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Complaint Against Art Bulla by Ogden Kraut

Complaint Against Art Bulla by Ogden Kraut

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Published by Art Bulla
Response to objection of fundamentalist intellectual to claim of authority of Art Bulla. What is the highest authority on the earth? Which is greater, the office of Patriarch or Apostle?
Response to objection of fundamentalist intellectual to claim of authority of Art Bulla. What is the highest authority on the earth? Which is greater, the office of Patriarch or Apostle?

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Published by: Art Bulla on Jun 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This contains the answer that I was inspired as I wrote to the unkind gentleman. For if Iwas deluded as he claims, then he must want and believe that I could be corrected. Inever received an answer from him to my reply, evidently showing that he had beenconfounded thereby. He obviously demonstrates by the tone of his letter to me, theattitude so prevalent among this stiff-necked and unbelieving generation, that of turningaside the just for a thing of naught and subsequently by his actions, saying it is of noworth! Where does he have grounds to make claim of this by being so corrupt and rash inhis judgment of the things of God? I, Art Bulla challenge him and anyone else to a publicdebate upon the items of doctrine which he has so ineloquently slurred over in his letterto me. My anger knows no bounds when it comes to such a self-righteous hypocriticalattitude as that displayed within his letter. Especially considering what he has sufferedfrom similar behaviour by hypocritical general authorities in their actions toward him.Can he not see the beam in his own eye? I warned him that I would expose his impostureto the world, for his arguments are not based even upon sound reason, much lessrevelation from God upon such matters. Does it not say, "Search ye diligently in the lightof Christ, that ye may know good from evil, and if ye lay hold upon every good thing andcondemn it not, ye certainly shall be a child of Christ? Ogden, by his letter makethhimself blatantly a child of hell, saith the Lord, for He will not be mocked, and if hisanointed is rejected by this generation upon such grounds as those presented in this letter,they deserve what they receive even the second death, and I for one rejoice and exult init. Even so. Amen.Mr. Ogden Kraut, Aug. 24, 1981Dear Ogden,I understand the letter that you wrote expressing your concern. However, I feel that thereare certain doctrinal errors which you have somehow overlooked. I feel that an exchangeupon these things might be helpful to you as well as my self. To point out these things,the appeal I shall make will be to recognized authorities who have spoke concerning thepoints you have raised, since it seems that you do not recognize direct revelation, exceptto them, upon these matters. Hence the need, apparently, to appeal to the dead prophetseven though Joseph and Brigham plainly taught concerning the greater efficacy andimportance of living oracles to the generation in which one lives. I testify that therevelations which I have received are true and authoritative upon Israel. I confess acertain amount of anger concerning the darkness which pervades the minds and hearts of many of this generation and how they had rather cling to inconsistencies and falsehoodsand thus perish, rather than repent. Again, I speak, not as a manpleaser, but as befittingthat which I have received and know to be true, demonstrably and without question. I amsorry if these things wound your feelings, Ogden, but you have placed yourself directly in
Complaint Against Art Bulla by Ogden Kraut 
the line of fire. The revelation I received for you is authoritative and binding upon youaccording to the covenants which you made before the world was made.First, you state:"...the Lord has warned us against anyone who would come among us trying to exerciseany manner of control, dominion and compulsion upon any of his people." Letter, August15, 1981.This is a blatant to me, but perhaps to others, with shattered understandings, subtleattempt to alter the intent and meaning of scripture. I am not as ignorant and unlettered asyou suppose. The key word or phrase here is Unrighteous dominion, not "any" dominion,as you have written. Righteous dominion, control, etc. is what the Kingdom of Heaven isall about. If you will not submit to righteous dominion, you will not enter the presence of my Father and his Sons. Satan contested this very thing, the right of the Father and thelegal administrators thereof to have dominion before the world was made. And as Jesus"thought it not robbery to be equal with God" why should I, for according to Hisstatement made in that day:"And if I said unto those unto whom the word of God came, ye are gods, why say ye thatI blaspheme...."Also, did not Joseph say:"And those Gods, sons of God that God reveals as Gods, sons of God who exaltthemselves to be Gods from before the foundation of the world, are the only Gods I havea reverence for." TPJS.It seems to me that I have detected a hypocrite also. Since when is it compulsion to becalled to repentance with the stipulation that whosoever repenteth not shall be thrust intothat "lake of fire"? Did not Jesus say as much, and Joseph, did he not also say of Him:"...if he spoke as rough things to this generation as he did the Jews, that this generationwould also rise up and crucify him." TPJS.As you have done if you are not very careful. Is not the second death a lake of fire? Alake of fire would be preferable to this punishment. I testify that you are near that point,and all because of the statement: "And light has come into the world, and they choosedarkness, rather than light, because their deeds are evil." I’m sure that you are horrifiedthat anyone especially Jesus might say your deeds are evil. And yet there has to be somereason that you cannot recognize truth when it smites you in the middle of your foreheadas with a battle-axe. Are you not more endeared to the carnal security and the things of the world, than being obedient to the righteous decrees of the Father and his sons? Did henot say that many would come unto him saying did we not prophesy in thy name andwrite books in thy name, etc. and he will say depart from , ye accursed ye never knewme? I have news for this generation, there has been another appointed responsibility of 
Complaint Against Art Bulla by Ogden Kraut 
 judging this generation, and you will not be able to get past me without my permission,Ogden, my friend, in time, or eternity. I have your number, so to speak and you haveoffended me as almost all of this wicked generation have done almost to death for yourperversity and unbelief and hardness of heart and blindness of mind.As for your second assertion, which is nothing more than ad homenum argument, whichis typical of that use against Jo Smith, in the which that generation said, IMPOSTOR,MONEY DIGGER, FALSE PROPHET, IMPOSTOR, WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING,IMPOSTOR, BEWARE CONCERNING YOUR IMMORTAL SOULS, IMPOSTOR,that this was all the argument they as well as yourself, you impostor, could also raise. Idefy all the world with hell at its back to refute the revelations which I have received inname of Jesus Christ, by honestly and humbly going to the source and not being "greatbig elders" and obtaining revelation for themselves. The reason they will not, is becausetheir deeds are evil and they would rather do anything, even die and perish rather thangive up their carnal security. It is the heritage of the servants of the Lord to condemn anyvoice that rises in judgment against them.As for the ad homenum argument of "funny farm" analogies, the anti-Christ Korihor usedsimilar arguments in comparing the Prophets of God with the basest of men, just asJoseph Smith said the world always did when rejecting true prophets:"But behold it is the effect of a frenzied mind."This Korihor was a type of devil that the Adversary has made such dynamic use of inevery psychiatrist and professor of Evolution in your world which has turned away themajority of intelligent mankind from a belief in Christ, and anything which does this, nomatter what the system, no matter how plausible, whether it be Skinner, Freud, or Jung orany of the other anti-Christs, is of that evil one. I am surprised that you would descend tothat level of reasoning,Ogden. It shows a certain schizophrenia in your own attitude. You cannot refute therevelations nor my authority to receive them, hence your need to resort to half- truths,and character assassination. "And light has come into the world, and they choosedarkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil." What would you have done untothe Saviour, if he made the horrible travesty of labeling you as an infidel? Would not thisbe righteous judgment in the light of your written statements? Would you not have risenup and crucified him? And all this because you know not the character of God nor hisSons. "And I came unto mine own, and mine own knew me not." You cannot know of these things by reading and copying and culling the statements of the dead prophets intobooks. You must receive direct revelation on the matter, and if you receive not himwhom he has sent, you cannot receive him, nor his Father. There is an order to these

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