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Lucy Maud Montgomery--Kilemeny of the Orchard

Lucy Maud Montgomery--Kilemeny of the Orchard

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Published by: jessica1977 on Jun 20, 2010
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KILEMENY OF THE ORCHARDBY: LUCY MAUD MONTGOMERYCATEGORY: FICTION -- NOVELKILMENY OF THE ORCHARDBy L. M. MONTGOMERYAuthor of "Anne's House of Dreams," "Rainbow Valley," "Rilla ofIngleside," etc.TO MY COUSINBeatrice A. McIntyreTHIS BOOKIS AFFECTIONATELY DEDICATED"Kilmeny looked up with a lovely grace,But nae smile was seen on Kilmeny's face;As still was her look, and as still was her ee,As the stillness that lay on the emerant lea,Or the mist that sleeps on a waveless sea.. . . . . . . . . . . . .Such beauty bard may never declare,For there was no pride nor passion there;. . . . . . . . . . . . .Her seymar was the lily flower,And her cheek the moss-rose in the shower;And her voice like the distant melodyeThat floats along the twilight sea."
-- _The Queen's Wake_ JAMES HOGGCONTENTSI. The Thoughts of YouthII. A Letter of DestinyIII. The Master of Lindsay SchoolIV. A Tea Table ConversationV. A Phantom of DelightVI. The Story of KilmenyVII. A Rose of WomanhoodVIII. At the Gate of EdenIX. The Straight Simplicity of EveX. A Troubling of the WatersXI. A Lover and His LassXII. A Prisoner of LoveXIII. A Sweeter Woman Ne'er Drew BreathXIV. In Her Selfless MoodXV. An Old, Unhappy, Far-off ThingXVI. David Baker's OpinionXVII. A Broken FetterXVIII. Neil Gordon Solves His Own ProblemXIX. Victor from Vanquished IssuesKILMENY OF THE ORCHARDCHAPTER I. THE THOUGHTS OF YOUTHThe sunshine of a day in early spring, honey pale and honeysweet, was showering over the red brick buildings of QueensleaCollege and the grounds about them, throwing through the bare,budding maples and elms, delicate, evasive etchings of gold andbrown on the paths, and coaxing into life the daffodils that werepeering greenly and perkily up under the windows of the co-eds'dressing-room.A young April wind, as fresh and sweet as if it had been blowingover the fields of memory instead of through dingy streets, waspurring in the tree-tops and whipping the loose tendrils of theivy network which covered the front of the main building. It was

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