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Nothing is Impossible

Nothing is Impossible

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Published by Bonnie Kim Author

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Published by: Bonnie Kim Author on Jun 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Have you ever asked yourself what is the uniqueness that you have or do you just easily judgeyourself wrongly with the little things that you have learned on this earth?Have you ever sat down and think that there is no way out?Have you felt like you have been fed up by what is happening in your life for you are seeing likethere is now way out, your relationship has failed; or you have lost your job and no one wants to be by your side?Have you ever found yourself feeling so down and betrayed by everyone you thought could havestood by your side?I am here Today to inform you the good news that there is always a way out. Bu t first to knowthat there is a way out you just need to know the way you came to be where you are. A placewhere you are feeling so down. A place where all your potential have been locked up, you feellike all your muscle have been tied up, all your best emotion are so tight that you cant evenafford a simple smile. You cant even be able to react positive.Do you know how this happens. When we were born; we were born with a very infinite potential. With such ability that nothing is possible to us. We possessed unlimited potential thatdoesn¶t know this stupid word that ties down all the dreams and heart desires of people. It notonly ruins the good this people could be able to do for others but also it ruins even their owngoodness that even people start doing wrong to themselves. Making them avoid themselves thusending up with the wrong groups for they cant even be able to spend a time with themselves.Others they end up taking drugs so that they can run away from their wrong consciousness thatthey cannot be able to handle. Others feel like travelling away from their country will bring thecure forgetting that you can run away from your consciousness but you cant be able to hide fromit for its already within you. The only moment you will know how to control it; it¶s the onlymoment you will feel peace from within that gives you freedom to live everywhere witheveryone without fearing anything or anyone but makes you respect all of them because youhave become a master as you stay a servant learning from all of themWhen you were born without knowing it; its the word which I really hate to hear it but i have totell you so that even you also can get rid off it, its the most stupid word for a wise man withambition and faith to announce. Its the word which even when pronouncing it, you feel thatalready you are very negative and shows how fearful you are. It shows laziness to try out your  best. Its the word that all failures knows and uses almost every day in their conversation and itsthe word that has tied them to where they are and unless they get rid of it; they will never behappy. They will live all their life wishing forgetting wished will never come true unless youwork it out with a very intelligible plan that you will work it out to acquire them.Its the word that I really dont like; but any way i have to tell you.But I am so sorry to say that even before you hear it; you must be ready to get rid off it in your mind.You have to empty yourself completely and know that everything is possible; you just need tolearn and know how you can work it out.Its the word with ten figures; its called, "IMPOSSIBLE"Say to yourself now, "Nothing is impossible" even God affirms to us who is our Creator that, "IFYOU CAN BELIEVE ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE" and continues to say, "FOR WITHGOD NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE" and "WITH MEN IT IS IMPOSSIBLE BUT WITHGOD NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE"If you just become in tune with God; the maker of your soul nothing is impossible. Whatever men tell you will just be impossible to them because they have accepted to believe so but you
 because you dont believe men but you believe God whom nothing is impossible; the same possibility that flows in Him will start flowing in you and you will be able to do it. As BobProctor says, "Since God is the creator, God's work is creation, andyou and I have been blessed with creative faculties, so it's our responsibility to create greater good all the days of our life ". You should portray His work whileyou are here. He makes a way not where there is one; or where there has been one but where people said there is no way and no one has ever succeeded in doing it. I like His ways for theyalways ashame the so called genius who i don't believe in. I believe that God gave each andevery human being contains God`s uniqueness in him/ her which only comes after people haveemptied all they instilled in you. After people frustrating you with what they fed you with andnow are the ones who are telling you that it cant be done. I believe a man should try the onlything that he failed and all people said it couldn't be done; learn carefully from his failures andsoon he will find its root and pluck it out to succeed successfully. I really love what my bestfriend told me when I was in Rwanda. He told me one day when i almost gave up in life thatBonnie don't worry for this people who are despising you today just gave them two years. Hesaid, "The people who are despising you Today, two years from now are the same who will bewishing to meet someone who can introduce them to you"Dont limit or despise yourself because you failed in school or become depressed because theDoctor said you will never get well. Remember no one has the ability to predict your future. All people pretend to be doom prophets because of the negativity the world is facing; and we areeasily deceived to believing their wrong perception about our brilliant future. I really love LesBrown wise words that, "Other people`s opinion should not become your reality". What peoplesay of you which is negative should never ever ever become even a part of your reality.Remember what happens with God is good and even when the people see the bad happening toyou and talk of it; do not be fooled by their reputation that you dont see the good that is hide onthe other side of it. Sometimes things do happen to bring the best glory; so that people can see usrising high. They are given a chance to talk so that they will all be made quiet to see you risingup. No one should ever make you to fall in the wrong trap of comparing yourself with what othershave achieved or what you learnt in school. How can a creative wise man judge himself with thecompetition?A wise man realizes his potential within him when he fails in the outside world. He realizesanother world which he never heard of it while the average man crumbles down because he haslearned the wrong way. A way to compete and to believe easily the opinion of others even whichare making him to crumble down. It is like one telling you; here is fire and when you enter it youwill get it, so now enter in. This is how opinion of others or negative autosuggestion are to youor the reputation of others on you. They tell you what you dont want and because you believethat they are genius or with big names you believe them. You must come into realization todaythat your greatest power and gift is the freedom to choose. Each and every one of us has his/ her own uniqueness that should never be tied up by the bad autosuggestion of others.What you need to know is that you can succeed at almost anything you believe you can. Onlywhat you need to know is that you need to come out with a very intelligible plan that when youwill work it out you will be able to get the results that you desire. You dont have to be amazed of how you are going to get there. Only what you need is to dream big; free your mind knowing thatyou are in tune with the Infinite and with Him nothing is impossible and so nothing should beimpossible to you. Just believe and your belief will create the fact. Know that a man needs to
 believe to separate himself from others but to attach himself to the believers he should be readyto translate what he believes into action with persistent until he achieves it. Remember the key tohappiness lies in our ability to dream big but the key to success lies in our ability to translatethose dreams into action until we possess them.YES YOU CAN.Right Now! What others told you its impossible know that its possible. You have to get rid off this stupid word. Know that the only thing which is impossible is the one which you have nottried. Remember trying is winning. Winners never quit while quitters never win. Choose to either quit and remain the same or Choose to give a trial today and be persistent until you win and prove to them that you are creative for you are in tune with the Creator. Your work is to createand not to compete with them; your level of trying is at a very high level that you only focuseson the best that even when they quit you are still pressing on to grab the best that others cant seewhich is always hidden on the other side as Napoleon Hill said that, "Every adversity comes withit a seed of equivalent or greater success".This is not a philosophy but the truth which is working now even when i am talking to you.People used to say that Bill Gates willl continue to be the richest man in history till he diesforgetting that creativity is always at work. Now we have Carlos Helu from Mexico, the manwho used to buy when others were selling. When others saw no hope because of thecircumstance; he saw the greatest hope hidden on the other side. He was persistent for he starteddoing business when he was Ten years old ; he started selling snacks to family member. Samewith the Third richest person William Buffet, he says, "Buy when everyone is selling and sellwhen no one is selling". This shows how people who will learn of this new word that nothing isimpossible and change their focus to this that, "BETTER MUST COME; BETTER IS ALWAYSAHEAD" and stick to this principle will be the richest and happiest people on this earth. Theseare the people who wont be afraid of what other people speak about them; the so called geniusthat tears down the character of men and make them to live on less than they should but peoplewho will choose to expect the best that they really feel from the heart that they desire it. They arethe people who will follow their heart and keep it with all diligence for they know depending onwhat they allow it to enter it will either tear them down or make them succeed.Be the kind of this people. People who dont know the word Impossible . People who focuses onthe best that they really desire in the heart. People who make the plan that will help them acquirethat what they really feel from within that they deserve to possess and who will immediatelywork it that plan with enough persistent that they will never quit until they achieve it. As Peter Drucker said, "The best way to predict your future is to create it". Start creating the future thatyou want. You possess all the power that will take you there in your heart. Just listen to yourself and soon you will come out with the best workable plan that will lead you there. Just listen toyour still small voice. It has worked for me and i believe it will work for you too. I never thoughtI could write or become a Motivation speaker but now if i just listen to myself i feel like writingthe whole day. I am very enthusiastic about writing and i always feel good writing articles thathave the root cause of the problem so that it will be easy for every person who reads them will beable to get rid off it.As Japanese do, you can do it and you can do it better. Do you know Americans plan for fiveyears while Japanese plans for One hundred and fifty years. When they were asked they saidthat, "THE FUTURE IS NOT SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS; ITS SOMETHING THATYOU MAKE IT HAPPEN". Same in your life, the results that you are getting now its notsomething that just happens to you; it is something that you caused it to happen either 

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