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Published by Balint Paul

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Balint Paul on Jun 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Numeralele cardinale
Exprima un numar exact/intreg de obiecte sau fiinte incepand de la zero catre plus sau minusinfinit.La telefon zero/0 se pronunta ca litera O [\u], la tenis se spune love (all), in stiinte se folosestecuvantul zero.Cand ne referim la ani exprimam: 1907 = nineteen oh seven.Exprimarea temperaturii se realizeaza astfel: 0 se pronunta zero-10 = ten degrees below zero.Cand se exprima scorul la jocurile de fotbal 0 se pronunta nil [nil] sau nothing.La tenis: Nastase leads by two sets to love. (2 - 0) = Nastase conduce cu doua seturi la zero. Numerele de telefon (Telephone Numbers) se scriu cu spatii intre grupele de cifre.e.g. 04 662 51420 in numerele telefonice se pronunta [\u]. Numerele se rostesc separat, iar cifrele duble serostesc folosindu-se cuvantul double.01 223 456 = oh one double two three four five six . = zero unu doi doi trei patru cincisase.Cifre triple (Triple/Treble Figures) : 7 555 = seven five double five = sapte cinci cinci cinci.Un numar ca 5555 se rosteste : double five double five1 one [w{n] = unu, una 11 eleven [i`levn] = unsprezece2 two [tU] = doi, doua 12 twelve [twelv] = doisprezece3 three [SrI] = trei 13 thirteen [`S|`tIn] = treisprezece4 four [fO] = patru 14 fourteen [`fO`tIn]= paisprezece5 five [faiv] = cinci 15 fifteen[`fif`tIn] = cincisprezece6 six [siks] = sase16 sixteen [`siks`tIn] = saisprezece7 seven [`sevn] = sapte 17seventeen [`sevn`tIn] = saptesprezece8 eight [eit] = opt 18 eighteen [`ei`tIn] = optsprezece9 nine [nain] = noua 19 nineteen [`nain`tIn] = nouasprezece10 ten [ten] = zece 20 twenty [`twenti] = douazeci21 twenty-one = douazeci si unu/una 40 forty [`fOti] = patruzeci22 twenty-two = douazeci si doi/doua 50 fifty [`fifti] = cincizeci23 twenty-three=douazeci si trei 60 sixty [`siksti] = saizeci24 twenty-four = douazeci si patru 70 seventy [`sevnti] = saptezeci25 twenty-five = douazeci si cinci 80 eighty[`eiti] = optzeci26 twenty-six = douazeci si sase 90 ninety [`nainti] = nouazeci27 twenty-seven = douazeci si sapte 100 one hundred [h{ndr\d] = o suta28 twenty-eight = douazeci si opt 101 one hundred and one = o suta unu29 twenty-nine = douazeci si noua 102 one hundred and two = o suta doi30 thirty [`S|ti] = treizeci125 one hundred and twenty five = o suta douazeci si cinci200 two hundred = doua sute257 two hundred and fifty seven = doua sute cincizeci si sapte1,000 one thousand = o mie1,066 ten sixty six = one thousand and sixty six = o mie saizeci si sase2,567 two thousand five hundred and sixty seven =doua mii cinci sute saizeci si sapte10,000 ten thousand = zece mii
100,000 one hundred thousand = o suta de mii123,547 one hundred and twenty three thousand five hundred and forty seven = o sutadouazeci si trei de mii cinci sute patruzeci si sapte1,000,000 one million = un milion = 1.000.0002,000,000 two million = doua milioane = 2.000.0001,000,000,000 one milliard/billion = un miliard =,000,000,000 three milliard/billion = trei miliarde =,000,000,000,000 one trillion = un trilion =,000,000,000,000,000 one quadrillion = un catralion1,000,000,000,000,000,000 one quintillion = un chintilion 
 Numeralele ordinale
1st the first [f|st] = primul, prima2nd the second [`sek\nd] = al doilea, a doua3rd the third [S|d] = al treilea, a treia4th the fourth [fOS] = al patrulea, a patra5th the fifth [fifS] = al cincilea, a cincea6th the sixth [siksS] = al saselea, a sasea7th the seventh [`sevnS] = al saptelea, a saptea8th the eighth [eitS] = al optulea, a opta9th the ninth [nainS] = al noualea, a noua10th the tenth [tenS] = al zecelea, a zecea11th the eleventh [i`levnS] = al unsprezecelea, a unsprezecea12th the twelfth [`twelfS] = al doisprezecelea, a douasprezecea13th the thirteenth [`S|`tInS]= al treisprezecelea, a treisprezecea14th the fourteenth [`fO`tInS]= al paisprezecelea, a paisprezecea15th the fifteenth [`fif`tInS] = al cincisprezecelea, a cincisprezecea16th the sixteenth [`siks`tInS] = al saisprezecelea, a saisprezecea17th the seventeenth [`sevn`tInS] = al saptesprezecelea, a saptesprezecea18th the eighteenth [`ei`tInS] = al optsprezecelea, a optsprezecea19th the nineteenth [`nain`tInS] = al nouasprezecelea, a nouasprezecea20th the twentieth [`twenti\S]= al douazecilea, a douazecea21st the twenty first = al douazeci si unulea, a douazeci si una22nd the twenty second = al douazeci si doilea, a douazeci si doua23rd the twenty third = al douazeci si treilea, a douazeci si treia24th the twenty fourth = al douazeci si patrulea, a douazeci si patra25th the twenty fifth = al douazeci si cincilea, a douazeci si cincea26th the twenty sixth = al douazeci si saselea, a douazeci si sasea27th the twenty seventh = al douazeci si saptelea, a douazeci si saptea28th the twenty eighth = al douazeci si optulea, a douazeci si opta29th the twenty ninth = al douazeci si noualea, a douazeci si noua30th the thirtieth [`S|tiiS/`S|ti\S] = al treizecilea, a treizecea40th the fortieth [`fOtiiS `fOti\S] = al patruzecilea, a patruzecea50th the fiftieth [`fiftiiS `fifti\S] = al cincizecilea, a cincizecea60th the sixtieth [`sikstiiS `siksti\S] = al saizecilea, a saizecea70th the seventieth [`sevntiiS `sevnti\S] = al saptezecilea, a saptezecea80th the eightieth [`eitiiS `eiti\S] = al optzecilea, a optzecea90th the ninetieth [`naintiiS `nainti\S]= al nouazecilea, a nouazecea
100th the one hundredth [`h{ndr\dS `h{ndridS] = al o sutalea, a o suta101st the one hundred and first = al o suta unulea , a o suta una102nd the one hundred and second = al o suta doilea, a o suta douawhich? = al catelea, a cata, ai catelea, ale catelea?Which boy is John ? = Al catelea baiat este John ?Which girl is Jane ? = A cata fata este Jane ?Which boat is theirs ? = A cata barca este a lor ?I know which he is. = Eu stiu al catelea este el.Do you know which she is ? = Stii tu a cata este ea ?quarter = a fourth (and twenty three = noua supra cinci sute douazeci si trei; 4.53 = four  point five three = 4,53 = patru virgula cincizeci si trei
Mod de formare
:- prin adaugarea terminatiei "th" la numeralul cardinal corespunzator 
:one --- first (1st)two --- second (2nd)three --- third (3rd)five si nine, la care se suprima -e final, fifth (5th) si ninth (9th)zecile la care -y final se transforma in -ieforty --- fortieth (40th)
 Alte numerale:
 Numeralul fractionar 
(The Fractional Numeral)Fractia (The Fraction) - ordinara (Vulgar)- zecimala (Decimal)= a/one half (o doime); = a/one third (o treime); = a/one quarter = a fourth (un sfert); = threefourths = three quarters (trei patrimi, sapte; = nine over five hundred and twenty three = nouasupra cinci sute douazeci si trei; 4.53 = four point five three = 4,53 = patru virgula cincizecisi trei
Semnele matematice
+ plus = and = plus; empty set= multime vida; – minus = minus; pi [ pai ] = 3,14; ×multiplied = inmultit; angle = unghi: divided by = impartit la; ' = minute = minut; " = second = secunda; = equal to = egal cu; =not equal to = neegal cu, diferit de; log = logarithm = logaritm; < less than = mai micdecat/ca; integral (of) = integrala; > more than = mai mare decat/ca;triangle = triunghi; less than or equal to = mai mic sau egal cu; infinity = infinit; more than or equal to = mai mare sau egal cu; square root = radacina patrata; ll = parallel to = paralel cu; perpendicular to = perpendicular pe; % = Percentage Sign = la suta (procent); 5 % = five per cent = cinci la suta = 5 la suta; 5.5 % = five point five per cent = cinci virgula cinci la suta.% = five and a half per cent = cinci si jumatate la suta
Operatiunile aritmetice (Arithmetical operations)
2 + 2 = 4 two plus/and two makes/equals/is/are four = doi plus doi fac patru10 - 2 = 8 ten minus two makes/equals eight = zece minus/fara doi fac opt

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