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Secure Chatting report

Secure Chatting report

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Published by ilyasahamed
Hi i am Syed Ilyas Ahamed from cit college,tumkur,karnataka.

Hi i am Syed Ilyas Ahamed from cit college,tumkur,karnataka.

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Published by: ilyasahamed on Jun 20, 2010
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With the advent of online chatting, the communication over internet has beenrevolutionized. Online chatting is a way of communication through internet, where textmessages are transferred from one desktop to another. It can also be defined as a form of realtime communication between two or more people based on typed text. A text based chat isalso known as synchronous conferencing. The term synchronous is use here as the messagecreation and transfer are instant and all users are online while chatting.The chat system needs to be a simple model so that it is easy to operate withoutmuch need for learning. We also should have the objective to utilize minimum systemresources as possibleAn online chat based on the concept of sockets is a form of synchronousconferencing in which a number of users can enter and discuss any issue. Here, we willdesign a chat application to take place through text messages between people in the same org.
There are numerous products available that allow for real time “chatting” over theInternet. The purpose of this project is to implement a Java based chat application thatwill allow users with an internet connection to engage in private and public conversations.The development of this project centered on the development of a message protocol thatwould allow the application to properly log in users, send messages, and perform systemmaintenance.
DEPT OF CSE, CIT, GUBBI 1 By Syed Ilyas Ahamed
We are providing an easy to use and a rich graphical user interface.
It is basically a server-client model in which server side program is used to save thedetails of the users.
The user can send instant messages to other clients that are online at that instant usingthe “send” option.
Users can also choose to chat in private with any one on the list.
To end the session the user has to exit the network by using the “disconnect” option.
The Java Chat Application was developed iteratively. Development initially centeredon a simple echo server that would allow communication between a single client and acentral server. Next, functionality was added that allowed for multiple clients. At this point, there was a single public chat room where all users could communicate to eachother.The next stage of development centered on the creation of private chat rooms. Thisallowed multiple users to communicate in individual chat rooms. Finally, functionalitywas added for the creation of public topic chat rooms. These rooms allowed any user to join to discuss a certain topic.
DEPT OF CSE, CIT, GUBBI 2 By Syed Ilyas Ahamed
The system is developed with evolutionary development model. The application isdeveloped in JAVA on the windows platform on the basic concept of Client – server Communication. The server socket is used to listen for a client and client will getconnected to the server socket.The application provides various features such as client authentication, maintaininguser links, count of number of users in a chat, blocking users, private chat, sending of text message, transferring of audio, emoticons, switching between chat rooms andmulticast communication. The application will also utilize different packages present in java, which provide set of classes to perform different tasks. The application softwarehas been validated through various testing process.Further we are also using the program language JAVA which a simple, safe andarchitecturally neutral and object oriented language. Further Java is an interpreted and high performance, interactive, robust and multi threaded language amenable for quick implementation.
We in this project are proposing to design and develop a textual chat communication inan intranet system.The project is planned for implementation with a server and two clients to provide a textcommunication through several chat rooms as well as a private chat facility. It is also plannedto have a facility of ignoring the user if so desired.
DEPT OF CSE, CIT, GUBBI 3 By Syed Ilyas Ahamed

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