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Sulyap Vol 3 Issue 5 Final

Sulyap Vol 3 Issue 5 Final

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Published by Zackzee

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Published by: Zackzee on Jun 22, 2010
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Volume 3 Issue 5 2010
by Irvin O. Bequillo
by Yeng Malonzo
new Labor Attache (LabAtt) of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) Korea assumed on 01 April 2010. She is Felicitas
. Bay who replaced former LabAtt Delmer Cruz. Prior to her deploy-ment, LabAtt Fely Bay was the Director of the International Labor AffairsBureau of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) from Au-gust 2007
March 2010.
This is her second assignment as Labor Attach
. Her first assignment
was at Philippine Embassy, Doha, atar from June 2005
June 2007.
She was also assigned as the Director of the Licensing Branch at Phil-ippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) from 2002
She also served as Acting Director of the Anti-Illegal RecruitmentBranch of POEA in 2001-2002. She became the Chief of the Legal As-sistance Division of POEA in 2000
She was Officer-In-Chargeand later became Chief of the Prosecution Division of POEA from 1995
She started assisting OFWs as POEA Prosecuting Attorneyfrom 1990
She had experience as Personnel and Administra-tive Services Manager of Arte Flora Filipinas, Inc. in Pasig City from1989
She started handling people as Personnel and Adminis-trative Services Officer of the Extra Hand Services Inc. at FTI Complexin Taguig from 1987
She begun practicing her profession as
Legal Assistant of the Salonga and Associates Law Office in uezonCity in 1986.
 Atty. Bay carries with her 24 years of professional and public serviceboth in private and government sector as she has spent 20 years withPOEA and DOLE. LabAtt Fely will work hand-in-hand with Welfare Offi-cers Rose Ilo, Ma. Evangelina V. Filamor Administrative Staff Mr. JemSamonte, Joey Fiedacan, Cyrus Paradela and Yoon Young-hee.She obtained her Bachelor of Laws at San Beda College and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at the Adamson University.
She is a Civil Service Professional and a member of the Philippine Bar.
She is affiliated with the following institutions as a member: US Interna-tional Visitor Program Alumni Association, Integrated Bar of the Philip-pines
Rizal Chapter, Federacion International de Abogadas, SanBeda Law Alumni Association and Adamson University Alumni Associa-tion.
She likewise attended language training/programs obtained an Intro-ductory Korean Certificate Course at the Ateneo Center for Asian Stud-ies at the Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) from 14 November 2009- 30 January 2010 and Basic Chinese at Confucius Institute also at AdMU from July - September 2009.
www www ww....s  ss  su  uu  ul  ll  ly  y ya  aa  ap  p pi  ii  in  nn  no  oo  oy  y y....o  oo  or rrg  gg  g  
ast May 2, 2010, Cheong-ju Catholic Community and Human RightsWelfare Organization, Filcom, celebrated its 2
La-bor Day at Heungduk Church, Cheong-ju, South Korea with its theme
with the guest of honor and speaker, Prof. Emily Dicolen Abagat.The program started at 5:00 pm with the Holy Mass officiated by Fa-ther Edward Whellan, MM. Words of welcome were given by the for-mer director of external affairs of HRWOFC, Mr. MorenoD. Esla, an inspirational message from the 3C adviser ,Ms. Helen Balgos and President of the HRWOFC, Mr. Franklin Cat-dula. Mr. Jeffrey de Guzman, President of 3C, introduced the guest of honor and speaker of the celebration. As Prof. Emily gave her message she emphasized that we are allstewards of God, that in anything wedo, we must put GOD above all. Welfare Offi-cer Vangie V. Filamor of POLO, read the letter from DOLE.The program ended by the awarding of a certificate of recogni-tion to Mr. Moreno D. Esla, and certificates of appreciation to Prof.Emily Dicolen and Welfare Officer Vangie V. Filamor.
Exercising their Rights to Suffrage
members of FEWA during the Over-seas Absentee Voting (OAV) held at the Philippine Embassy in Seoul. Also in thephoto is Vice Consul Arnel Talisayon, officer-in-charge of OAV for Election 2010.
www www ww....s  ss  su  uu  ul  ll  ly  y ya  aa  ap  p pi  ii  in  nn  no  oo  oy  y y....o  oo  or rrg  gg  g  
by Corinna Bianca Estarija
by Bevi Tamargo
ith the current condition of our economy, migrationhas become the theme of the day. A lot of peoplehave chosen to
 jump ship’ and seek work abroad.
have become known as our 
modern day heroes’. In Koreaalone, there are so many Filipinos forming communities indifferent cities.Labor is way too cheap in our country, and so most of ushave to seek greener pastures abroad. The problem is thatlabor is cheap and the prices are skyrocketing. Last I wentthere, I was surprised that the prices were almost the sameas here in Korea, and this was terrible considering that thesalary rate was much lower there. I guess you can praisethe ingenuity of 
on how they can survive such condi-tions.Different people have different experiences
some peoplehave a pleasant time in other countries and are able to adjustwell. But other people just can’t wait to go back home. Andamong the second type are the ones who have families leftbehind.I have a friend who is an irregular worker, and she is a mother working alone here. She used to be with her husband andbrother but both got caught by the Immigration and were sentback home. I cannot imagine the sacrifices of a mom living awayfrom her family. But she seems to be doing pretty well. Sheclung to religion as her center of serenity, as most people do.For most
in Korea, the Church has become a bastion of strength. And it is good. It helps people bear their sufferings asthey consider causes that are bigger than themselves.My friend was no exception. She had made religion her center 
it was like a balm that she used to heal all of her pain.I’d like to think that in the future, migration would no longer be away of life. Where mothers wouldn’t have to be away from their children, that they could focus on nurturing and loving their fami-lies.Or perhaps, in the positive sense
we could take somethinggood from our experiences abroad. Maybe we can learn some-thing more about loving ourselves, as a people and as individu-als. I hope one day, we can bring it back home. Back to our mothers. Back to our family. And back to our country.
In a Democracy, the people get the government they deserve.
ry looking for this
uote’s original source, and chances are you’re probablygoing to find a number of names in the likes of Alexis de Tocqueville,Shakespeare, Hunter Thompson, and a number more of personalities. In anyperspective and in any political background, everybody agrees that it is equallycontroversial as others agree that it makes sense. It is also viewed in the positivelight, that others may think less of the short-term benefits of voting for an unde-serving individual and actually consider long-term considerations in one shortinstance of an election. What’s Php
00 that you can use up in a day
aka bribesshamelessly distributed around the polling areas), compared to millions lost inendeavours undoubtedly wasted and uncreatively spent without second thoughts
aka sheds with the politicians’ names and pictures
There are others who getto choose about the possible effects on what their present governments wouldhave ten years after, years when their little children would look back in historyand get to say,
My parents chose well.
Cue swelling of pride. And then, there’s the negative part of it. What about those who tried voting for asensible candidate
Surely they didn’t deserve to succumb to the fouled leader-ship (if it ends up to be one) that ended up sitting in authority and equally control-ling the books for you and me? Surely the historically notorious names that wereplaced in power were not something the people could have foreseen? After all,many of them had shining educational backgrounds, sensible-sounding families,and similarly well turned-out advisers surrounding them. When children look backin history, they can only ask,
How could our parents actually choose him
  pwede lang bumukas
yung lupa
can pretty much sum up the feeling. And then, there will always be the unfortunate neutrals: non-voters who revoketheir right to complain on how things turn out, because they simply didn’t usetheir chance to contribute on how they think things ought to be. Do they deservethe government they end up with? Absolutely, in my opinion. And yet, most of thetime, they complain the loudest. By the time this comes out, the candidates wouldhave already been announced and sworn in, thanks to the first electronic pollsused back home. Get ready for the noise and the trash that has to be enduredand collected.For those who’re not going to win, I hope they lessen the shouts of 
foul’ and
cheating’ out of spite than out of being real. For those who’re going to beplaced in position, everyone has one plea: please work for 
, and not justfor your plethora of newfound friends and sudden-found family. For those whosecandidates won, remember to not be the first to cast the stone when s/he showsa flaw; as the campaign has been progressing, they look a lot more human sogive them the chance to be so. Besides, you wrote their names, remember?For those whose candidates didn’t get in, don’t grumble, flail curses or vow tokeep your taxes out of their reach. After all, she’s still our country, and she boreus out of her bosom. At least do it for her.For those who didn’t vote
no words.But then I ask you the next question: Vox populi vox Dei? Is the voice of thepeople (really) the voice of God? For all the candidates who used these words,thinking it convinces everyone to hail for their arrival in office, let me pull out oneopinion to Charlemagne: (Nec audiendi qui solent dicere, Vox populi, vox Dei,
uum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae proxima sit.
 And those people shouldnot be listening to those who keep saying
the voice of the people is the voiceof God’, since the riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness.
SULYAPINOY Office Address:
115-9 Songbuk-gu, Songbuk 1 dong, Songbuk Villa, Seoul, Korea 136-020
FEWA Office Address & SULYAPINOY Distribution Center:
Inside WOORI BANK, Hyehwa-dong Branch, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Bevi Tamargo
Managing Editor:
ack Robles
Opinion Editor:
Rebenson B. Reca
News Editor:
Noel Joseph Alvarez
Literary Editor:
 Amie Sison
Reynaldo Ranara
Norman Matudan
Edward Castro
Circulation Managers:
Rodel Arias, Rudrigo dela Cruz, Alwyin Casino, Ismael Calandria
Community Correspondents:
Billy Vela (Ansan); Anthony Carl Dacones (Kasan)Noel Joseph Alvarez (Cheonan)
Contributors in this Issue:
Irvin Bequillo, Herminigildo Garrobo, Corinna Bianca Estarija, Alfonso Delgado
Cathy Rose Garcia (Korea Times)
Labor Consultant:
Prof. Maragtas SV. Amante
 Aquilino Juanites Jr.
Teofilo Camo
Eva Del Monte
Board of Publication in:
Printing and Distribution:
Bong Del Mundo
Outreach, Recreation and Religious Programs:
Ma. Lea Wenceslao
Website Development and Maintenance:
ack Robles
Sponsorship & Promotions Program:
 Annabelle Lopez
Trainings & Workshop:
Noel Joseph Alvarez
Budget & Finance:
Yeng Malonzo
Fr. Alvin B. Parantar, MSP; Prof. Emely Dicolen-Abagat, Ph.D.
www www ww....s  ss  su  uu  ul  ll  ly  y ya  aa  ap  p pi  ii  in  nn  no  oo  oy  y y....o  oo  or rrg  gg  g  
D I S C L A I M E R D I S C L A I M E R D I S C L A I M E R D I S C L A I M E R 
Different opinions are encourage to stimulatemember input and involvement.
srole is to provide information that permits
 members to develop informed opinions onsubjects that will affect their status as migrantworkers and, in some instances, their personallives. FEWA does not hold itself responsible for statements made by any contributor. Statementsor opinions expressed in SULYAPINOY reflect theviews of the author(s) and not the official policy oFEWA unless so stated.
For Comments, Suggestions, Contributions & Advertisements
Please submit them to our website or to the following emails below:
All Staff:
observes the Philippine Press Code of Ethics .
We reserve the right to refuse any submission we deem does not meet our policies and guidelines.
is still in need of writers and community correspondents. Aspirants may email theEditorial Staff for more details.
Thank you for your time and interest
!  !!  !  

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