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23647384 Simple Love Spells That Work

23647384 Simple Love Spells That Work

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Published by agg24ankit

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Published by: agg24ankit on Jun 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Simple Love Spells that Work 
A Note from the seller:
 Thank you for your purchase. These are some magiclove spells that I have gathered to share with you. You can make up your own auction and sell themtoo. You could even add to them if you know of anymore love spells and up the price of your auction. Just copy these spells and paste them in word ornotepad, that way when you sell them you can justsend them the file or paste them in an e-mail as I amdoing with these. Also, these spells are for both menand women just edit wording to fit your purpose.Remember these are powered by YOUR will and YOUR purpose more so than mere words on paper!Any items, tools or ingredients that may be neededcan be purchased online from any metaphysical shopor also in the grocery/natural foods stores (ie. Naturaloils and some herbs etc.)Please feel free to visit my auction for other usefuleBooks! I do recommend the ebook items “All aboutWitchcraft” that I have currently for sale tocompliment the spell eBooks that I post! Stay tunedfor Part 2 of this series as well as other spells Icompile! I will soon be compiling a complete “eBookof Shadows” to auction off as well.Have a great day!Elharrisrunning
Important Notice: Law requirements statesthat readings, spells and all paranormal worksand items are for entertainment purposes onlyand that I can not take responsibility for anyactivity that may or may not occur inassociation with these items.
Magic Love Spells 
Strong Love Spell:
After you have cleared yourself of negativity if you prepare andask for the universe to send you the person whom you truly desire and need to grow;you'll receive exactly what you wish for.
 It's exactly this law, which means you should bevery cautious about exploiting your wishing power simply at a whim
.You will need and attraction oil made from: seven drops of rose oil Seven drops of sandalwood oil One clove Seven drops of lavender Seven times that measure of sweetalmond oil Blend the above, except for the sweet almond oil, in a mortar and pestle,crushing the clove in smoothly with the mixture. As you do so, breathe in rose-coloredlight, and visualize your body beginning to radiate a faint rosy glow the longer you breathe this in. Take the mixture, including the sweet almond oil, and fill a rose-coloredglass jar. This does not have to be expensive, in fact, decorating and painting a jar yourself can add greatly to this spell's power. What is significant is its special quality for 

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