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Published by: william_mac_creations on Jun 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A large group of Seagulls continuously sound off in the distance near the marsh docks wherethey've congregated to feast on the remnants of today's fresh catch. With all of them calling out together they do not sound much different than the chattering teenagers in your high school cafeteria back when you were a kid, but you aren't here for the seagulls. You look down. All you see is your toes. They have sand all over them and as you lay your head back down all you see isthe sky. It's beginning to turn bright pink with bursts of yellow and swirling grey as if someone spilled their chocolate milk on a brightly colored tablecloth.Sitting up, a strong salty smell infiltrates your senses. It causes you to grin slightly. A small amount of mist carried from the rising tides on behalf of the coastal breeze hits your face. It cools you after a long afternoon spent soaking in the sun. It restores your energy. Folding your arms over your knees, you rest your chin on top. You sigh, but it's the happiest sigh you've ever let out. Gone are the days you sigh out of stress and frustration. No longer do you sigh out of boredom, depression or aloneness. No, this time you sigh because you are the most content youhave ever been. Not a thought enters your mind as a flock of radiantly white snowy egrets fly low to the ocean, skimming the cooling water for dinner. Silently they dip their long, pencil thin black peaks intothe methodically ebbing waves causing ripples atop the wave's crest before it curls over,morphing into surf that now glides slowly along the sand to gently caress your big toe. The tideis rising more rapidly now. You make the decision to gather your things before they get wet. As you walk back to your condo a shrieking voice is heard in the distance. You glance in thedirection of the sound only to see a small boy jumping around hysterically with a squirming fishat the end of his pole. His father smiles triumphantly. Looking back, youunlock your door and  step in.
Many of us have a general idea of where we would like to be and of what kinds of things wewould like to have in life. These accomplishments come to us in visionary spurts, but life gets inthe way and we continue on doing what we are doing. Chances are, if you are reading this book you have not yet accomplished your dream. You haven't accomplished what the person abovehas. Yet, the story above isn't an actual story, it's just someone's visualization of where theywould like to be and some day that person will get there because that person understands the powerful tool they are wielding. Who that person is doesn't really matter, it might as well be you.It may seem silly to some to sit around all afternoon day dreaming, but in reality that is whatsuccessful people do. In this chapter you will find out why only the most successful people inhistory have, well, just sat around several times a week thinking about stuff they didn't yethave.... like the theory of relativity for example.You will also learn how to visualize things for yourself in this chapter so that you can reap therewards of this practice. It is a lot more complicated than day dreaming and takes discipline and practice. I will explain the techniques. First, let's find out about real life applications andexamples.
Real Life Examples of Successful Visualization
Every aspect of your brain produces a wave of frequency. It's the power of the mind; the power of suggestion. What is real in your mind becomes real in the outer world. Fortunately, you cancondition your mind so that your beliefs work to your advantage, and in turn, change your life.Take Navy SEALs, for instance, who are taught this fundamental concept as part of their training. There was a televised experiment not too long ago where a trained military SEAL was put into a vat of freezing water. Using the strength of his mind by visualizing warmth, the testsubject kept his body temperature at a constant degree and avoided hypothermia. After exitingthe freezing water, the subject was given a series of tests to determine if there was anythinglacking with his basic motor skills. The tests were negative. He lacked nothing.For a long time people thought that once the mind reached a certain point it could no longer change. This assumption, however, has been dismissed in recent years as we have learned moreabout the brain's amazing plasticity. You can change the way your brain functions by subjectingit to repeated learning. You can literally improve your mind through visualization training. The brain waves that you project through visualization change the energy around you, change your internal habits and can actually create a new reality, altogether.Several years ago Lawrence Pinneo -- a 46-year-old neurophysiologist and electronics engineer,conducted an experiment. He hooked up a computer to a woman's mind and asked her tovisualize a small dot. He then asked that woman to tell the dot where to move. On a screen thatthe woman was not able to see, she effectively told the computer to move the dot up, down,diagonally and side to side proving that, through visualization anyone can use brainwaves tomanipulate surrounding objects. Soon we'll be able to use the mind to control computers aseasily as we would use a mouse or a keyboard with our hands.Another social experiment was conducted on a group of maids and janitors that worked at hotels.One group was told that their jobs had no bearing on losing weight. The other group was told amade up statistic about how their everyday duties helped them loose significant weight. After several months the group that was told their jobs made no significant impact on weight lossexperienced no change at all or had gained weight. The other group, on the contrary, actually lostweight. Behold the power of suggestion on the brain and how people use that suggestion tochange their physical body and physical surroundings.These examples serve as verifiable proof that the mind has power and that the way you visualizeyourself in different environments affects your body, as well as your success rates. Learning howto use positive visualization on a daily basis, and seeing in your mind what you want and howyou want to succeed will help accomplish your goals and your dreams.
You Already Use Visualization
From the minute we get out of bed in the morning we begin to visualize how the day is going tounfold. You see yourself brushing your teeth, putting on your clothes, preparing breakfast,driving to work. You visualize how there is probably going to be traffic, and how your businessmeetings and other interactions are going to go. You see in your mind what you're going to cook for dinner that night. In short, you contemplate in your mind everything you are planning to do before you actually do anything. Why not take control over what you visualize and make it your reality?Every successful person on earth has mastered the art of visualization -- entrepreneurs,salespeople, politicians, professional athletes. It's because they understand the concept of mindover matter. Strengthening the mind changes how a person acts and how successful they will bein the long run. Visualizing the things you want actually manipulates and changes your brain'srecognition cells. This mind over matter concept can be seen very clearly when you think aboutthe sport of golf. A golfer must visualize hitting the ball off the tee in one continuous fluidswing, where it will land, how it will progress through the fairway to the green and eventually inthe hole. Similarly, you must visualize your life and what you want from the minute you wakeup in the morning. You must continue with your vision as you progress through the fairway of life and eventually, how you are going to conclude it once you reach the end.The problem is that, as we grow older, we tend to become set in our ways. We no longer think without limitation. As children we believe anything is possible. There was once an episode of America's Funniest Home Videos where a little girl was wading out into a creek. She casuallywalked over, bent down and came back up with a gigantic fish, almost her size, in her arms.Smiling she began walking back to the shore with it. She was quite pleased with her accomplishment. Most of us, as adults, would consider this impossible. The idea of simplywalking up to a fish and taking it out of the water doesn't fit with our visualization -- we alreadyexpect to fail, therefore we hesitate and do fail. Yet, this little girl didn't know she couldn't benddown to pick up a fish out of the water. She saw it and visualized herself doing it. Withoutthinking otherwise she accomplished the task.By controlling the way you visualize your life and circumstances, you can overcome the"teaching" you've received over the years into adulthood. Those rules that you think cannot be broken can, and often are broken by many, many people on an everyday basis. More people arelearning to go beyond what they were taught, by using the power of visualization to makehappen anything they want to happen, no matter how "out of the ordinary" it may be considered.Einstein and so many other scientists and philosophers would come up with "thoughtexperiments." They would visualize situations that were seemingly impossible, but wonder howthey could become possible. And, if they were possible, what would be the result. Without thesesimple, lazy thought experiments we wouldn't have some of the most explosive, society altering breakthroughs at all. We would never have walked on the moon, we would never have createdthe microchip, we would never have gone forward at all without someone first thinking beyondwhat they saw right in front of them. Notwithstanding these concrete examples, which demonstrate the power of the mind to makethings reality simply by visualizing them, many think that visualizing what we want in life and

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