their disgusting thoughts.We summoned our allies whom lived in the sky above us, to help us in our battlefor a better world without the mistake of humans being created.We could a great power as the ground trembled before us unexpectedly, beforewe could move a step forward. The ground below us was being gunned by an nearbymachine gun in the nearby trenches.Their attempts failed to make impact and cost them their lives upon which wasslightly saddened as they were so young.
Then the great wall which had once fell rebuilt itself from its original bricksand stalled the war as it also gave us time to make more preparations.We used little time to arrange a quick funeral for those who lost their lives aswe had to plan the future.They were all buried in Terania to show respect to our people, great things wereexpected of the war but many wondered if they actually were great.Days later, one of our only remaining spies returned wounded with a message onhis head written in dry blood which seemed to be of their kind.Unfortunately it was quite smudged which made it very difficult to read and tounderstand.We could only make out a few words which were you,die and next. Weordered the spy to clean his wounds and prepare to face his next mission once again.The next day, news had came that soldiers were being held captive in thehuman’s kingdom.None of our soldiers were willing to fight for their freedom exceptone of our brave and valiant soldiers who went by the name of mentos.He had been in the army for a little while but showed much skill and talentduring his training.Many were jealous of him and despised him for his gift. Hehas almost perfect except for his hidden flaws his parents never talked of nor did theyknow they existed.He was sent into enemy territory the next day with all his required weapons andarmor.He journeyed along the waste land once full of life, now just clumpsof dust flowing into the wind.The ground under his boots cracked every single step as it had grown quitefragile.Progress was untraceable through the sandstorm which blocked anysignals to and from the tracker.Small villages could be seen in the sandy mist as the air became impure and verydangerous.He went into the village cloaked so as not to cause any panic since it wasa human village with very few reptilians.Many of the villagers were old and had grown beards but were still wiseand intelligent.He entered a small hut where a human mage was preparingsome herbal tea, she said” I knew you would come,please take a seat” I sat down ashe poured the herbal tea into a small cup ,”Please drink” She told me to, so I did andthe tea was very refreshing but with a mild taste.As I drank the tea, I saw her hands were not of human but of Reptilian. Iquestioned her about what had happen to her hands, he had answered that she was born with them and had grown a liking. She did not hate reptilians in any war sheadded, I took my hood down as she did not scream or run out in panic.She actually admired my scaly skin and actually revealed a secret that itwas not just her hands that were scaly but most of her body was covered in scaleswith exception of her face.She was quite pretty in my honest opinion. Suddenly she burst into tearswhen I mentioned the war.

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