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The Why Are U HerE Cafe AnaLys

The Why Are U HerE Cafe AnaLys

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Published by ariefpethoe

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Published by: ariefpethoe on Jun 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 By: Muhaamad Arief Dharmawan07360141 / 4E 
1.1 Background of Study
 No one can live without communicating with other people because human beingsare social creatures in nature. In order to get what they need from others, people should bea able to transfer their thought, feelings, and needs through a certain channel. They speak and behave in certain ways when they send their message. Those who get their messagewill do something as the response to the message. That is how communication occurs.Thus, the need of understanding communication theory or how to carry the message aswell as interpret the signals is important in order to maintain the smoothness of communication. According to Canale (1983), to achieve the goal of communication, people need language as the media. Language is the central means by which peoplecommunicate with one another in everyday life. He states, communication is the exchangeand negotiation of information between at least two individuals through the use of verbaland non-verbal symbol, oral and written/visual modes, and production and comprehension processes.Based on the above explanation, the study mf speech acts is important. Accordingto Searle (1980:16) speech acts are the basic or minimal units of linguistic communicationthat occur in all linguistic communication. While the unit of linguistic word or sentence, but rather the production or issuance of the symbol or word or as a produced or issuedtoken. More precisely, the production or issuance of sentence token under certainconditions is a speech act.Furthermore, a philosopher Austin (1975: 1-11) develops the theory of speech actsthat are used simultaneously in communicating with others. There are three kinds of acts inutterances.
 Locutionary act 
is the act of producing a recognizable grammatical utterance inthe language. It is the act of saying something or producing a series of sounds that meansomething.
 Illocutionary act 
is the act performed in saying something. It is attempt to
accomplish some communicative purpose. So the interpretation of illocutionary act isconcerned with force. The last one is
 Perlocutionary act 
that procedures some effects uponthe thoughts, feelings, or actions of the audience. Moreover, illocutionary are the mostimportant act that is given attention to. Austin (1962: 151) classifies illocutionary forcaeinto verdictives, exertives, commissives, expressive and declaratives for illuctionary act.English language is a kind of language. Absolutely English language has a kind of speech, act and anything else that was described above. Learn about English language isnot only learn about that language only but also about the literature. As we know literatureis a part of language that cannot be separated each other. Hudson (1965:10) says thatliterary work talks about the expression of life that uses a form of language. It describes theconditions and the problems of society and the experience of someone as an individualthrough the medium of language. More over literary language has its own characteristic.They are (1) the world is highly connotative. In delivering the idea, the writer does not usedirect language; (2) the language has its expressive and pragmatic sides which always needinterpretation from the readers. Novel as literary work has its own real life. It’s a form of literature which looks at people in society. A novelist frequently focuses on the tensions between individuals andthe society in which they live, presenting characters that are in the society. Novels,however, are long works with a great amount of details in every page in order to give thereaders a picture to recognize the complex reality of character or event in the story (Peck and Cole: 1988). In other words the details give the clear picture about story as well as thediscourse. Discourse here means the language and texture of the writing novel.In Jonathan Livingston Seagull’s novel
The Why Are You Here Café 
, thecharacters’ speech acts are vivid and interesting to study. The main characters in this novelalways communicate in a certain context. His speeches influence others and create someactions that are the consequences of his communication. The process of communicationgoes interactively and may lead to the successful one as well as the opposite one. Throughthis speech event the performances of illocutionary act and perlocutionary act can beidentified as well as analyzed. Besides, the writer often imitates real life speech. Theresearcher chooses to describe performance of the acts indirectly as if it is being overhead by another character. Such speech may come out no as if being said by the first character  but as if being heard by another.

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