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Prezentul Continuu+exercitii

Prezentul Continuu+exercitii



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Published by Balint Paul

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Balint Paul on Jun 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prezentul Continuu (Present Tense Continuous)
 A. Mod de formare Afirmativ:
Subiect + to be (conjugat in functie de persoana) + Verbul la infinitiv + terminatia "-ing"
1. I'm writing an article now.2. They are playing football.3. She is having lunch at this moment.
To be (conjugat in functie de persoana) + Subiect + Verbul la infinitiv + terminatia "-ing"
1. Am I writing an article now?2. Are they playing football?3. Is she having lunch at this moment?
Subiect + to be (conjugat in functie de persoana) + not + Verbul la infinitiv + terminatia "-ing"
Se folosesc adesea contractiile
isn't (is + not)
aren't (are + not)
1. I'm not writing an article now.2. They aren't playing football.3. She isn't having lunch at this moment
 B. Reguli pentru adaugarea terminatiei „-s" sau „-es" la afirmativ pentru persoana a III-a singular !1) La majoritatea verbelor 
 se adauga terminatia „-ing"
 fara nici o modificare
: Exemple:
 play – playingtry – tryingdrink – drinkingsing - singinggo - goingdraw - drawingcook - cookinglearn - learningsend - sendingwash - washing
!2) La verbele care se termina in litera
precedata de o
 , se renunta la litera e si seadauga terminatia
make – makingcome – comingleave – leaving
!3) La verbele formate dintr-o singura silaba
 ) care se termina intr-o consoana precedata de o vocala,
 se dubleaza consoana (finala)
si apoi se adauga terminatia
get – gettingsit – sittinghit – hitting
C. Folosim Prezentul Continuu pentru:
• activitati care se petrec in momentul vorbirii
She is watching TV now.Mother is washing the dishes at this moment.• actiuni care se desfasoara pe o perioada mai mare de timp, incluzand si momentul vorbirii
John is studying Maths for his exam.My brother is writing a book.• a vorbi despre o intalnire sau despre un aranjament din viitorul apropiat
He is flying to New York next week.I'm meeting Susan next Sunday.
 D. Expresii cu care se foloseste adesea Prezentul Continuu:
now, at this moment, these days, this week, today, tonight etc.
1. Paul is repairing his car now.2. I'm having lunch at this moment.3. He is working hard for a project these days.4. They are going to the basketball game this week.5. I'm writing a letter today.6. I'm watching TV tonight.
1. Puneti verbele din paranteze la timpul Prezentul Continuu:Exemplu:Diana (play) with Tim now.Diana is playing with Tim now.1. Everybody (wear) blue T-shirts today.2. I (listen) to classic music at this moment.3. What (do) mother in the kitchen?4. We (organize) a study trip this week.5. Our colleagues (plan) a surprise party for John's birthday these days.6. I (meet) with my best friend at the cinema tonight.7. My father (work) in the garage now.8. This week, you (go) to the theatre with your geography teacher.9. At this moment, in Bucharest, it (rain).10. My friends (travel) to Egypt this week.2. Corectati afirmatiile false ca in exemplul urmator:Exemplu:Jim is playing basketball. (watch TV) No, Jim is not playing basketball. Jim is watching TV.1. Mother is cooking at this moment. (iron)2. My brother is learning English now. (study French)3. All my colleagues are working hard for their final exams these days. (plan their holiday)
4. The cat is climbing the tree now. (eat a mouse)5. I am taking some photos for my album. (read a book)6. You are drinking Coke Cola now. (drink a coffee)7. Joana is swimming in the pool. (play voleyball on the beach)8. I am making an apple-pie now. (do my homeworks)9. It is raining today. (snow)10. We are riding by bycicle to school. (go by bus)3. Scrieti forma interogativa a urmatoarelor propozitii:Exemplu:I am having lunch at this moment.Am I having lunch at this moment?1. We are playing cards.2. Mother is washing dishes.3. My brother is reading a newspaper.4. We are serving breakfast.5. They are decorating the Christmas tree.6. My family is planning a trip to Maldive Islands these days.7. Father is sleeping in the bedroom.8. You are watching a horror movie.9. Your sister is doing her homeworks.10. I am sending a postcard in France now.4. Alegeti varianta corecta la Prezentul Continuu:1. We ............... basketball in the schoolyard.a) play; b) prepare; c) ski2. They ............... a movie in the dining-room.a) watch; b) play; c) eat3. My friends and I ............... some flowers in the garden.a) read; b) water; c) travel4. I ............... my homeworks at Maths.a) do; b) make; c) give5. You ............... a novel to your little brother.a) read; b) create; c) put6. The poet ............... a poem about love at this moment.a) create; b) give; c) look 7. I ............... after my lost cat.a) look; b) search; c) spend8. ........ we ............... to the cinema tonight?a) go; b) watch; c) eat9. The sun ............... brightly.a) show; b) shine; c) rain10. My friends ............... on a picnic without me.a) go; b) play; c) read

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