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Israel Photo Shopping

Israel Photo Shopping

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Published by Denis O'Brien

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Published by: Denis O'Brien on Jun 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Israel photoshopping the evidence from the attack on the Mavi Marmara
Dr. Denis R. O’Brien, Esq.Jun17.2010It goes almost without saying that the Israelis will do anything it takes to spin the May31.2010 IsraeliDefense Forces attack on the Mavi Marmara in order to dampen the growing backlash of negative worldopinion. Violence followed by deceit and lying is Israeli's modus operandi and it's one of the reasons theworld is beginning to detest them. Here is an example.Within hours of the IDF attack, a moderate Israeli newspaper, Ha'aretz, published the following photo.The photo looked odd to meand so I took a screenshot.Unfortunately, I cut off someof the legend not knowing itwould become as interestingas the photo. Obviously, itsays something aboutsomebody holding a knife andthe Israel Navy. And it's apretty scary photo. I don'tthink you could find a scarier or more inflammatory photo,given the circumstances. The implication is clearly that this is what those brave, heroic IDF commandosfaced when they stormed the Mavi Marmara -- blood thirsty terrorists with daggers in the striking position.Who could blame them from shooting? Even from the air.Mind you, the article was published the same day as the attack -- within hours, well before the MaviMarmara reached shore. How and from where, I asked myself, was Ha'aretz able to get such a dramaticphoto so fast? Were the IDF commando dorks shooting pictures between shooting unarmed Turks duringthe attack and Emailing them to the media? Surely the commandos didn't have time to confiscate all thecameras from the passengers and wade through all the shots to find this dramatic and damning photo andget it to the newspapers within hours of the raid. Besides there is no attribution.On Jun09.10 I checked theHa'aretz article again. Thephoto was still there, but thelegend had been altered andexpanded as shown here.Now we have an attribution: theIDF Spokesperson's Unit, whichis, I believe, the Israeli militaryversion of George Orwell'sMinistry of the Truth.Now my suspicions were reallypiqued. The photo just doesn't look right. Look at the expressions on the four or five faces in thebackground. They do not look like the sort of guys watching one of their own in the middle of ablood-curdling attack on Israeli soldiers who have just attacked their ship from a helicopter. They look like abunch of guys standing around watching one of their buddies change a flat tire.Here is a link to the Ha'aretz article so you can see for yourself.

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