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feb 2010 North Denver News 13-23

feb 2010 North Denver News 13-23

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Published by guegreen

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Published by: guegreen on Jun 22, 2010
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February 5, 2010Page 13
Celebrate the Holiday andthe First Anniversary of Paul Allen Antiques!
December 4, 5 & 6
Refreshments • Special discounts• Door Prizes • Gift certificates
Win $100.00, $50.00, or $25.00!
    W   a    d   s   w   o   r    t    h
44th Ave
At 44th and Wadsworthin Wheat Ridge justsouth of Red Lobster
20,000 Sq. Ft. of Amazing AntiquesThe perfect place to start your holiday shopping!
4501 Wadsworth Boulevard
Come find something truly unique for the Holidays atPaulAllen Antiques!
At 44th and Wadsworthin Wheat Ridge justnorth of Red Lobster
    W   a    d   s   w   o   r    t    h
44th Ave
Come fnd somethingtruly unique atPaulAllen Antiques!
 There’s something fundamentallyand psychologically true about theold adage that “opposites attract.”In fact, the most common negativepattern that couples get stuck in is when one partner plays the role of a pursuer, seeking emotional inti-macy. The other plays the role of a distancer, seeking autonomy andspace. When relationships are attheir best, either partner can playeither role on any given day. So when partners become entrappedand consistently have to play thesame roles, it’s often a sign of trou-ble in the relationship.Round and round the cou-ple goes, each partner becomingincreasingly frustrated that theirneeds aren’t being understood orrespected by the other (who hap-pens to need something completelydifferent). This negative cycle tendsto play out repeatedly. It’s presentin arguments about who will cookdinner, in discussions of how thecouple will spend their weekend,and in the struggle for both part-ners to be interested and willing inhaving sex. Different topics, differ-ent days, same negative cycle. The Pursuer-Distancer patternarises for very valid reasons andoften comes to the surface whenthere’s been a major change inthe couple’s life, such as the birthof the first child or a significantfinancial setback. It’s during thesetimes of increased stress that eachpartner is trying to get their indi-vidual needs met under difficultcircumstances. The Pursuer has anundeniable and valid need to feeltheir partner is “letting them in.” The Distancer has an undeniableand valid need to feel their partnerapproves of them and isn’t trying tocontrol or smother them.If this description fits your rela-tionship, you may breathe a sigh of relief that your situation is proba-bly more normal and more commonthan you have ever realized. Thereare highly effective and proven waysin which couples break free of theirPursuer Distancer cycles for good when both partners are willing toget to know one another on a deep-er level through couples therapy.(And yes, couples therapy does costmoney. But the expense is minimal when you compare it to the emo-tional and financial expenses of separation and divorce.)Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy goes to the heart of theseindividual attachment needs andaddresses them more successfullythan any other form of couplestherapy. In fact, research studieshave found that 70-75% of the cou-ples who utilize this type of therapynot only survived their relation-ship crisis but stayed together andreported being happy in the rela-tionship years later. Thirty-percentof Flourish Counseling’s clients arecouples who are working to createmore stable and satisfying rela-tionships. The way in which theirrelationships transform over thecourse of therapy is awesome andheartwarming to witness!
Contact the relationship experts at Flourish Counseling for more information on Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy by visiting www.FlourishCounseling.com or by call- ing 303-455-3767.*** 
One partner seeks closeness,the other needs space
By Angela Sasseville, MA, LPC, NCC
If you live in the Berkeley neigh-borhood you might get a knock on your door this week by AmeriCorpsmembers or other volunteers work-ing to “green” the neighborhood. They will offer to swap your porch lightbulb to a compact fluorescent bulb,help you cancel unwanted junk mail,and provide applications for $25street trees, which typically retail for$100 or more. The volunteers will also be ask-ing Berkeley residents to answersix quick questions about how theycurrently get around (e.g. car, bus,bike, walk). This information willbe used by Groundwork Denver tolaunch a new transportation programthis spring that will help northwestDenver residents try out alternativemodes of transportation.If you live in Berkeley and are willingto take the mini Travel Survey, pleasego to www.NWDenverTravelSurvey.org. After you take the survey you will be entered into a drawing to winone of three $50 gift certificates to amerchant of your choice in the 44thand Tennyson area.Please call Groundwork Denver at303-455-5600 if you have any ques-tions about the project, if you wouldlike to take the survey by phone, or if  you would like a tree application.
Groundwork Denver is a local non-  profit that engages communities to improve the physical environment.www.GroundworkDenver.org.*** 
AmeriCorps members"greening" Berkeley
 Have You Seen Me?
sponsored by
The decorative brickwork, wrap-around porch and other fanciful details are prominent featuresthat make this 1892 beauty a gemstone in the neighborhood. If you can identify where thishome is located and its architectural style, your name will be entered into a drawing for afree dinner at North Denver's new favorite restaurant, Tocabe. Send your answers to editor@northdenvernews.com. Answer and winner will be posted in the March issue of the NorthDenver News.
Thanks to everyone who correctly identifed the Stick-style home - a style closely related to
the Queen Anne, but rarely found in Denver - at 2825 W 37th Ave from the January issue. Ty
Page 14
February 5, 2010
North Denver
North Denver’s Bigger, Better Paper
To Advertise: 303.458.7541
Get HelpWith a NewWater Main
 You can improve boththe quality of water andpressure by replacingyour old, dirty water main.
We can meet all your plumbing needs! 
Zane Michalko Plumbing LTD
Ph 720 620 4177 Fax 720 242 6745
Colorado Master Plumber License #186941
Serving N.W. Denver since 2001
Estimates And Advice Are Always Free
Specializing In Older Homes
Licensed And Insured
Tired of Poor Water Pressure andDirty Water?
Dog Sitting in Private and Loving Host Family Homes
If elected as the next state sen-ator representing Senate District34, a top priority will be the econ-omy: making hard choices aboutthe state’s budget, finding waysto increase resources and improveservices, and building a vital jobmarket in the state. As a citizen,it is already a top priority, andone I hope to impact positively inall I do. I have learned there are ways that I can improve the localeconomy today. Bytaking a few simplesteps I can partici-pate in the healingof my communityand in new begin-nings for many whoare currently seek-ing employmentor starting a newbusiness or hop-ing to grow theircurrent enterprise.I share these with you, and I am sure you can add, a few ways in which wecan each partici-pate in the healingof our economy and the vitality of our community to the list.
Buy Local:
We can start withthe power of our own pocket-books. By making the choice toshop and entertain locally, we aresupporting businesses and the jobs they create. A study by CivicsEconomics found that for every$100 spent at a locally ownedbusiness, $68 additional dollarsare added to the local economy,compared to only $43 for every$100 spent at a national chainstore.By shopping locally, we keepour community unique, reduceour impact on the environment,and create local jobs. Did youknow that the small businesscommunity is the largest employ-er nationally? Supporting localbusinesses is a great way to lever-age our tax revenue as well. Localbusinesses require much lessinfrastructure – so fewer state dol-lars support them, leaving morefunds to provide services such aseducation and healthcare. We alsosupport the entrepreneurial spiritof Colorado, building local pros-perity and a business communitythat loves, values, and stays inColorado. Visit www.coloradolo-calfirst.com for more information.
There are many ways to volunteer in our com-munity, but what does it do forour economy? First, it has indi-vidual impact: many careers havebeen launched by volunteeringfirst and getting hired later. Italso has community impact: vol-unteering at a local food bank orshelter means more service canbe delivered to more people intimes of need. Our local nonprofitcommunity serves a wide range of needs and services from hospitalsand hospice care to youth centersand homeless shelters. To pro-vide these services, local nonprofitagencies depend on financial sup-port from individuals, businesses,and foundations to provide servic-es. Unfortunately, as the economyhas suffered, so has the support of these critical agen-cies. Volunteering your time can helpa critical supportagency maintain itsservices in our com-munity. Lastly, theeconomic impactis significant:Colorado’s nonprof-it community is thethird-largest indus-try in the state.Volunteering is asustaining practicefor this industry,leveraging funds with in-kind ser-vices to ensure qualityprogram delivery. There are manyagencies in our community that would welcome your time. Youcan find them at www.metrovol-unteers.org.
Everytime you reuse an item, suchas turning an empty pinto beancan into a pencil jar, you savemoney and the planet. By activelyrecycling and purchasing recy-cled products, we are all helpingto build the new green economy while creating new jobs. Unwantedgoods can be donated to a localagency like www.theARC.org,and consignment stores are agreat place to find a new pairof jeans (our neighborhood hasplenty to choose from, includingthe ClothesHorse on Tennyson).Gently used books can be takento The Bookery Nook which willget them to needy kids and theirfamilies. These efforts put lessstrain on our own pocketbooks,reduce the amount of waste goinginto landfills, create jobs andindustries that can grow and sus-tain our economy, and teach ourchildren and us to be thrifty andto care for the things we have. This article is the second in aseries that will reflect on manysubjects important to our com-munity. Please look for my nextarticle in next month’s edition of the North Denver News. And if  you wish to learn more about me,please visit my website at www.luciaguzman4colorado.com.
Lucía Guzmán is a candidate for the Colorado State Senate, Senate District 34. *** 
Participating together in ahealthier economy
Lucía Guzman.
Lucía Guzman
Southwest Gardens 
4114 Harlan Street in Wheat Ridge 303-423-5606 
Your Local, Independent Garden Shop
February 5, 2010Page 15
February is definitely the timeof year when everyone that doesn’thave it already is searching for truelove.For all you malesout there looking to winthe love of your heart’sdesire, here’s a really bigtip – flowers and candyare not the only thingsthat can elicit a warm,fuzzy feeling. Huge points are to begained by the selection of a thought-ful accessory – purses, shoes, boots,scarves or cos-tume jewelry.Well searchno more – TrueLove has been waiting for youat 42 Broadwayfor three anda half years.Staffed byowner SarahLilly-Rex andexecutive assis-tant Vix Ana,the shop hasone big differ-ence over thebig shoppingcenter andmall retailers – price.“Our pricepoint for shoesis $22 to $38,”Sarah said.“We’re justreally unique.I want womento have funand not have astressful expe-rience. We’rebased on verytrendy andstylish design – not brands.”She also assured us she’s carefulno animal products are containedin the accessories she sells.One unidentified shopper saidshe likes to shop there because shelikes lots of shoes – implying shecan have more pairs by shoppingthere. The shop has a bright and variedassortment, which also includessunglasses, hose, boots of everystyle and texture. Some sale itemsare marked down to as little as$12.For men seeking a dynamite giftfor their honey, Sarah has somehelpful advice. If you want to get your girl a pair of shoes she’ll lovetry to sneak a slipper out of hercloset to bring along because sizesvary by manufacturer. Pay atten-tion to the colors she likes and what she has already. Or go to theshop and take some pictures with your phone you can forward to herfor direct feedback.Choose from a wide selection of pumps, peep toes, Mary Jane’s, gladiator san-dals, flats and a wholecollection of trendy, styl-ish footwear.If your totally dyslexicin matters of romance you can send her to theshop and have her take pictures of the things she likes. Sarah will help you find them and choose an itemshe has already selected.Or you can pick something froma dazzling array of attractive cos-tume jewelry priced from $12 to$16.Ladies if you can’t depend or wait on your fellow to enhance your wardrobe, this is the shop for you. On the front window there is what you could only call a businessphilosophy or mission statement.Excerpts follow…“We believe you are gorgeous. Wefeel you should be able to buy thosepink heels for the party Friday andstill afford the champagne.“We believe that the right shoescan change your mood/your day/ your luck. ”Fellows stop and think aboutthat – this is the power you can wield if you learn your way around women’s accessories.May Cupid guide you efforts thisValentine’s Day.***
Don BainNorth Denver Notions
February'sthe monthfor findingTrue Love
C     
28th AnnualHighlands Square
Street Fair
Saturday, June 19, 200910 am to dusk 
Sarah Lilly-Rex at True Love, 42 Broadway. Photo by Don Bain.
 ALEXANDRA CRAIG, personal trainer
We are not going to transform your body in 24 hours.Or promise you results in 6 minutes or less.What we are going to do is change how you move,Change how you eat, And change how you think, All to change how you feel.We are a lot of things, but we are certainly not a gimmick. And we think it’s time you found out why.
Iiili l ii i i lli ili i ii
Hours:Monday–Friday: 5am–9pmSaturday: By Appointment onlyClosed Sundays
2750 W. 29th Ave.Denver, COwww.ftofdenver.com
 Thanks to Fitness Together, not only have
I lost 58lbs, Iʼm really and truly fit for thefirst time in my life! Theyʼve given me hope,confidence and a new sense of who I am. Ihave a whole new outlook on life, and peopleIʼve known for years comment on it as muchas my weight loss. I canʼt recommend Davidand his team enough. Once you start, the only regretyouʼll have is that you didnʼt call them sooner!

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