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Table Of Contents

Psychic Mastery
Robe, Alchemist’s
Armoured Sleeves
Robe, Deep Pockets
Robe, Miser’s
Robe, Shadowsilk
Robe, Winterbane
Wizard’s Armour
Wizard’s Clothes
Acidic Tar
Alchemist’s Fire
Alembic, Greater
Appraisal Kit, Masterwork
Barrister Case
Flare Paste
Dowsing Rods, Arcane
Familiar’s Pack
Fire Gloves
Gelatinous Breath
Ice Cutter
Identification Kit
Identification Kit, Masterwork
Jester’s Bell
Mage’s Component Ring
Neverweather Satchel
Paralysis Pellet
Ruler, Wizard’s Cloth
Scroll, Waterproof
Scrollcase, Adamantine
Scrollcase, Leather
Scrollcase, Leather:
Scrollcase, Mithral
Scrollcase, Watertight
Scroll Dispenser
Spell Component Pouch
Spellbook, Wizard’s
Tanglefoot Bag
Universal Stylus
Candle, Bright
Candle, Re-lighting
Candle, Standing
Candle, Self-Lighting
Candle, Smoking
Candle, Sparking
Inscribing Paint
Water Clock
Darkfire Arrow or Bolt
Darkfire Stick
Staff, Explorer’s
Staff, Extending
Staff, Final Strike
Staff, Fire
Staff, Kestrel Stand
Staff, Lightning Node
Staff, Hollow Core
Staff, Sage
Staff, Thunder
Staff, Walking Stick
Staff, War
Acrobatic Armour
Balls, Juggling
Concealed Armour
Courtier’s Outfit
Dramatic Make-up
Elegant Clothes
Entertainer’s Outfit
False Faces Kit
Hollow-Bladed Weapon
Horn, Speaking
Jester’s Outfit
Lantern, Stage
Magician’s Chest
Noble’s Outfit
Phantom Player
Pocket of Sashes
Reversible Bardic Doublet
Tuning Fork
Weapon Case
Whistle, Screaming
Candlemaking Kit
Cleric’s Travelling Outfit
Cleric’s Vestments
Divine Symbol Flask
Emblazoned Shield
Field Healer’s Kit
Flail, Sprinkling
Font, Great
Font, Portable
Healer’s Kit
Holy Robes
Holy Symbol
Holy Texts
Holy Vestments
Holy Water
Ordeal Chamber
Pipe Organ
Poison Antidote Kit
Prayer Book
Preservative Fluid
Relic Case
Relic, True
Relic Treatment Tools
Sacrificial Implements
Shaman’s Outfit
Sprinkler, Holy Water
Tower Bells
Candle Snuffer
Fairy Dust
Fire Wheel
Graveyard Soil
Headgear, Ritual
Mani Wheel
Portable Altar
Prayer Rug
Singing Bowl and Puja Stick
Smudging Stick
Clean Water
Ginger or Pepper
Rations, Trail
Sleepy Tea
Starberry Fruit
Tea Leaves
Universal Rations
Adder’s Balm
Arquefoil Tincture
Bladderwrack Tea
Blue Vision
Catmint Potpourri
Damiana Oil
Hallowflower Essence
Hush Berry
Icebloom Rose Tea
Knowing Tree Oil
Lightning Balm
Moneycall Potion
Night’s Cream
Nightingale Balm
Swine’s Rest
Unicorn’s Horn
Vileblossom Essence
Quickenberry Tea
Ratspaw Poultice
Speaksweet Brew
Xanapher’s Toil
Yarrow and Nettle Balm
Zarakroot Chew
Mother’s Milk
Blessed Rose Petals
Deirdre’s Tears
Ignis Weed
Lovers’ Bloom
Witch Hazel
Armour Cracker
Armour Crippler
Armour Padding
Bag, Snapdragon
Bird’s Tongue
Bodysuit, Silk
Cloak, Hangman’s
Compartment Book
Camouflage Makeup
Clay and Wax Box
Diagram Set
False Tooth
Footpad’s Vest
Gauntlets, Clawed
Gloves, False Finger
Gloves, False Flesh
Hilt, Blast Cap
Horse Nails
Jailbreak Tools
Jellyfish Paste
Lightning Bug Oil
Listening Cone
Lock Glass
Lock Picks, Long-Stemmed
Lockbreaker, Blossoming
Lockbreaker, Magnetic Tumbler
Loudfoot Paste
Monocle, Rogue’s
Monocle, Sentry’s
Oilskin Bodysuit
Powdered Tears
Quiver, Climber’s
Sharkskin Suit
Still Life
Thieves’ Tools
Thieves’ Tools, Masterwork
Traitor’s Dust
Underhold Claws
Vest, Burglar’s
Weapon Tarnish
Xornclaw Shovel
Yellow Dust
Anti-fungal Ointment
Blanket, Winter
Blanket and Hood, Horse
Blood Decoy
Boat Boots
Breath Bag
Breathing Rope
Brick Press
Camouflage Tarp
Canoe, Bark
Case, Map or Scroll
Climber’s Kit
Climber’s Kit, Masterwork
Cold Weather Outfit
Desert Kit
Desert Kit, Masterwork
Dowsing Rod
Dwarven Pie
Elven Wafer
Explorer’s Outfit
Flint and Steel
Forest Kit
Forest Kit, Masterwork
Fishing Kit
Fishing Net
Glow Powder
Glowing Harness
Glowmould Fuel
Glowmould Lantern
Grappling Hook
Gripping Resin
Halfling Bread
Horn, Small
Hunting Knives
Hunter’s Outfit
Jungle Kit, Masterwork
Lantern, Bullseye
Insect Netting
Insect Repellent
Insect Repelling Candle
Jungle Kit
Lantern, Hooded
Mountain Kit, Masterwork
Mountaineer’s Outfit
Pouch, Belt
Preserving Kit
Preserving Kit, Masterwork
Rope, Hemp
Rope, Silk
Salt Tablet
Sighting Glass
Signal Whistle
Snow Guards
Swamp Dweller’s Outfit
Swamp Kit, Masterwork
Traveller’s Outfit
Traveller’s Stock
Goggles, Underwater
Helmet, Listening
Sword, Pressured Powered
Expert Thieves’ Tools
Halfling Harness
Hearthdown Bedroll
Secured Spice Rack
Woollen Dome Tent
Quicksilver Storage Batteries
Rations, Mindmeal
Crystalline Serum
Bulette Attunement
Celestial Attunement
Dragon Attunement
Displacer Beast Attunement
Merfolk Attunement
Shadow Attunement
Vampire Attunement
Dagger, Hollow Pommel
Gauntlet, Spring Blade
Mace, Heavy or Light
Spear, Two-Headed
Dagger, Sap Pommel
Dagger, Spring-Loaded
Executioner’s Sword
Flail, Heavy or Light
Half-Moon Longspear
Longbow, Composite
Shortbow, Composite
Cicada Wing Sword
Club, Wolf’s Teeth
Dagger, Double-Bladed
Beads, Assassin’s
Dragon Head Stick
Kama or Halfling Kama
Siangham or Halfling Siangham
Sword, Tiger Hook
Sword, Two-Bladed
Bolas, Three-Ball
Crossbow, Aquatic
Crossbow, Repeating
Crossbow, Sniper’s
Razor Disk Launcher
Arrows, Armour Piercing
Arrows, Whistling
Bladeshatter Plate
Camouflage Armour
Chainmail, Arcane
Dragonscale Armour
Half-Plate, Elven
Leather Armour, Digester
Leather Armour, Displacer Beast
Leather Armour, Gargoyle
Leather Armour, Gorgon
Leather Armour, Hell Hound
Leather Armour, Night
Leather Armour, Rust Monster
Leather Armour, Troglodyte
Oaken Tree Bark Armour
Plant Fibre Plate:
Quick-Change Plate
Robe of Yew Leaves
Robe of Yew Leaves:
Shield, Dragonscale
Shield, Large, Wooden or Steel
Shield, Mancatcher
Shield, Retractable
Shield, Small, Wooden or Steel
Shield, Tiger Steel
Shield, Widowmaker
Slender Chainmail Shirt
Wood Splint Armour
Alchemist’s Gold
Axe, Stonecutting
Forging Tools, Ancestor’s
Lantern, Darkvision
Travois, Miner’s
Ularid’s Firewood
Elven Camouflage Paint
Ornate Flail or Mace Head
Sword Guard, Catcher
Sword Guards, Ornate
Sword Handle, Grip
Sword Handle, Ornate
Sword Pommel, Holy
Sword Pommel, Ornate
Sword Pommel, Weighted
Swordstealer Hilt
Cloth-Sleeved Practice Weapons
Metal Core Practice Weapons
Wooden Practice Weapons
Philosopher’s Steel
Lance, Barbed, Heavy And Light
Lance, Blunt, Heavy And Light
Waterproofing Oil
Builder’s Kit, Masterwork
Sapper’s Kit, Masterwork
Officer’s Outfit
Sharpening Stone, Personal
Sharpening Stone, Wheel
Soldier’s Outfit
Knockout Powder Vial
Blowgun, Repeating
Siangham Walking Cane
Leaden Sleeves
Leather Fist Straps
Padded Boxing Gloves
Saddle, Masterwork
Vial, Ink or Potion
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Ultimate Equipment Guide Volume 1

Ultimate Equipment Guide Volume 1



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