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What is vDesk?

What is vDesk?

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Published by Brian W
Virtualization, which has saved enterprises millions in the data center, is now moving to the desktop. However, the deployment of existing virtual desktop solutions have been hampered by poor performance...
Virtualization, which has saved enterprises millions in the data center, is now moving to the desktop. However, the deployment of existing virtual desktop solutions have been hampered by poor performance...

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Published by: Brian W on Jun 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What is vDesk?
 Virtualization, which has saved enterprises millions in the data center,is now moving to the desktop. However, the deployment of existingvirtual desktop solutions have been hampered by poor performance,provisioning difficulties, daunting infrastructure costs and limited mobilityoptions. RingCube vDesk solutionreduces desktop virtualization costsby 75%, requires minimal upfrontcapital expenditures, lowers desktopmanagement costs and eliminates theperformance and resource overheadof legacy virtualization technologies.Users can run their vDesk workspaceat the office or on unmanaged PCs –at home, or at a client site. When users start their vDesk workspace,it transforms any PC into their own familiar and personalized workspacewhere users can access their files, applications, settings and entiredesktop, just as if they were on their own PC.
What can you do with vDesk?
Desktop CostsSecure MobileComputingBusiness ContinuityOutsourcingvDesk enables IT organizations to dramaticallylower the cost of desktop management byaccelerating desktop provisioning, simplifyingbackup and increasing user productivity.vDesk enables users to become truly mobileby being able to move their personalizeddesktop between a desktop PC, a laptop, aUSB drive and VDI to provide access to theirdesktop from any PC, whether they areonline or offline.vDesk can automatically backs up everydesktop to a network file share. If a userlooses their PC or portable drive containingtheir vDesk workspace, they can login to thevDesk User Portal to download an up-todatecopy of their personalized desktop andbe up and running in minutes without thehelp of their IT organization.vDesk enables enterprises to provideunmanaged workers such as contractors,consultants and outsourced workers witha secure managed virtual workspace.• Centrally managed desktops• Faster desktop and applicationprovisioning• Lower IT costs• Increased user productivity• Increased business agility• More efficient workforce• Lower IT support costs• Increased desktop resiliency• Rapid desktop recovery• Deliver a secure and managedworkspace to outsourced workers• Lower the cost of supportingoutsourced workers• Isolate corporate data fromoutsourcer PCs
vDesk is a high-performanceenterprise desktop virtualizationsolution that simplifies thecreation, access and managementof Windows desktops throughWorkspace Virtualization.
No second operating systemto license or manageHigh-performance virtualizationtechnology4 Flexible deployment options(PC, Drive, Network, VDI)MobileSync provides offlinesynchronizationNo need for data centerbuild out
99.7% of Host Performance99% of Host 3D Performance3-6X faster graphics (2D)2X faster disk I/O3-6X faster boot time3.4X faster 3D Performance
Multiple deployment options
– vDesk is stored and runlocally on the internal hard drive
– vDesk is stored on USBdrive, or other removable mediaand run locally
– vDesk is stored on anetwork file share and run locally
 VDI (Virtual DesktopInfrastructure)
– vDesk is storedand run centrally but accessedremotely using VDI

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