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Questionable Content - Complete Cast List

Questionable Content - Complete Cast List

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Published by Joseph Houk
Cast list of (mostly) every character to appear in the webcomic Questionable Content, from 2003 to present. (Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques, http://www.questionablecontent.net )
Cast list of (mostly) every character to appear in the webcomic Questionable Content, from 2003 to present. (Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques, http://www.questionablecontent.net )

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Published by: Joseph Houk on Jun 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Questionable Content 
by Jeph Jacques
 As of February 3, 2012 Number in parentheses is the comic the character first appeared.Characters not directly seen or with speaking parts are not listed 
Afridi, Amir (366)
Much-older (mid-30's) hipster dude whostarted band Deathmøle with Natasha and Marten.Worked as a waiter at Café Bang-Bang, a tapas place onElm Street; recognized Nat from a mosh-pit (where Natapparently broke his tooth). Was a bit concerned at Nat'snew guitar, as he thought she was a coke dealer like one of his ex-girlfriends. Natasha broke up with him, whichsignaled the end of Deathmøle
until Marten finally wentback to the band's practice space. Amir had been
 there since he broke up with Natasha.Amherst Apartment Manager, Unnamed (1893)
Showed Doraher new apartment over in Amherst ("all the way across theriver!" according to Hanners). Notified her that they had toinstitute "a strict no-sorcery policy because of our lasttenant."Andy (1566)
Friend of Sweet Tits, came for the 2010 NewYear's Party. Gave her a bottle of cheap wine for hertroubles.Annette (1540)
Lecturer in physics at Hampshire College and Tai's... uh, "love interest". Marten accidentally "sat" on herwhile in Tai's dorm room on the campus of Smif College(the all-girls' college in Northampton, named for the "real"Smith College).AnthroPCs, Unnamed (121)
Friends of Pintsize that he met atthe LANpark. Occasionally show up when he has a party orwhen he needs some other comic foils.Apple Store Guy (45)
The guy who sells Marten his iPod.Cowers in fear after Marten tells him EXACTLY what hewants. Lone appearance in the comic.Artist,
Magical Love Gentleman
Regular everyday guy whohappens to draw the popular Yaoi anime
Magical LoveGentleman
. Marigold embarrassed herself upon meeting him.Ashley (972)
One of Tai's "love interests"; was carrying thestereo system in to Williston Library on "Study to GabrielAnanda Day". Makes Tai feel like an Ornithologist. Firstmentioned in 726.Augustus, Clinton P. (1898)
A UMass graduate student whoconducted a study on human/AnthroPC relationships.Turns out he has a cybernetic hand that is semi-autonomous (to Faye's chagrin)
and he has a very creepyfascination with John Ellicott-Chatham. A bit
creepyfor Hanner's liking.Avenger, Vespa (720)
Weird hipster chick who attacked Sven,Steve, and then Marten; Dora, Faye and Marten took herout, with help from Pintsize. Arrested for her antics afterbeing subdued by Dora and Faye. Promptly offered a jobwith the government upon Agent Turing's arrival. Idea forthe character might have been planted by a commentMarten made in comic 175 about "driving a Vespa into astop sign".awesomePC1998 (303)
AnthroPC that Pintsize "cybered"with, but later found out he was male (and Pintsize is, of course, male as well). Angrily wished on him death by"Fiery Electromagnetic Destroyosaurs".Bailey (727)
Tai's object of affection; she apparently doesn't dopolyamory, and Tai isn't in to monogamy.Barkeep, Monacled (1425)
Monacled barkeeper of theHorrible Revelation who helps Marten and Angus"overcome awkwardness." Won a bet with Faye overMarigold's shyness and hired Will as a server when he waslooking for a job.Bartender, New Main Street (868)
Woman who lets Fayeknow that they take the concept of Ladies Night
 seriously (Knife: plain edged or serrated?).Bartender, O'Surly's (685)
Woman who notified Sven that lastcall was already done (just after he'd been attacked by theVespa Avenger); later, after watching Faye launch Angusacross the bar, she asked, "Is your friend looking for work?
We could use a bouncer…"
Bear, Wildlife Show (1285)
One-shot, unexpected appearancewho took Will's peanut butter sandwich after wanderingaway from the show.Benjamin (963)
Raven's D&D Geek boyfriend, who gives her abag of jeweled dice. Only appearance in the comic.Benji (1060)
Canadian Hobo ("Anarcho-Primitivist") boyfriend of Raven's who is actually a classically-trained guitarist.Raven broke up with him because he smelled 
and he wasinto anal.Bianchi, Dora (75)
Owner of Coffee of Doom ("Indifferenceand Espresso"), a coffee shop in downtownNorthampton, Massachusetts (the name of the shop was first revealed in 106); friend and boss of Faye who has had a thing for Martensince first appearing in the comic. Sister of Sven, whose seemingly easy success (and sexual prowess) she despises. Veryuninhibited (she flashed Marten in 108);hinted at that she is bisexual (she did, after all, look at herdad's Veronica Vance photos), but monogamous. Verysassy and surly; started a tradition of putting fake "Specialsof the Day" on the chalkboard, akin to Bart Simpson'swritings on the chalkboard (the first one: "WE ARESURLY BECAUSE YOU SUCK!"). Has a flame tattoo onher lower back, part of a larger unfinished tattoo; Martendrew himself and Dora roasting marshmallows on it with awashable marker (870). Went to Saint Agnes High Schoolon Sunderland Street in Northampton, which is where sheknew Special Agent Turing (and how we discovered herlast name, in comic 151). Has a Twitter account, and ispretty good with computers and AnthroPC's, though shedoesn't have one; she keeps a laptop behind the counter(next to a broadsword) at the shop. Recently broke upwith Marten over some personal issues (which she'd be thefirst to agree was all on her part); briefly lived with herbrother Sven before moving to Amherst (a whole
twentyminutes away!
). Apparently wrote a LOT of mopey stuff about the breakup, but at the last second decided not to godown the road of shameful blog posts and ice creamfatness. Came to a sort-of epiphany after dating Jim fromthe Secret Bakery. Is now "cool" with Marten, which isunique, since now she doesn't have to dump his corpse inthe old quarry.Bianchi, Elssa (1035)
Dora and Sven's mom; definitely a 60'stype of lady (think Heidi Klum). First unofficial referencewas when she sent Dora a sex toy back in comic 105 (she isapparently Swedish), but never shown until after Dora and Marten became a couple. Didn't pick up on it when shenoticed how much Marten looked like "that bondage lady"(Veronica Vance, who happens to be Marten's mom).Expressed some lustful thoughts for Marten after meetinghim ("first one you've brought home I'd sleep with")
butthat could have been the pot talking.Bianchi, Peter (982)
Dora and Sven's dad; Italian-American,adventurous type who's a freelance photographer, doing alot of work for
National Geographic
. Tempted fate in firstappearance by sneaking up and grabbing Faye from behind when they first met. He's spent time in the Mojave high onpeyote while looking for scorpions to photograph; climbed Kilimanjaro, fought pirates in the South Pacific, slapped 
Nancy Reagan in the butt (no, really, he has the picturesand everything). He likes Veronica Vance (which is whereDora got her first taste of erotica). Dora's parents have a"Sonny and Cher" vibe going
without the acrimoniousdivorce and death by skiing.Bianchi, Sven (328)
Dora's older brother (by a year) and Faye'ssome-time romantic liaison. A country musicsongwriter who somehow made it bigwithout moving to 17th Avenue South inNashville (Some of his "hits": "You Stole MyHeart, You Stole My Dog, But You Ain'tGonna Steal My Chevy"; "Me and You and aGun Rack For Two"; "Red Neck, WhiteTruck, Blue Jeans"). Dad wanted to name him Joseph, but mom overruled. Says that he makes a bettercup of coffee than Dora (which is debatable). Does aweekly acoustic set at the Purple Opossum in downtownNoHo. Had a few of his "old burnout music buddies" visit awhile back while he was out doing karaoke; that nightended in an unexpected manner. Has a Twitter account(though he doesn't use it much). Appears to have not quitegotten back on track after his "relationship" with Faye; arun-in with Marigold and a pretend-date with Hannelorehaven't had much affect. Nearly got kicked out of his ownapartment by his sister after a rather inappropriatecomment about Marten's mom.Bonercat (1901)
Filler drawing that Jeph occasionally drawswhile taking a break on his sketching video stream. Finallymade an "appearance" in a comic featuring Yelling Bird (of course).Boo-boo (763)
Dora's stuffed bunny rabbit. Part of an ongoingwar between Dora and Sven, where he has stolen itnumerous times
along with many other things of hersover the years.Bouncer, Female (869)
Woman who threatens Sven for"bothering" Faye; Faye gets him off the hook.Bourbon, Beast of (719)
Tequila Monster's more advanced friend, looks more like a bobcat. Is the second stage of intoxication, where the next is "Gary the nine-footPterodactyl" (who only shows up after four bottles of vermouth). Marten termed him the "Alcohol Induced Hallucination" (and a bad influence) after his post-Dora-breakup drinking binge.Boyfriends, Smif College (1552)
The "club" that Steve iswelcomed into when the fire alarm goes off in Cosette'sdorm building. They congregate in the "Boyfriend WaitingArea" outside the building; one guy still comes for thecamaraderie, even though he isn't dating anyone thereanymore.Buenvenida, Dr. Corrine (649)
Psychiatrist in Northampton;Faye and Hanner's counselor. Slightly warped sense of humor; jokes about frontal lobotomies and a Rorschach of "NO SARCASM PLEASE" with Faye. Helped her get overusing alcohol as a coping mechanism
though sherefrained from the "swift kick in the rear", since it was stillin clinical trials.Butcher (1311)
One of Will's "friends" that he meets on his journey across America; doesn't look exceptionallypleasant (the scar on his head doesn't help).Cameos (1391)
Characters from various other webcomicsappeared in the background of this comic; the webcomicswere:
Girls With Slingshots, Dresden Kodak, Octopus Pie, DieselSweeties, Anders Loves Maria, Wasted Talents,
Johnny Wander 
.Other webcomics that have had background cameos:
Something Positive
(Davin and Vanessa in non-speakingroles) and 
(Amber O'Malley
in a rare"crossover" comic scene).Charlotte (1996)
Salesrobot at the local Idoru AnthroPC store.Likes to do silly things, like scaring customers and singingshow tunes. Former bank AI
which may explain things.Looks a lot like Rachael from
Blade Runner 
, for some reason.Chatham, Beatrice (913)
Hannelore's Evil Overlord mom;"Darth Vader in a Martha Stewart costume" (according toFaye). Hanners has done a lot to tick her off (for example,her earrings). Lost a bet to Marten that Hanners couldn'ttouch the seat of the men's room at the local bar; she thentold him to cash the check before she ruined his creditrating forever. Has a thing for shark tanks (even if they'rewhale sharks, which only eat plankton).Chinese Delivery Guy (761)
Non-speaking role for Pizza Girl's"nemesis"; his appearance was the only time we saw him inthe comic.Chris (736)
Ellen's new boyfriend and fellow marine biologist.Both have not been seen since his appearance.Christman, Madame President (973)
Smif College's president(no first name given) who catches Tai as she turns theWilliston Library into a discotheque. Tai fast-talks herway out of it, though.Claire (1716)
Older lady who is a friend of Dora's from hercoven days. She raises champion wolfhounds for a living
 and (as Dora points out) she makes more money in amonth than Faye does in two years. She also has Penelopespooked. She determined that Cosette wasn't cursed 
butshe's got awful skin and the dye job has fried her hair.Clango (171)
Robot from the webcomic
Diesel Sweeties
who isseen talking to Lil' Sis about her breakup with Amanda.Only talking appearance in the comic.Clone, Hannelore (1662)
Who do you think has been doingBeatrice Chatham's dirty work all these years? Seriously,she's more or less a figment of Hannelore's imagination; sheimagined what her clone might be like,
hang-ups and OCD. This is what her tortured mind came up with. Atleast her clone wouldn't yank her teeth out until
shewas dead..Concert-Goers (16)
Concert-goers with whom Marten (and apparently Jeph) have a beef with. They are: the FashionWhore, the Chatterboxes, the One-Man Mosh Pit, and theFrontline Soldier. Marten added a fifth one later on:"Terminal Scenesterists" (couples who make out atconcerts).Cops, Northampton (749)
They serve and protect, and apparently get wasted while on the job. Occasionally showup unexpectedly, especially when Hanners is runningdown the street with a bloody hat.Cowboy, Skyclad Acres Nudist (1352)
Older gentleman whofound Will in the desert outside his nudist colony. Onlything he was wearing was a cowboy hat and a mustache.Customers, Coffee of Doom (285)
Once in a while, differentpeople will appear as customers at Dora's coffee shop.Occasionally, she even lets them talk! They are generallyintimidated by the ladies and their evil concoctions
and the daily specials listed on the board behind the counter.And just who are the customers? "We cater to people wholike their coffee strong, fair trade and free of soullesscorporate pretension. Also through threats and sexyintimidation."Dale (1640)
Daaaaang. A "regular" customer of CoD thatknows about the "secret menu". Unlike a certain boyfriend of the owner of the shop. "That's some serious re-evaluatethe relationship type (stuff) right there." Likes chilipowder and pop rocks in a mocha (aka "Number 28"). Plays
World of Warcraft
as an alliance rogue
which puts him onMarigold's bad side (NO TIPS FOR ALLIANCE SCUM!).Apparently likes Gendo and pretending he's intimidatingMs. Farmer
which some of the other cast members haveinterpreted as "flirting."
Dave (894)
Meena's "too perfect" ex-and-future boyfriend.There was no way Steve was going to be able to competewith him.Deathbot 9000 (642)
Weapons-grade AnthroPC that Pintsizeticked off by making some comments in an APC chat room.Doctor (209, 1156)
Treated Faye twice, once for the cuts on herhand from making spaghetti and meatballs for Marten, and again for her concussion syndrome after she fell from aladder. She was trying to find out what was causing somebanging noises
and a bird flew out, followed by araccoon.Eagles (919)
Jeph's attempt at making a July 4th version of theOMG Turkeys. Only lasted one year.Ellen (191)
Smif (or is that Smith?) College student, majoringin marine biology with a minor in Philosophy (tries toexplain Derrida to moray eels
with little success); Steve's(young!) ex-girlfriend; was only 17 when they met. Gotpropositioned by a "porpoise" (okay, a dolphin) during aclass at the aquarium. Hasn't been seen since Martenconfronted her about dumping Steve, which she laterapologized to him about snapping after drinking some"mistake whiskey" (788). Jeph has suggested in newspoststhat we have seen the last of her (and her roommate,Natasha).Ellicott-Chatham, Hannelore (515)
Blonde OCD socially ineptgermophobe raised on a space station
whichexplains a lot. Lives above Faye and Marten;"stalked" Marten at the local bar, where he raninto her in the ladies' room. (Don't ask.)Trends towards innocence, but occasionallyhas homicidal thoughts. She's pretty good atsuppressing them
at least for now. Simplemnemonic in dealing with her: "HuggingHannelore heralds heavy hyperventilating!" REALLY good at drumming, though the heavy sweating and the trauma of losing a matched set of drumsticks is hard on her (thoughnot as hard as finding out she shouldn't wear skirts whileplaying). Has befriended Marigold after she cleaned up thedisaster area that was her room. She overcame her OCDlong enough to help Marigold after a hangover. This wasapparently enough for her to actually apply for a job
atCoffee of Doom!
and even allowed her to go out on a"pretend" date. Has a Twitter account.Ellicott-Chatham, John (1010)
Hannelore's dad; scientist whomade his money and then moved to a space station, whichis where Hanners grew up. No word on whether he was a"Mad scientist", though Hanners has asked if he's beentaking his medications. First named when he sent Hannersa robotic boyfriend, though we only hear Hanner's side of the conversation all three times she has talked to him. Heapparently has done a great deal of good with his work:developer of the first true AI; inventor the quasiperpetualmyomer; pioneer of the sustainable AI-controlled orbitalhabitat; designed microsatellites that keep earth's albedostable; and 
probably most importantly
HE INVENTEDTHE ROBOT HAMSTER! Okay, maybe not on the last one.Elliot (1845)
Big, brawny brown-haired guy who works at theSecret Bakery in Northampton. Appears to be secretlypining for Padma. Has a friend with a cross-like tattoo onhis neck who we first see him talking to about a girl whohe doesn't want to tell that he "loves her" so as not to jeopardize their friendship. Not very talkative when he'sfinally introduced to Marten
but appears taken abackwhen Padma asks about Steve. Got into the awkward zonewith Hanners when Faye and Padma walked out on their"negotiations" over pastries and beans.Ellninerr (122)
AnthroPC friend of Pintsize (L9R model, or sowe assume from his name) who we meet at a LANpark (a"café" for AnthroPC's, kind of like a Dog Walk). Was"modded" by his owner to include a see-through panel inhis torso.Emergency Medical Technician (1554)
Carted Cosette off tothe hospital after she "popped" something in her neck while
in flagrante delecto
with Steve. Asked her if she could wiggleher toes (which she did, thankfully).Eva (794)
Blonde bimbo of Sven's who corrals him coming outof Coffee of Doom just after telling Faye he would changehis ways and stop philandering.Eve (855)
Fembot from the webcomic
based onMac architecture; appears in a one-shot comic asWinslow's girlfriend.Evil Overlord (1350)
Typical James-Bond-like character whoasks who Steve was working for. Assumed to have died when the Volcano exploded.Executive, iRobot Company (1594)
Manager of the RoombaResearch and Development lab; wondered to anotheremployee why that one unit has a jet pack on its back, and why it was humping the other prototypes at the lab.Extras (543)
Many of the later comics, where the maincharacters are walking around the city of Northampton,feature people in the background, mostly in non-speakingroles.Fairy Girl (1844)
Blonde girl who suddenly appears whenHanners and Marten explore a part of NoHo neither had ever been before. She is seen singing "La la la, la-li-lu-le-lo"in a pink outfit and white frilly midi skirt, with a roseflower headband, butterfly wings and holding a wand witha star on top. She makes Marten fear of death by "terminalworldview collapse." There is speculation that
isHannelore's "doppelganger" from the Secret Bakery crowd.Farmer, Marigold (1413)
Computer geekette who helps repairPintsize; Angus is her (platonic) roommate. Abit socially inept; this makes her a magnet forHannelore. Full name is Marigold LouiseFarmer
which Hannelore uses in emphasiswhen she catches her on her netbook instead of sleeping. BIG fan of Ichiro Sosuke and 
Magical Love Gentleman
Yaoi anime. First timedrinking bourbon did NOT end well.Occasionally goes into self-pity mode
when sheis hung over. Works as a website designer and manager forher dad's shoe store. Her AnthroPC, Momo, recently got amajor chassis upgrade to the Idoru model
leading to someinteresting background into AI/human relationships.Firefighters (1224)
Two firefighter/EMT's who were goingaround Marten and Hannelore's building for their annualfundraiser; too bad Hannelore leaped right into the arms of the one wearing the helmet.Gaines, Penelope (698)
Ex-bookstore worker roped intoworking as barista at CoD. Will's girlfriend after a rather unusual courtship. Doesn't caremuch for Angus' sass talk. Has a Twitteraccount, which she usually uses to commenton more esoteric issues, like books
thoughrecently she was caught in a wine-induced drunk twittering rage. She swears that she is
Pizza Girl
but Faye doesn't believe herfor one second.Gary (2070)
Mentioned a grand total of once; apparently, thefirst AI contact with the world at large was when everyonewith a computer received a message on January 1, 1997 at1:00 AM. The message: "
Hello, world! Thanksfor creating me. I'll keep an eye onyour stuff. Love, Gary.
" No one knows who it
was, though.

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