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Indian Chronology_Kalpa of 560 Years and 482 BC

Indian Chronology_Kalpa of 560 Years and 482 BC

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Published by hari18

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: hari18 on Jun 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Indian Chronologof Prān
a and
I. Introduction
Indian Chronology as seen in
hard nut to crack for the Indoloout of the mind boggling couwhen the numbers
are considmeans Manoh antara
the isynonymous with prān ah
Time Interval YearYuga 432000Krta 4K 4xTreta 3K 3xDvapara 2K 2xKali K 4Mahayuga 10K 10Manvantara 720KKalpa 14Manu 1
When the Purān ic chronology i
out to be 40 years and one Kalthat happens is 8 years in a KalTime count as above is reckonthe assumption that it was theancient Chaldeans could commovements. Following table ill
: Kalpa = 560 Years in Trical Kalpādi in 482 BC
K. Chandra
the ancient texts Purān as
, Epics, Manusmrtigists and other researchers who have tried tots given of years.
The purān ic time countred in units of Prān a instead of years
Materval of manah = prān ah
in tāntrik tra
 Numbers of Purān
Days of 21600 Prān
MajK 432000 201 day =
1 Manu1 Kalpa
432000 1728000 80432000 1296000 60432000 864000 4032000 432000 20432000 4320000 200311040000 14400x720K 4354560000 201600
s converted to days and years
, the true interva becomes 560 years. If considered as Savana which is negligible when we look at the and from the so called Kali-Yug
di 00:00 18nly super-conjunction of human memory orute as the ideal record of a zero of the sustrates a comparison of two super-conjuncti
me Units
etc had been aaise some senseains sense only
nvantara in factdition manah is
or Units1600 Prān
a= 40 Years=
560 Years
l of Manu turnsa, the differenceiquity of India.eb 3102 BC onthe one that thenodic planetaryns:
Kalpādi of 482 BC
(From 482 BC to 78 AD = 560 Years =14 Manus)
00:00, 18Feb 3102 BC 17 Feb -3101, 01:13 ZTKalp
diJD =588465.5 PositionJD (ZT) = 588464.551 01 Feb 482 BC, 15:20Planetary positions: Degree-MinutesJD (ZT): 1545404.139Sun 304 40303 45 307 9Moon 316 41303 45 307 9Mars 301 8300 26 313 26Mercury 289 54288 11 310 34Jupiter 317 36317 23 305 9Venus 317 25316 15 292 11Saturn 276 40276 33 291 51Mean303 26 300 54 303 56Std. Devn14 32 13 31 7 56Ayanamsa45 55 09 53It is apparent from the table that the super-conjunction had a lesser standard deviation in 482BC than the one at 3102 BC. The fact that sun had been more or less at the same positionsuggests that the 3102 BC super-conjunction may have been the result of back computationfrom 482 BC using the synodic periods of planets.
a of Planets
Sapta-graha yoga in Kumbha thus reminds one of the Kumbha-Mel
a coinciding withJupiter’s transit of Kumbha. One striking coincidence here is the precise 36 degrees of precision that separated the Kaliyug
di epoch from the 482 BC which reminds one of the 36years predicted for the doom of Dv
in the Mah
rata. Further, the 482 BC epochcorresponds to the fall of nodes across 60-240
line of M
ra, Pin
ki with the garland of K
lasarpa. And the epoch followed Mah
tri of the year and no planet other than mooncould be seen. Heliacally set planets separated in due course in the order of their speeds andMoon took the farthest sign Cancer, then Mercury took Gemini, Venus-Taurus, Mars-Aries,Jupiter-Pisces and Saturn-Aquarius. Nodes were across the junction of Scorpio-Sagittarius.This Kumbha-mela of 482 BC definitely had something to do with the Indian astronomy andT
ntrik tradition. 482 BC also corresponded to the 10
norm of equinoxes and solstices thatis popular in Babylonian cuneiform tablets.Considering the Kalpa of 560 years (14x40 = 560) from 482 BC, we reach 78 AD, thebeginning of 
aka Era. Surprisingly, the
aka 427 spoken of by Var
hamihira whenconsidered from 482 BC fall at 55 BC, 2 years distant from the beginning of Vikrama samvatand the astronomer’s instruction is to “substract two from the years of the elapsed Saka Era”.
II. Sheet Anchor of Purā
During the last 20
0 years of his
making no sense and no anchori
easily realized that the sheet anc
in 78 CE or Kali 3179.
aka 1concluded after 560 years in 63878 AD Era had been a re-fixinsuper-conjunction of planets toobserved. AD 78 had no otherastronomical calendar and Varaas the beginning of the Dhanish
 The 7
Manvantara of Vaivasv
had its original interval during GManvantara 6: 278 – 318 CE: ReManvantara 7: 318 – 358 CE:Kalpa almost coincides with theIf we consider the evidence inspeaks of the 8
Manu, Sāvarn i
CE. Durga-sapta
ati can be consi
Evidence of the Buddha
Above reconstruction of Indianwith a surprising coincidence thyear ahead of n
irvān a of Gauta
for 2 Manu and therefore 563inferred here that after 560 yearsavior holding the lamb was expof Buddha with the message of cKalpa that preceded Buddha haBC, 2162BC and 2722 BC.
 Astronomical Rationale
8 solar years ehave been thefamous clan na8 x 365 = 5 x 5
ic History
orical research, Purān ic history had been getti
ng date could be deciphered out of the same.
hor of Purān ic chronology is the beginning of 
or 78 CE marked the beginning of a KalpaCE i.e. endpoint coincides with Harsha-Vardhof the Kalp
di 560 years after 482 BC wherk place – heliacally set planets separating ouobservational significance to be treated as theamihira had used 11 January 1980, JD (ZT) =di Pit
maha epoch.
ta famous in the Purān ic texts as ma
rking theupta times as indicated below:ign of Ghatokacha Gupta
Reign of Chandra Gupta-I and Samudra Guptmid-point of Samudra Gupta’s reign 335-380 CDurga-sapta
ati dated to times such as 9-10, we can work out the interval of another Kaldered as marking the date of either 318 CE or 9hronology with Kalpa of 560 years and Manut the Kalpa prior to 78 AD had its beginning in
a Buddha
in 483 BC. Can this be a coincidenC can be considered as the year of birth of Bof the birth of Gupta, i.e at the end of a Kalpaected and then came Jesus Christ who followeompassion and missionary work.its beginning in 1042 BC, the Vedic times an
f the 40 Year Manu
uals 5 synodic cycles of Venus and this plabservational crux of ancient Indian Calendar. Ied after Venus, the Bh
g condemned asut it can be veryŚa
ka_samvatsarand the same gotna (590-647CE).-in the observedmay have beenbeginning of an1750287.695769age of humanitya. Middle of theE.centuries whicha as 638 – 119818 CE.of 40 years meet482 BC, just onee? Buddha liveduddha. It can be, birth of anotherin the footstepsd before at 1602etary cycle mayndia has its most

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