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Gear Boxes & Traction Drives

Gear Boxes & Traction Drives

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Published by Prithviraj Daga

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Published by: Prithviraj Daga on Jun 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gearbox CasingFunctionsBuyer's GuideClassification ofGearboxesGearingArrangementTypes ofGearboxes
Gear box is an essential equipment in a gear assembly. Gear Box is also known as Gear head, Gear reducerand Speed reducer. The fundamental principle of a gearbox is to transmit the cause of mechanical rotationbetween two shafts. In this order, there is a structural support present in between the two shafts. Generally,gearboxes are kept inside the casings. This helps the gearboxes in their structural support, provides protectionand ensures in doing safe functioning. Normally, the gearboxes are designed in reducing the speed, butsometimes, a gearbox may be designed for speed enhancing duties. The shafts inside the gearboxes areplaced for the purpose of accepting and delivering the machinery rotation. This machinery rotation (torque) isachieved in the form of splines that should be suitable to connect or join to another unit. The capacity ofthrusting outward of the shafts will have been limited from the casing. The mechanical rotation which isgenerated by the engine is consumed through the gearbox. This in turn, is being converted into a force at theroad surface. To accelerate the vehicle, the force which is being applied can be calculated as follows:
Applied force = Torque at the wheel * radius of the road wheel (including the tyre)
Types of Gearboxes
There are five types of gear boxes. These five types of gear boxes are as follows:
Spur Gear Box
 Spur gearbox is an effective and durable mechanical equipment, which is used for the purpose oftransmitting power and uniform and constant rotatory motion from one parallel shaft to the other shaft.Spur gearbox is also considered as a capable industrial tool that provides a continuous speed drive.This speed drive can be increased or decreased according to the requirement.
Helical Gear Boxes
 Helical gearboxes are quite alike the spur gearboxes in working. These gearboxes possess teeth thatare fitted in a spiral format around the gear. The modern helical gearboxes are usually designed on amodular concept of construction and are available in different ratios. These gearboxes are fabricated towork absolutely without any noise, thus used in transmission operations.
Hardened & Ground Gear Box
 Hardened and ground gearboxes are considered one of the best types of gearboxes in the gears andgearbox manufacturing industry. They are widely used in many industrial applications in wind mills,cement industry, agro industry, fertilizer plants, aviation industry, and so. They are fabricated fromindustry standard raw materials like nickel, titanium, and stainless steel.
Crane Duty Gear Box
 These gearboxes are often used in heavy-duty applications. They are one of the advanced types ofgearboxes, which give maximum thermal efficiency. These gearboxes facilitate the proper meshing ofthe gear teeth, which results in enhanced performance of the gear. The high efficiency is also ensuredby its precision gearing and accurate bearings. It is often used in mining, automobiles, and constructionindustry.
Twin Lobe Blowers
 Twin lobe blowers belong to the class of the blowers having positive displacement. Higher efficiency atmoderate compression ratios is the special feature of these industrial blowers. These blowers are oftenused in applications demanding relatively continuous flow rate at different discharge pressures. Thecontemporary twin lobe blowers are available in the capacity range 10m3/hr 10,000m3/hr.
Gear Box Housings
 Gearbox housing is a housing or a kind of cover to accommodate or fit the gear and gearing equipmentlike flanges, shafts, bearings, etc. There are basically two types of such housings available at present inthe market, i.e., cast gearbox housings and fabricated gearbox housings. Cast housings are made froma process called metal-casting while fabricated housings are designed in hi-tech machining centers.
Automatic Gearboxes
 For most of the Automatic Gearboxes, there is a selected set of possible gear ranges. The set selectionoften have a parking pawl features. This feature closes the output shaft of the transmission. Since1950's, most of the cars which have sold in USA, equipped with Automatic gearboxes. But, in rest of theworld, this trend has not been followed.
Semiautomatic Gearboxes
 The semiautomatic Gearboxes are also known as clutch less manual transmissions or automatedmanual transmissions, e-gears, or paddle shift gearboxes. In semiautomatic gear boxes, there aresensors, processors and actuators. These things help in shifting the gears on the command of thedrivers.
Manual Gearboxes
 The history of manual gearboxes is very old. The traditional clutches are used in such kind of gearboxes.Each time, these gears are selected by electrically controlled motors. After the selection, these gearsdetach the clutches and the gears are shifted. Once the clutch gets free, it can be used again.
Marine Gearboxes
 The drive is directly connected to the propeller in a traditional Marine gearbox. Marine gearboxes fulfill amultiple number of marine related purposes. To meet each and every purpose, these marine gears doalso have a large number of different configurations and installation processes.
Shaft Mounted Gearboxes
 Shaft mounted gearboxes are very closely and firmly design in size. These gears are directly mountedonto the driven shafts. This mounting process helps these gears in avoiding the use of coupling andbase. In Shaft Mounted gears, there is no problem in the adjustment. The boxes of the gears aresuitable for both forward and reverse motion.
Gear Motors
 Gears motors are such type of motors which have a large reduction system. The gearbox is pertainedinto the motor. This type of integral arrangement is done in order to increase the mechanical rotationalspeed of the motor. But simultaneously, this arrangement reduces the output speed.
Functions of the Gearbox Casing
It provides structural support for the shaft bearings. This in turn helps in gear loading.
It transfers the reaction of mechanical rotation (torque) to the other supporting structure ofthe gearbox or drive elements.
It prevents the lubricant from spreading and also prevents the unwanted particals fromcoming inside.
It provides the safety provision and reduce the noise intensity.
It also reduces the amount of heat that generates due to the internal friction.
It increases the external and visual qualities of the gearbox.To obtain the support-rigidity, safety and reliability in operations, the casings must be located, fitted andfastened properly to their foundations. Proper provision of ventilation should be ensured in these casings forremoving out the heat which generates during the operations.
Buyers Guide (Selection Process of Gearboxes)
Before setting out the buying decision of a gearbox, the most important thing is to ensure about therequirements of the gearbox. The best selection of a gearbox gives the best outputs in fulfilling therequirements of the buyers. This kind of successful selection can be achieved by matching the requirements ofthe power transmission system with a particular range of gearboxes offered by the manufacturers. So, it isadvisable for the buyers to have some knowledge regarding the system and available hardwares in the market.A buyers may do the following things before buying a gearbox:

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