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2010-06-22 SOLID WASTE

2010-06-22 SOLID WASTE

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Published by Ewing Township, NJ

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Published by: Ewing Township, NJ on Jun 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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, by the Township Council of the Township of Ewing that
Chapter 319, SOLID WASTE,
of the Code of the Township of Ewing is herebyamended as follows:Section 1.
of the Code of theTownship of Ewing is hereby AMENDED as follows:
Transportation or collection from outside Township.
 No person shall bring, cart, move, transport or collect any ashes, rubbish, junk, garbage andrefuse or similar matter from outside the Township for the purpose of dumping or disposingthereof within the Township, except as provided herein.319-2
Dumping within Township.
 No person shall dump, dispose of or place any ashes, rubbish, junk, garbage, refuse or similarmatter any place within the Township, except at such specific location as may from time to timebe designated for such purpose by the Township Council.319-3
 Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I).There shall be no charge for any resident of the Township of Ewing to dispose of materials,provided that they are transported by the resident to the municipal dumping facilities, andprovided, further, that the materials originated in the Township of Ewing for nonbusinesspurposes.319-
Method of payment.
 Fees for the disposal of all materials shall be paid only through the use of payment books securedat the office of the Municipal Clerk. This provision shall not be applicable to county, state orfederal governments. Such agencies may pay through the use of payment books or by propervoucher.319-5
Private haulers; license fee.
 A. Private haulers shall not be allowed to use the dumping facilities of the Township until theyhave been issued a license by the Township Council. Application for license shall be made on aform provided by the office of the Municipal Clerk and upon payment of a lic
ense fee of $1 pervehicle, which fee shall accompany the application. Upon issuance of the license, it shall bedisplayed on the licensee's vehicle at all times.B. Private haulers shall be prohibited from dumping any nonburnable material unless itoriginated within the Township and, upon request, shall submit proof that such materialoriginated within the Township.319-6 319.3
Dumping in natural bodies of water.
2It is unlawful for any person to dump any matter whatsoever in any natural body of water locatedin the Township.319-7 319-4
Violations and penalties.
A. Upon the violation of this article, a fine shall be assessed in accordance with the followingschedule:(1) First offense: $500.(2) Second offense: $750.(3) Third offense: $1,000.(4) Each subsequent offense: $1,000.B. In addition to the fines assessed above, any person convicted of violating this article may beimprisoned for a term not exceeding 90 days, in the discretion of the Municipal Judge.Section 2.
of the Code of the Township of Ewing is hereby DELETED AND REPLACED INITS ENTIRETY WITH THE FOLLOWING new
Collection by the Township
A. The Township provides waste collection for residential properties as well as “store-frontcommercial establishments” located within the Township including garbage collection, wasteand trash collection, household pickup, heavy trash pickup, and brush and yard waste collectionas set forth herein. The term “store-front commercial establishments” shall be defined for thisChapter to mean all commercial properties that front on a public street, have no more than threeoff-street parking spaces and do not have the capability to accommodate a private trashdumpster.B. The Township shall not be responsible for providing garbage collection services for anymulti-family residential facility, industrial facility, commercial property or and any other non-residential properties other than as set forth herein or required by law. The property owners of all such properties shall be responsible for making arrangements for private garbage collection.C. The term “suitable container” shall be defined as a metal or plastic container holding no morethan 32 gallons, and weighing no more than 40 pounds fully loaded. All containers shall beprovided by the homeowner or resident.D. No more than four (4) 32-gallon trash cans and six (6) bags of house waste at one time. Nomore than 10 items as stated will be picked-up at each stop.E. All garbage and waste collections, including bulk items, must be made at curbside or end of the driveway no earlier that sunset the day before collection and no later than 7:00 a.m. on themorning of collection to insure pickup. Items not picked up must be removed from the curb untilthe next collection day.F. No person or persons shall place in any receptacle containing garbage or waste any knife,glass or other sharp object or objects. Such items or objects shall be securely wrapped, tied,taped, clearly marked as containing sharp objects and placed in a suitable open receptacleseparate from garbage or waste.G. There shall be no collection on Holidays and collection shall be postponed to the nextscheduled pick-up day.H. Property owners are responsible for informing tenants of these regulations.319-6
Garbage Collection Requirements.
3A. No person shall place or cause to be placed on any public street or other public place forcollection any garbage, unless such garbage has been thoroughly drained of its moisture,properly wrapped in paper or plastic and deposited in a suitable container. The term "garbage"shall mean the refuse of animal and vegetable matter which has been used or intended to be usedfor food.B.
Loose Garbage.
Garbage must be bagged first and placed into a suitable receptacle. Loose garbage is notpermitted.C.
Garbage disposals
.Garbage or solid wastes of any kind from domestic and/or commercial preparation, cooking,dispensing, handling, storage and/or sale of food may be discharged through a garbage grinder,disposal or similar device which will render the material harmless to the Ewing-Lawrence SewerAuthority Treatment.319-7
Trash Collection Requirements.
A. Trash and household waste must be in metal or plastic cans with lids, not attached or tied tothe cans, or heavy-duty plastic bags of 1.3 mil thickness or trash compactor bags. Trash will notbe picked up in paper bags, cardboard boxes, oversize drums, bushel baskets, or metal or plastictubs. No other waste containers are permitted. No chemicals, pepper, bleach or any otherproducts shall be applied to any bags as a deterrent to animals or birds.319-8
Leaves and Yard Waste
Grass and Grass Clippings.
Grass and grass clippings shall be mulched and/orcomposted and shall not be placed in any can, container or bag to be collected by the Township.B.
Bulk Collection.
Sweeping, raking, blowing or otherwise placing leaves and yard wastethat is not containerized at the curb or along the street is only allowed during the seven days priorto a scheduled and announced collection during the months of May, June, October, Novemberand December, and shall not be placed closer than 10 feet from any storm drain inlet. Placementof such yard waste at the curb or along the street at any other time or in any other manner is aviolation of this Article. The following guidelines shall be followed:1. Leaf piles should contain only leaves and not other brush, twigs or plant material.2. Tree trimmings, bush trimming and, landscape trimmings should be neatly
in pilesshould not exceed 10’ long by 6’ wide by 4’ tall. Solid waste crews may only spend 20minutes per residence. Material left behind must be removed from the curb until the nextcollection day.3. At no time should any material placed at the curb interfere with traffic.4. Christmas trees will be picked up in January of each year on the regular scheduledpick-up days.C.
Bundling and containerization.
Except for the months during which Bulk Collection is permitted in accordance with this Article,leaves and yard waste, free of non-yard waste material, shall be picked up on Wednesdays andshall be disposed of in accordance with the following requirements:1. Tree branches must be cut no longer than 48 inches in length, no larger than three (3)inches in diameter and must be tied in bundles. No more than five (5) bundles will bepicked up at any one time.2. Other yard waste shall be placed in a suitable tied bundle, container, brown paper bagor a biodegradable yard waste bag.

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