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Making Sense of Non Ordinary Reality Part 1

Making Sense of Non Ordinary Reality Part 1

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Published by Susanne Williams
How to manual describing the various levels of reality and how to use them.
How to manual describing the various levels of reality and how to use them.

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Published by: Susanne Williams on Jun 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Introduction to Map of what we do magickally
This may assist us in the exploration of contexts/sets/tools we could use.
Have a consider on this...
Energy and Information
The Universe consists of: Energy & Information.
Information structures form the circuitboards and plumbing for transmitting, storing andmanipulating energy. For getting the primal creative energy down into manifestation
You have 4 levels of such information structures (or 4 levels of manifestation)
1. The Archtypical - the impulse
2. The Concept level - description of the thing in general
3. The level of specific constructs - the blueprint
4. The Physical - the thing itself
(You could also say, 1. Spiritual, 2. Mental, 3. Astral, 4. Physical.)
Energy & Information. Together they form a vibration. This vibration comes into a space/timecontinuum at the Concept level and moves on down the line to the world of Matter/Physical things.The job is to get the powers of creation from the top level down here into manifestation. You are alens that moves up and down that column of light....
Any creative act can be modeled this way. I feel an impulse to create, a concept of "car" isimagined, a specific blueprint for this particular car is drawn, this single car is produced.
You can imagine this like a pyramid. One impulse, many concepts, each concept - manyblueprints, each blueprint - many cars.
Using the levels to understand context
The reason I am going here is to highlight the different ways in which the various "paths" or "sets"or "contexts" can be cut.Each has its own levels.
Spiritually - it is One, an impulse and there is really no difference.
Concepts - The pantheons and principles even philosophies - (concepts of and oftenpersonifications of the powers of creativity
Blueprint - The rituals (processes and words)
Physical - The actual physical tools, (Rattle, dagger, pentacle, crucifix)
Symbols are the thread that goes through all the levels and creates a coherent system. Our wordfor such a system is a “set”. You can use whatever words you like.Cultures invest energy in these information structures or “sets” and that energy hangs around.Huge amounts of it.
 To be clear, let's trace the dagger in a cultural "set"
You are playing an Dungeons and Dragons style game.1.Select Character,
2.Select Culture - Tibetan
3.Select Weapon - dagger
It will look like daggers look like in Tibetan culture. If you had chosen a different culture thedagger would have looked different.
Vertical and horizontal affinity
To organize all this we use Taxonomy (tree) structures, that cuts across all of them, bothvertically and horizontally. Vertically is used to describe one pipe that gets energy from the sourceto the physical. Horizontally is used to describe the plane across the various cultures.The top down creative process happens essentially the same way every time
And daggers, no matter what they look like, are basically used for the same things in whatevertechnology and in whatever cultural "set".(Cutting and stabbing are cutting and stabbing, no matter what plane they are used on, demonsor your peanut butter sandwich)
There are certainly generic tools, and technologies, basic building blocks, that take on the"flavour" of whatever “set” they are being used in. They also become able to store energy/powerwhen the energy flows through them. A culturally specific tool will be able to hold more energyfrom that particular vertical “set”.The more symbology and layers and cultural attributes, as well as cultural history, the morepowerfully that energy is held. A greater percentage of the energy that passed through is lefthanging around in the tool. Tools that are used across various “sets’ will be less good at holdingthat particular energy, but they will have the ability to hold energy coming down through multiple“pipes”.By becoming very familiar with the basic types of tools, you can also gain access into other"families" who use the same tools. Or you can be instantly competent when given access. This isthe synthesist method.What you get is “islands” of competence, familiarity, and power that go across cultures andvertically within certain sets.Typically cultures have ways to:
access the divine
use sexual energies
define desired events
divine the future
defend oneself
attack others
establish harmony with the divine
strengthen the body
clarify the mind
control the emotions
unleash spirit
deal with uncontrolled energies
understand the forces acting upon them
manipulate and store energy
travel to far away places
establish communications with other entities
healing & cursing
create symbols/sigils, transcend the limitations of the physical
bind things
cut things away
honor ancestors
mark the seasons
Using other “sets”
There is advantage to using a whole symbol/technology "set" (tools, rituals, deities) because youcan access all the energy that is stored up in those batteries.
Some sets are very universal and accessible to anyone - like Egyptian or Buddhist.
Some sets are easier to access if you have the cultural/bloodline connect ( pictish, inuitetc.)
Some are closed to anyone who is not of that culture (parts of Siberian, parts of nativeAmerican)
When a magician becomes evolved enough to attain to the top-end of the power spectrum theycan sometime override the cultural controls, because at that high level they truly are no longer a"cultural" entity. The power comes less and less from the cultural set, and more directly from thesource.There is always a blend of energy. Part of it comes directly from the source. Your very ownpipeline to Heaven. (This pipeline starts out very thin and painful) Then part of it comes from thegeneric carrying capability of the nature of what you are doing, and a third part is the energy thatcomes from the “set” itself. The energy contained in the deities, rituals and symbols of that set. Asyou can imagine the ratio changes over time.(Similarly, the tools you use across “sets” become more independent of the “sets” and more“yours”)
Another way to gain access is to gain experience in the universal sets and use your goodstanding and power in those sets to request access to the semi-private sets and from there youcan sometimes get an invitation to the "closed sets". A sort of "recognition of rank".
Of course those who have special diplomatic passes can negotiate use of "sets" that they don'tusually have access to for purposes that serve those who control those sets.So for example, if you are a born white girl, but with a "diplomatic" role, then you might negotiatewith Loas to be able to use their stuff for a limited time and a specified purpose that suits both.
In fact most deities will be up for such bargains, and their willingness to go into such a deal isdependent on a number of factors.For instance
How badly do they want the job doing

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