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Satan Gets Stage

Satan Gets Stage

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Published by Simon Altaf

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Published by: Simon Altaf on Jun 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Satan gets platform in churches every Sunday by Rabbi Simon Altaf
Created: 22
April 2010
– Abrahamic-Faith Nazarene Hebraic Study ScripturesWhen the Pastor gets on the platform and proudly declares WE ARE NOLONGER UNDER the LAW. He makes this statement like he has just climbedMount Everest or conquered the world. Little does he realise before uttering thewords what these words actually convey.You can see the proud look on his face and the rest of the congregationfeeling so elated that we no longer have to lift a finger or wag a toe to believe orto do God’s holy Law. This friend’s is Satan’s center stage and this is what hewants people to hear and the Pastor is doing Satan’s job for him on Satan’s daythe day of the Sun. Yes that is right, we have may put a modern cloak around theday to suit us but this was his day whether we like it or not.While Satan sits up there laughing and tells his fallen army see those Christianfolks down there they are doing our job for us we do not need to worry as long asthey teach to break God’s holy law our job is being done for us and we can alltake a break trying from defeating Adonai’s army after all defeating God’s holyarmy is not only hard work but impossible! The truth is hidden but not eradicatedso as long as he can hide the truth but one day it will emerge. But there is acaveat!!!As long as one Jewish man anywhere in the world prays the shachrit prayerand says “Lo ten lanu moreh”, which means
“You will not exchange norreplace your Torah/Law.”
Indeed Satan clenches his fist and wants to destroythe Jews.While Satan thinks he has the upper hand Adonai pulls out a Muslim convertto declare His Torah Truth and the Messiah to come. Now come meet RabbiSimon Altaf the one who champions Adonai’s Torah and truth, a man raised todeliver the goods and not Satan’s agenda!!!Satan will never have his way even if most Christians do not want to practicethe holy Torah of Moses for the moment, who instead of proclaiming the King’slaw proclaim error and the deception of Satan in ignorance. Instead of lifting upGod’s annuals feasts they lift up Satan’s agenda of celebrating Christmas andremember Ishtar the fertility goddess now labelled Easter. She seems to havehad a sex change and now linked to the Jewish Messiah Yahushua even thoughHe forbids such things and commands to uphold Torah but will you listen to Him?
Even if we look at the heroes of the Christian faith the mainline churches todaydo not even uphold what their denominational founders taught. The Methodistmovement came from John Wesley, He was a Sabbatarian, who knew Adonai’sholy day Saturday and His laws but today Methodists do not keep the SaturdaySabbath that John Wesley espoused but instead they have aligned themselveswith the Catholic Church for the day of the Sun, which gives glory to Satan andnot to Adonai but trying explaining that to a Christian who has no understandingof sanctification of time. It may not be apparent but days have meanings and the7
day Sabbath is the only day that Adonai mentioned as specially created tosanctify the 24 hour slot each week but he never said that about the first day ofthe week Sunday. The first day of the week was usually reserved for travelling.Let us have a quick look at the passages that the Christian Pastors love somuch and see what it actually means from what is being taught incorrectly inpulpits all over the world influenced by corrupted western Christianity.
Romans 10:4
(KJV) For Christ
the end of the law for righteousness to everyone that believeth.
This one has got to be one of the classics in my opinion and takes the cake.They love to throw this around like they are the top notch theologians even betterthan the person who wrote the letter namely Sha’ul or Rabbi Paulos known assimply Paul in the West. They make out like the poor man Rabbi Paulos was arunaway convert to their Roman popery made religion called Christianity and thathe had a name change. Little do they know that it is a custom for the Jews tohave two names and Rabbi Paulos did not have a name change.First of all we read a statement by Rabbi Paulos ever saying he has nowbecome a Christian in any of his letters, which were written to admonishmessianic fellowships and not to erect a ban against Adonai’s holy law. ManyPastors/Bishops deliberately distort this truth by saying Adonai’s law is annulledor abrogated and Paul confirms it. If this was true then Paul would be a falseprophet and a liar to be thrown out of fellowship and rghtly to be adjudgedaccursed by his own words however this is not the case.I have realised in Christendom shame has no boundary as long as the dollarscome in these people do not care, just take a look around at the distortionspreached by Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland and co. Howeverthere are other believers in Christendom who do have the obedience for the lawof Adonai. In Christendom one finds Rabbi Paulos has superseded the prophetsof Adonai and the Son Yahushua has superseded the Father in heaven. Thistragedy that is the height of false theology is evident both in the Church and inthe homes of many Christians.One thing I can guarantee is that 90% of the Pastors/Bishops have nounderstanding of the many words in Rabbi Paulos’s letters which are full ofidioms only understandable by diligent students of scripture. Rabbi Paulos used
an extensive set of ancient rabbinic methods which few understand since he wasa Rabbi and a Pharisee par excellence.Let’s examine what Rabbi Paulos is saying in his letter. Is he saying that thelaw of God has ended? First let us exploit the contradiction in the way the texthas been translated from the witness of Luke in the books of Acts in the KingJames Version of the Bible.
Acts 24:12
(KJV) And they neither
found me in the temple
disputing withany man, neither raising up the people, neither
in the synagogues
, nor inthe city.
Question 1)
Since the law according to the many in Christendom has beenabrogated then what was Rabbi Paulos doing in the Jewish Temple? Yes it wasthe Jewish Temple and not a church where sacrifices were still being offered tothe Adonai of Israel and Rabbi Paulos was there praising Adonai. No one hadheard of the word “church” in the first century. Could those in Christendom standup who suggest the law has been abrogated and explain?
Question 2)
What was Rabbi Paulos doing in the synagogues because is it notthat only Jews go there and their primary teaching is centred on the law ofAdonai and the prophets? If you want to see then just see how they preach theTorah Parshah’s and Haftarah (sections of teachings from the prophets).Will the law breaker Christians now stand up please and repent of their wrongdoings and turn away from sin and promise to obey the Law of Adonai?These two questions should really spell out that Rabbi Paulos neveradvocated nor ever claimed rejection of the law of Adonai because one whorejects the law of Adonai will not be found in the Temple or synagogues of theJews the very place where the Torah/Law of Adonai is not only respected buttaught by the authorities of Judaism.So what in the world is the text conveying that has been so misused inchurches and seminaries and treated with such an ill regard and disrespect toAdonai? In fact all those that reject it today may it be Christians, Muslims orwhatever they like to be known as are under an active curse of Adonai as I shallprove a little later.
Romans 10:4
(AFNHSS) For Messiah is the
goal of the Torah
forrighteousness to everyone that believes.The words in the Greek for “goal” states ‘Telos nomou Chrestus,’ which manyChristian translators have incorrectly translated ‘end’ but its more accuratemeaning is ‘goal,’ or to reach a place. Telos that it is teleological to something,Rabbi Paulos was trying to show this the way the Greek is constructed it is not to

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