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Provoke (April 2010)

Provoke (April 2010)

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Published by Tim Valentine
Provoke is an independent creative writing project that explores some of my selected writings during a specific window of time.
Provoke is an independent creative writing project that explores some of my selected writings during a specific window of time.

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Published by: Tim Valentine on Jun 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Go Where YourImagination Leads You
Personal Thoughts of Tim Valentine
I want to share my thoughtsabout Tiger Woods andforgiveness.I am not condoning theacts, but who am I to act in judgment towards himwhen I consider the thingsthat I’ve done, said orthought?I just find it difficult to castany type of stone towardshim without giving himsome stones to cast backtowards me. The results arestill the same, we have allhave done things that we’renot proud of and wish wehadn’t done.We’ve all acted selfishly andbelieved that we wouldn’tget caught. It’s unfair,because I know of his sins,but he doesn’t know of mine.So how why should I treat him or view him anydifferently than I did before I knew of his sins?To consider others beyond yourself means youseek a position of compassion.I’m reminded of two things when I think aboutthis situation Tiger has found himself in.One is one of my favorite quotes by Dr. MartinLuther King, Jr.
“We are caught in a network of mutuality. I can’t be what I ought to be, until youare what you ought to be.”
If I seek to be forgivenfor the things I’ve done, I must be willing toforgive.The other is the story of 
“Jesus and the womantaken in adultery”.
(John 7:53 – John 8:11)
We often are quick to verbally stone someone forthe mistakes they’ve made without considering ourown in our critique. Many unconsciously take thesame position the Scribes and Pharisees took ashe confronted their judgment of the womancaught in adultery. Jesus simply asks the question of consideration.
“If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first tothrow a stone at her.
 The same goes for Tiger Woods, you or anyoneelse.Who dares to be honest enough to demonstratecompassion towards others sincerely?How can I cast stones when I am not perfect?Is one sin greater than another?Do two wrongs make it right?In the case of Tiger Woods v The World this is theonly judgment I can offer. So if no one else iswilling to say it, I will.You’re forgiven.
    p    r    o    v    o      k    e
   P  a  g  e   2
You’re Forgiven
| Written By: Timothy Valentine
We often spend much of our time desiring to bewhat others see instead of what you were meantto be. Some pursue careers, relationships andlifestyles that ultimately don’t fulfill us, althoughwe may have accepted it.What were you born to do?You may not identify with me by what youperceive of me, but when you give me the fairand sincere opportunity, I am sure we willdiscover the invisible things that define us will berevealed.When you begin to consider others beyondyourself you also reveal your secret identity. It’sthe person you see in the mirror, the being youcan’t hide from. It’s what often goes undetectedby many with the exception of a few.We truly become free when we abandon thelabels, perceptions and stigmas we place onourselves and share what’s most important aboutourselves.Discovering what you were born to do is aprocess of gradually revealing your secret identity.The tragedy of life is living it in secret or in fear.No matter how great the mountain may appear,approach it as a stepping stone and keep movingforward. Reveal your secret identity and discoverwhat you were born to do.
    p    r    o    v    o      k    e
   P  a  g  e   3
Revealing Your Secret Identity
| Written By: Timothy Valentine

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