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Advanced Excel Formulas

Advanced Excel Formulas

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Published by basma_akk
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For Professional

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: basma_akk on Jun 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Excel Function Dictionary© 1998 - 2000 Peter NoneleyFunctionListPage 1 of 342DAVERAGEDatabaseBuilt-inReturns the average of selected database entriesDCOUNTDatabaseBuilt-inCounts the cells that contain numbers in a databaseDCOUNTADatabaseBuilt-inCounts nonblank cells in a databaseDGETDatabaseBuilt-inExtracts from a database a single record that matches the specified criteriaDMAXDatabaseBuilt-inReturns the maximum value from selected database entriesDMINDatabaseBuilt-inReturns the minimum value from selected database entriesDSUMDatabaseBuilt-inAdds the numbers in the field column of records in the database that match tDATEDateBuilt-inReturns the serial number of a particular dateDATEDIFDateBuilt-inCalculates the difference between two dates. Undocumented in v5/7/97DATEVALUEDateBuilt-inConverts a date in the form of text to a serial numbeDAYDateBuilt-inConverts a serial number to a day of the monthDAYS360DateBuilt-inCalculates the number of days between two dates based on a 360-day yeaEDATEDateAnalysis ToolPakReturns the serial number of the date that is the indicated number of months EOMONTHDateAnalysis ToolPakReturns the serial number of the last day of the month before or after a speci HOURDateBuilt-inConverts a serial number to an houMINUTEDateBuilt-inConverts a serial number to a minuteMONTHDateBuilt-inConverts a serial number to a monthNETWORKDAYSDateAnalysis ToolPakReturns the number of whole workdays between two dates NOWDateBuilt-inReturns the serial number of the current date and timeSECONDDateBuilt-inConverts a serial number to a secondTIMEDateBuilt-inReturns the serial number of a particular timeTIMEVALUEDateBuilt-inConverts a time in the form of text to a serial numbeTODAYDateBuilt-inReturns the serial number of today's dateWEEKDAYDateBuilt-inConverts a serial number to a day of the weekWORKDAYDateAnalysis ToolPakReturns the serial number of the date before or after a specified number of  YEARDateBuilt-inConverts a serial number to a yeaYEARFRACDateAnalysis ToolPakReturns the year fraction representing the number of whole days between st BIN2DECEngineeringAnalysis ToolPakConverts a binary number to decimal CONVERTEngineeringAnalysis ToolPakConverts a number from one measurement system to another  DEC2BINEngineeringAnalysis ToolPakConverts a decimal number to binary DEC2HEXEngineeringAnalysis ToolPakConverts a decimal number to hexadecimal DELTAEngineeringAnalysis ToolPakTests whether two values are equal GESTEPEngineeringAnalysis ToolPakTests whether a number is greater than a threshold value HEX2DECEngineeringAnalysis ToolPakConverts a hexadecimal number to decimal DBFinancialBuilt-inReturns the depreciation of an asset for a specified period using the fixed-deSLNFinancialBuilt-inReturns the straight-line depreciation of an asset for one periodSYDFinancialBuilt-inReturns the sum-of-years' digits depreciation of an asset for a specified periCELLInformationBuilt-inReturns information about the formatting, location, or contents of a cellCOUNTBLANKInformationBuilt-inCounts the number of blank cells within a rangeERROR.TYPEInformationBuilt-inReturns a number corresponding to an error typeINFOInformationBuilt-inReturns information about the current operating environmentISBLANKInformationBuilt-inReturns TRUE if the value is blankISERRInformationBuilt-inReturns TRUE if the value is any error value except #N/AISERRORInformationBuilt-inReturns TRUE if the value is any error valueISEVENInformationAnalysis ToolPakReturns TRUE if the number is even ISLOGICALInformationBuilt-inReturns TRUE if the value is a logical valueISNAInformationBuilt-inReturns TRUE if the value is the #N/A error valueISNONTEXTInformationBuilt-inReturns TRUE if the value is not textISNUMBERInformationBuilt-inReturns TRUE if the value is a numbeISODDInformationAnalysis ToolPakReturns TRUE if the number is odd ISREFInformationBuilt-inReturns TRUE if the value is a referenceISTEXTInformationBuilt-inReturns TRUE if the value is textNInformationBuilt-inReturns a value converted to a numbeNAInformationBuilt-inReturns the error value #N/ATYPEInformationBuilt-inReturns a number indicating the data type of a valueANDLogicalBuilt-inReturns TRUE if all its arguments are TRUEIFLogicalBuilt-inSpecifies a logical test to performNOTLogicalBuilt-inReverses the logic of its argumentORLogicalBuilt-inReturns TRUE if any argument is TRUECHOOSELookupBuilt-inChooses a value from a list of valuesHLOOKUPLookupBuilt-inLooks in the top row of an array and returns the value of the indicated cellINDEXLookupBuilt-inUses an index to choose a value from a reference or arrayINDIRECTLookupBuilt-inReturns a reference indicated by a text valueLOOKUP (vector)LookupBuilt-inLooks up values in a vector or arrayMATCHLookupBuilt-inLooks up values in a reference or arraySUM_with_OFFSETLookupBuilt-inSampleTRANSPOSELookupBuilt-inReturns the transpose of an arrayVLOOKUPLookupBuilt-inLooks in the first column of an array and moves across the row to return the
Excel Function Dictionary© 1998 - 2000 Peter NoneleyFunctionListPage 2 of 342ABSMathematicalBuilt-inReturns the absolute value of a numbeCEILINGMathematicalBuilt-inRounds a number to the nearest integer or to the nearest multiple of significCOMBINMathematicalBuilt-inReturns the number of combinations for a given number of objectsCOUNTIFMathematicalBuilt-inCounts the number of nonblank cells within a range that meet the given criteEVENMathematicalBuilt-inRounds a number up to the nearest even integeFACTMathematicalBuilt-inReturns the factorial of a numbeFLOORMathematicalBuilt-inRounds a number down, toward zeroGCDMathematicalAnalysis ToolPakReturns the greatest common divisor  INTMathematicalBuilt-inRounds a number down to the nearest integeLCMMathematicalAnalysis ToolPakReturns the least common multiple MINVERSEMathematicalBuilt-inReturns the matrix inverse of an arrayMMULTMathematicalBuilt-inReturns the matrix product of two arraysMODMathematicalBuilt-inReturns the remainder from divisionMROUNDMathematicalAnalysis ToolPakReturns a number rounded to the desired multiple ODDMathematicalBuilt-inRounds a number up to the nearest odd integePIMathematicalBuilt-inReturns the value of PiPOWERMathematicalBuilt-inReturns the result of a number raised to a powePRODUCTMathematicalBuilt-inMultiplies its argumentsQUOTIENTMathematicalAnalysis ToolPakReturns the integer portion of a division RANDMathematicalBuilt-inReturns a random number between 0 and 1RANDBETWEENMathematicalAnalysis ToolPakReturns a random number between the numbers you specify ROMANMathematicalBuilt-inConverts an arabic numeral to roman, as textROUNDMathematicalBuilt-inRounds a number to a specified number of digitsROUNDDOWNMathematicalBuilt-inRounds a number down, toward zeroROUNDUPMathematicalBuilt-inRounds a number up, away from zeroSIGNMathematicalBuilt-inReturns the sign of a numbeSUBTOTALMathematicalBuilt-inReturns a subtotal in a list or databaseSUMMathematicalBuilt-inAdds its argumentsSUM_as_Running_TotalMathematicalBuilt-inSampleSUMIFMathematicalBuilt-inAdds the cells specified by a given criteriaSUMPRODUCTMathematicalBuilt-inReturns the sum of the products of corresponding array componentsTRUNCMathematicalBuilt-inTruncates a number to an integeAge CalculationSampleSampleAutoSum shortcut keySampleSampleBrackets in formulaSampleSampleSampleFileName formulaSampleSampleInstant ChartsSampleSampleOrdering StockSampleSampleStock OrderingPercentagesSampleSampleHow to calculate various percentagesProject DatesSampleSampleExample using date calculation.Show all formulaSampleSampleSplit ForenameSurnameSampleSampleTime CalculationSampleSampleHow to calculate time.TimeSheet For FlexiSampleSampleExample flexi time sheet.SUM_using_namesSampleSample-TimesheetSampleSampleSampleAVERAGEStatisticalBuilt-inReturns the average of its argumentsCORRELStatisticalBuilt-inReturns the correlation coefficient between two data setsCOUNTStatisticalBuilt-inCounts how many numbers are in the list of argumentsCOUNTAStatisticalBuilt-inCounts how many values are in the list of argumentsFORECASTStatisticalBuilt-inReturns a value along a linear trendFREQUENCYStatisticalBuilt-inReturns a frequency distribution as a vertical arrayGROWTHStatisticalBuilt-inReturns values along an exponential trendLARGEStatisticalBuilt-inReturns the k-th largest value in a data setMAXStatisticalBuilt-inReturns the maximum value in a list of argumentsMEDIANStatisticalBuilt-inReturns the median of the given numbersMINStatisticalBuilt-inReturns the minimum value in a list of argumentsMODEStatisticalBuilt-inReturns the most common value in a data setPERMUTStatisticalBuilt-inReturns the number of permutations for a given number of objectsQUARTILEStatisticalBuilt-inReturns the quartile of a data setRANKStatisticalBuilt-inReturns the rank of a number in a list of numbersSMALLStatisticalBuilt-inReturns the k-th smallest value in a data setSTDEVStatisticalBuilt-inEstimates standard deviation based on a sampleSTDEVPStatisticalBuilt-inCalculates standard deviation based on the entire populationTRENDStatisticalBuilt-inReturns values along a linear trendVARStatisticalBuilt-inEstimates variance based on a sampleVARPStatisticalBuilt-inCalculates variance based on the entire populationCHARTextBuilt-inReturns the character specified by the code numbeUsingDATEDIF()UsingAltand= UsingMID() CELL()andFIND() UsingF11UsingCtrland` UsingLEFT() RIGHT() FIND() SUBSTITUTE()UsingSUM(jan)
Excel Function Dictionary© 1998 - 2000 Peter NoneleyFunctionListPage 3 of 342CLEANTextBuilt-inRemoves all nonprintable characters from textCODETextBuilt-inReturns a numeric code for the first character in a text stringCONCATENATETextBuilt-inJoins several text items into one text itemDOLLARTextBuilt-inConverts a number to text, using currency formatEXACTTextBuilt-inChecks to see if two text values are identicalFINDTextBuilt-inFinds one text value within another (case-sensitive)FIXEDTextBuilt-inFormats a number as text with a fixed number of decimalsLEFTTextBuilt-inReturns the leftmost characters from a text valueLENTextBuilt-inReturns the number of characters in a text stringLOWERTextBuilt-inConverts text to lowercaseMIDTextBuilt-inReturns a specific number of characters from a text string starting at the posPROPERTextBuilt-inCapitalises the first letter in each word of a text valueREPLACETextBuilt-inReplaces characters within textREPTTextBuilt-inRepeats text a given number of timesRIGHTTextBuilt-inReturns the rightmost characters from a text valueSUBSTITUTETextBuilt-inSubstitutes new text for old text in a text stringTTextBuilt-inConverts its arguments to textTEXTTextBuilt-inFormats a number and converts it to textTRIMTextBuilt-inRemoves spaces from textUPPERTextBuilt-inConverts text to uppercaseVALUETextBuilt-inConverts a text argument to a numbe

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