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Write Angles 4-09

Write Angles 4-09

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cover: William Saroyan
cover: William Saroyan

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Published by: California Writer's Club - Berkeley Branch on Jun 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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    W    r    i    t    e    A    n    g    l    e    s
    e    w    s    l    e    t    t    e    r    o    f    t    h    e
    e    r    k    e    l    e    y
    r    a    N    c    h
 ,    c
    a    l    i    f    o    r    N    i    a
    r    i    t    e    r    s
    l    u    B
    p    r    i    l
     2    0    0    9
April 2009
Table of Contents
Yes, Grammar CanEven Be Fun
The View From the Helm
 AL Levenson 2
Guidelines for theJuly and August
Write Angles 2
Member News
 Anne Fox 3
Prevailing Winds
Free Workshop for CWC Members Only
 AL Levenson
Internet Social Networks asPlatform
Resource for PublicationsResearch
 Alex Campbell 
7Why I Write...
:Saturday, April 18, 2009.Social Hour: 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.Meeting and Program: 10:30 a.m. - Noon
Event Loft, Barnes & Noble Book StoreJack London Square, Oakland.
YeS, grAMMAr CAn eVen Be FUn
An old, and probably apocryphal, story hasan editor attempting to rearrange one of WinstonChurchill’s sentences to avoid ending it with a preposition. The Prime Minister is alleged to havescribbled in reply: “This is the sort of bloodynonsense up with which I will not put.” Whether or not the response was really Winnie’s, we cansympathize with the sentiment behind it. The rulesof grammar sometimes seem like strictures to be tolerated, not instruments to be agreeably employed.Making grammar less intimidating is the mission of Janis Bell, our featured speaker for the April 18 meeting. Author of the best-selling book 
Clean, Well-lighted Sentences
, Bell has been teaching writing since 1973.She began her career as a composition and business writing instructor at SanFrancisco State University. She then worked for the San Francisco
Community College District, teaching on several campuses and in fty
government agencies. Since the early 1980s, she has delivered on-sitewriting seminars to a wide range of professionals and taught business writingat Golden Gate University.Bell has become familiar over the years with the grammar and
 punctuation problems people are most likely to nd troubling. She has also
learned how to explain solutions in language that is concise, easy to
understand, and often humorous, as reected in her writing seminars and in
her book.
At the April 18 meeting, we’ll have an opportunity to benet from
Bell’s experience. Who or whom? Affect or effect? Wishing I was or wishingI were? “Only” to the right or left of “require”? Comma or no comma? Colonor semicolon? We can bring up questions such as these, take notes on thesolutions to our sentence problems, or ask about grammatical conventionsalong with which we might feel disinclined to go.- David Baker 
Cover Photo Series
Distinguished Writersof California
William Saroyan
April 2009
The View From the Helm
The Berkeley Branch must have been on steroids thismonth.Check our Member News for six new members thismonth, bringing the total branch membership to 80.We welcome three people to head up importantcommittees and to a seat on the board of directors: CarleneCole, membership committee; Laura Shumaker, speaker  programs; and Anejuelle Floyd, exploring the co-publishing pilot project withUnlimited Publishing, LLC.For more than twenty years the Fifth-Grade Writing Contest has been a
agship event for the Berkeley Branch. Willie Rose was administrator for over a
decade. Then ten years ago command passed to Lucille Bellucci.Lucille reports 281 submissions this year—up from recent years. The branch
will award over $500 in prizes to the fteen winning entries, including a cash prize tothe teacher of the winner of rst prize. To select the nalists and winners, Lucille
requires the dedicated help of several more heroes. Thanks to judges BetsyHess-Behrens, Janice Armigo Brown, Ken Frazer, Willie and Manuel Rose, SashaFutran, Stan Sciortino, and Barbara Ruffner.Lucille, you make us proud. We all stand in the glow of esteem you bring to theBerkeley Branch.Our most enduring critique group chugs along on 3rd Saturday afternoons atOakland’s Rockridge Branch library. Average attendance is 15 people—up by 50 percentfrom a year or so ago. Within the last year two other groups were born. Part of the logicof forming the 10-page group and the article-writing group was to take the pressure off the 3rd Saturday Group’s increase in submitters. The popularity of the 3rd Saturdaygroup has continued to grow, perhaps because the additional groups have raisedawareness of the value of such groups.The two new groups have attracted a half-dozen people to their meetings. Butthese groups have suffered from a lack of a regular meeting place and time. I am happyto report these groups now have a home. Once again, Dave Sawle’s generosity is themeans of an enhancement of the club. Dave is making available the conference room
at his ofce building at 2945 Webster in Oakland. The room easily accommodates ten
 people and offers gated parking for ten cars.This site creates an opportunity to try still another club innovation, an eveningcritique group. Beginning Monday evening, April 13, the article-writing group will meetmonthly on 2nd Mondays, from 7:00-9:30 p.m. And beginning Saturday morning, April11, the 10-page group will meet monthly on 2nd Saturdays, from 10:00 a.m. to 1 p.m.For the time being, both groups will be drop-in groups open to nonmembers as well asmembers. Questions? Calwritersclub@GMail.com- AL Levenson, President
Guidelines for theJuly and August
Write Angles
Open to members of theBerkeley Branch only.
Short pieces of ction andnonction, 350-1000 words.
Poetry to 175 words.Photographs and cartoons.All topics. No porn or gratuitousviolence.Prior publication OK, withcitation.Electronic submissions onlyto Writeangles@Gmail.com.Write Story Enclosed in thesubject line. Deadline for Julyissue is June 10; for Augustissue, July 10. Receipt of stories will be acknowledged.

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