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Why do Americans Prefer Football over Soccer?

Why do Americans Prefer Football over Soccer?



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Published by Phantomimic
A Sports Enigma!
A Sports Enigma!

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Published by: Phantomimic on Jun 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why do AmericansPrefer Football overSoccer?
 by PhantomimicAll rights reserved © RAGG
Here we are again in the middle of another Soccer World Cup. In the mediawe see images of the whole world all revved up with enthusiasm for the so-called "King of Sports" or "The Most Popular Sport in the Planet". But herein the United States a majority of Americans are once again left wonderingwhat the hoopla is all about and perplexed at the passion soccer evokes.Soccer indeed can stir up very strong emotions. Wars have been started or temporarily suspended as a result of soccer matches. People have died or  been injured as a result of clashes between soccer fans, and some peoplehave been known to commit suicide when their team did not win the WorldCup. Players have been marginalized for the rest of their lives, retired, or even killed for failing to win a game or for committing a crucial mistake thatled to the loss of a game. Referees have had to go into hiding for making acall considered unfair.The lives of entire groups of people around the globe revolve around the performance of their favorite teams, and the productivity of entire regions incertain countries goes up or down depending on whether the local soccer team wins. Certain teams and specific players have become legends. Their names and their feats are enshrined in museums and celebrated in word andsong. Certain infamous games or goals or other events during the gamewhere a team was "cheated" of a win, linger in the collective consciousnessof countries decades after the fact. Some are even still discussed andanalyzed nowadays with computer technology applied to ancient archivalfootage.
When the national teams play in a World Cup all the activity in certaincountries comes to a halt. The streets become deserted. No one works,including the police, which is not a problem because all the criminals arealso watching the game. If the team wins there is a huge celebration with people stopping traffic and dancing in the streets. If the team loses the wholecountry goes into a long period of mourning as though a national catastrophehad occurred.So many people ask themselves: What is it with Americans? Why haven'tthey caught the soccer bug like everyone else? Why do they prefer this sportthe rest of the world calls "American Football" over soccer? This question iseven more relevant if you consider that soccer is the most popular (evenmore than football) youth participation sport in the United States up to theage of 13.I have investigated a little and have found that several explanations have been proposed ranging from the plausible to the whimsical. Let's take a look.1) Not enough scoringAmericans say that watching soccer is like having fun watching the grassgrow. They claim that there is not enough scoring for the amount of timethat one spends watching the actual game.Insofar as the average number of touchdowns in football and goals in soccer  per game is concerned, there is not that much of a difference between bothsports. For example the average number of total touchdowns per NFL game

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I am chicago bears fan its in the blood excellent read
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great true write read I love football never did was soccer fan its the confrontation of man to man on line thanks
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why, indeed? It's all about emotion.
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