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Published by The Delphos Herald

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Published by: The Delphos Herald on Jun 23, 2010
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, J
23, 2010
50¢ dailyDelphos, Ohio
Telling The Tri-County’s Story Since 1869
Defining border security, p4 World cup action, p7
Obituaries 2State/Local 3Politics 4Community 5Sports 6-7Classifieds 8TV 9World News 10
Partly sunnyThursdaywith chanceof showers,storms inmorning. Highin mid 80s.See page 2.
By GREG SCHERGERThe Delphos Herald
DELPHOS — DelphosCity Council met in regularsession Tuesday evening andaddressed a brief agenda.Safety Service DirectorGreg Berquist advised councilthat the rail signalization at allrail crossings along the CSXtracks through Delphos will beupgraded. Berquist noted thatthe crossing project was recent-ly finalized in a meeting withofficials from various rail enti-ties, including CSX, CF&E,and Rail America, as well asThe Ohio Rail CommissionDivision of the OhioDepartment of Transportationand various contractors partici-pating in the project.The project is fundedby federal dollars from theAmerican Reinvestmentand Recovery Act and willinclude a replacement of lightsignals and gate structures.Locally, the City of Delphoswill provide new curb instal-lation in the areas where thenew signals will be located toprovide protection to the newgate and lighting equipment.The Pierce Street crossingis slated to be the first in thecity to receive the upgradedsignalization; all of the cross-ings throughout the city areto be completed through thesummer months. Traffic is tobe maintained at the variouscrossings during all phases of the upgrade operation.Council considered onsecond reading but took nodefinitive action to an ordi-nance defining the city bud-get for 2011; this ordinancewill be further considered atthe next meeting in July. Anopen public hearing regardingthe budget was held prior tothe council meeting, howeverthere was no comment fromthe public on the issue.Council passed a resolu-tion to adopt the Solid WasteManagement plan for theAllen–Champaign-Hardin-Madison-Shelby & UnionCounties Waste ManagementDistrict. Approval of the res-olution at this time is an indi-cation that council approvesof the plan; the provision of the plan cannot be adoptedunless a majority of the coun-ties and communities withinthe specified geographic arealikewise voice their approval.By approving the plan, thecity may avert the necessityto draft a similar, independentplan to meet EPA require-ments. A tabulation of theintent of various communi-ties and counties will not beknown for a few months.Councilman Mark Clementraised the issue of the condi-tion and maintenance of theshelterhouses at Stadium Parkand Waterworks Park, focus-ing specifically on the roofs of the structures. Clement indi-cated that the shelter houseroofs need to be addressedfor possible replacement,and questioned whether thecity may have some fundsto direct to a roofing project,perhaps through the efforts of the Stadium Club. To furtherinvestigate the issue, Clementwill chair a Public PropertiesCommittee meeting at 6:30p.m. on July 13th, at councilchambers, prior to the nextregular scheduled councilmeeting.
Delphos to get newrailroad crossing signals
By STACY TAFFThe Delphos Heraldstaff@delphosherald.com
ELIDA — During a brief Elida Local Schools Board of Education meeting Tuesdaynight, Superintendent DonDiglia brought up a recentmisunderstanding concerningthe land purchased for thenew high school.“When we purchased theland, it was technically threesites that we had to have sur-veyed,” said Diglia. “Nowthat’s all one property and we’relooking at having it dividedinto four parts, so we’ll haveto get it re-surveyed. What wewere thinking is if we’re goingto get it re-surveyed anyway,why not divide it into severallots to keep open for variousopportunities for the board orfuture superintendents to use?Doing something like thatwould also increase the landvalue in the long run. There’sbeen some concern that wewere proposing that as a wayto make money but that wasn’tthe case.”“The village informed usthat if we were to do that,divide it into lots, we’d needto have utilities and side-walks, etc. on all the proper-ties and would eventually bepaying taxes on them,” hecontinued. “So we just settledon dividing it into the fourparts like originally plannedso we didn’t have to get intoall of that. It was just an ideawe were throwing around.”In other business, theboard approved the resigna-tion of Annie Zink, art teacherat Elida Middle School, effec-tive August 26, and AshleyReiff, head volleyball coach.Employment was approvedfor the following: Certified—Shaun Gentry, middleschool art teacher; RhondaBargerstock, high school/middle school choir director;Kristin Lehmkuhl, 6th gradeintervention specialist; MaryLou Anthony, long term substi-tute, music grades 5-12. Non-Certified— Donna Wauben,Title V aide at middle school.Supplemental— Kevin King,head volleyball coach; AshleyReiff, JV volleyball coach;Laurie Swick, varsity/JVfootball cheerleading; LaurieSwick varsity/JV basketballcheerleading; Nicole Horvath,freshmen football/basketballcheerleading; Jessica Lawson,middle school football/basket-ball cheerleading.The following supple-mental contracts were alsoapproved: Band/Choir— JohnStetler, marching band; JohnStetler, jazz band director;Mary Lou Anthony, assistantmarching band; John Stetler,pep band; Darrell Bryan, druminstructor. Miscellaneous—Ron Varland, high schoolpublication advisor; BryanHorn, high school stu-dent council; Shelby Cluts,high school quiz bowl; KimDaniel, Tuesday school moni-tor; Mike Klaus, Thursdayschool monitor; Karla Mayand Rhonda Jicha, elementarybuilding technology; DarrellBryan, middle school studentcouncil; Frank Pauff, middleschool yearbook; DennisSchwinnen, national honorsociety; Kim Howard, 5thgrade quiz bowl; Barb Hawk,7th & 8th grade quiz bowl;Tara Freed, musical director;Rhonda Bargerstock, musicalvocal director; Perry Luhn,drama club director.An extended-day contractwas approved for certifiedemployee Darrell Bryan, 15days for the 2010/2011 schoolyear, as Elida Middle SchoolBand Director.The board gave authoriza-tion to the treasurer to sellfour school buses.
Diglia clears upmisunderstanding
Stephanie Verhoff of Kalida High Schooland Matt Karhoff of Pandora-Gilboa HighSchool were crownedthis year’s PutnamCounty Fair king andqueen Tuesday.By CURT ANDERSONand MICHAELKUNZELMANThe Associated Press
NEW ORLEANS — TheLouisiana judge who struckdown the Obama adminis-tration’s six-month ban ondeepwater oil drilling in theGulf of Mexico has reportedextensive investments in theoil and gas industry, accord-ing to financial disclosurereports. He’s also a newmember of a secret nationalsecurity court.U.S. District Judge MartinFeldman, a 1983 appointeeof President Ronald Reagan,reported owning less than$15,000 in stock in 2008 inTransocean Ltd., the com-pany that owned the sunkenDeepwater Horizon drillingrig.Feldman overturned theban Tuesday, saying the gov-ernment simply assumed thatbecause one rig exploded, theothers pose an imminent dan-ger, too.The White House prom-ised an immediate appeal.The Interior Department hadimposed the moratorium lastmonth in the wake of the BPdisaster, halting approval of any new permits for deep-water projects and suspend-ing drilling on 33 exploratorywells.Interior Secretary KenSalazar said in a statementlate Tuesday that within thenext few days he would issuea new order imposing a mor-atorium that eliminates anydoubt it is needed and appro-priate.BP’s new point man forthe oil spill wouldn’t sayWednesday if the compa-ny would resume deepwa-ter drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.Asked about it Wednesdayon NBC’s “Today” show,BP managing director Bob
WASHINGTON —With the ramped-up war inAfghanistan at a precariousmoment, President BarackObama prepared to hear histop war commander explainbiting published complaintsabout the commander in chief and his aides. Even beforetheir showdown, the WhiteHouse’s rebuke of Gen.Stanley McChrystal suggest-ed it would be hard for him tosave his job.On a summons fromObama, McChrystal flew toWashington from Afghanistanto see his boss in persontoday, first in the Oval Officeand then in the president’sregular monthly war meeting,in which McChrystal usuallyparticipates by videoconfer-ence.Two military officials saidMcChrystal was prepared tosubmit his resignation. Theyspoke on condition of ano-nymity because they were notauthorized to speak publicly.Obama was set tomake an announcement onMcChrystal’s future soonafter their face-to-face.“I think it’s clear that thearticle in which he and histeam appeared ... showedpoor judgment,” Obama saidTuesday at the close of anunrelated Cabinet meeting.“But I also want to makesure that I talk to him directlybefore I make any final deci-sions.”Afghan President HamidKarzai expressed his confi-dence in McChrystal duringa video conference Tuesdaynight with Obama, Karzaispokesman Waheed Omarsaid today in Kabul.“We hope there is not achange of leadership of theinternational forces here inAfghanistan and that we con-tinue to partner with Gen.McChrystal,” Omar toldreporters.In a Rolling Stone mag-azine article, McChrystaldidn’t criticize Obama him-self but called the period lastfall when the president wasdeciding whether to approvemore troops “painful” andsaid Obama appeared readyto hand him an “unsellable”position.McChrystal also said he was“betrayed” by AmbassadorKarl Eikenberry, the manthe White House chose tobe his diplomatic partnerin Afghanistan. He accusedEikenberry of raising doubtsabout the reliability of AfghanPresident Hamid Karzai onlyto give himself cover in casethe U.S. effort failed. “Now,if we fail, they can say ’I toldyou so,”’ McChrystal told themagazine. And he was quotedmocking Vice President JoeBiden.If not insubordination, theremarks — as well as evensharper commentary aboutObama and his White Housefrom several in McChrystal’sinner circle — were at leastan indirect and extraordi-nary challenge and one thatconsumed Washington onTuesday. The capital hasn’tseen a similar public contre-temps between a presidentand a top wartime commandersince Harry Truman strippedGen. Douglas MacArthur of his command more than ahalf-century ago after dis-agreements over Korean Warstrategy.Notably, neitherMcChrystal nor his teamquestioned the accuracy of the story or the quotes in it.McChrystal issued an apol-ogy.But military leaders rarelychallenge their commanders
US general in Afghan warto see Obama over remarks
Judge who nixed drilling ban has oil investments
Sarah Luersman, above, left and Andrew Cardwell, right, of the Ottoville HighSchool Marching Band perform during the band show Tuesday night at the PutnamCounty Fair. The fair kicked off with a tribute to veterans, while today is “kid’s day”with all children younger than 17 receiving free admission until 4 p.m. Today’s adultattractions include harness racing at 5 p.m. at the grandstand and the family racenight show from 5-9 p.m. in front of the merchant’s building.
 Big Green Band struts stuff at fair 
Stacy Taff photos
Benefit for Rojas
Patty’s Pals are hostinga benefit for Patty Rojas, amother of four young chil-dren recently diagnosed withpancreatic cancer and unableto work while undergoingtreatment, July 3 at CountryAcres Golf Course in Kalida.A golf scramble begins at2 p.m.; a dog jog and tot trotfamily 1-mile walk at 6 p.m.;and a 5K run/walk at 7 p.m.Karaoke with “SoundsUnlimited” opens at 6p.m., with a live band,“Damaged Goods”, begin-ning play at 8:30 p.m.A silent auction willgo on all afternoon; thelive auction starts at 9:30p.m. Items include a JimTressel autographed pic-ture, James Laurinaitisautographed jersey, ticketsto the Reds, Mud Hens,Dayton Dragons. Ft. WayneKomets and much more.Children’s activitieswill also go on all day.For more information/online registration, visitwww.pattyspals.com
Payne host-ing tournaments
The Payne BallAssociation is hosting twocoach-pitch all-star double-elimination tournaments:a boys 8 & under July9-11 (as of April 30) and agirls 8 & under July 16-18(December 31, 2009); at thePayne Community Park.For more info, contactMike Krouse at (419) 263-1393 or e-mail payneball@verizon.net or access www.leaguelineup.com/payneball
Today’s Hogg CreekSchedule/High SchoolGirls Division
@ Bath: Allen Eastvs. LCC, 7:30 p.m.@ Liberty-Benton: VanBuren vs. Lima Senior, 6p.m.; L-B Blue vs. NewKnoxville, 7:30 p.m.@ Elida: Elida Orangevs. Wapak, 6 p.m.; ElidaGray vs. Kenton, 7:30 p.m.@ Glandorf:Continental vs. St. John’s/Defiance, 7:30 p.m.@ Celina: Celina White vs.Fort Jennings, 6 p.m.; CelinaGreen vs. Ottoville, 7:30 p.m.@ Shawnee: ShawneeRed vs. St. Marys Gold, 6p.m.; Shawnee Black vs.St. Marys Blue, 7:30 p.m.The Delphos AreaChamber of Commerce hastwo spaces open for a leadpaint recertification course tobe held Tuesday. This is theeight-hour course mandatedfor painters and contrac-tors by the EnvironmentalProtection Agency. Forinformation to get signedup, contact the ChamberOffice @ 419-695-1771.
Chamberto offer leadpaint course
See AFGHAN, page 2See JUDGE, page 2
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2 The Herald Wednesday, June 23, 2010
For The Record
The DailyHerald
Vol. 141 No. 9
Nancy Spencer, editorRay Geary, business managerDon Hemple,advertising manager
Tiffany Brantley
,circulation manager
William Kohl
, general manager/Eagle PrintThe Daily Herald (USPS 15258000) is published daily exceptSundays and Holidays.By carrier in Delphos andarea towns, or by rural motorroute where available $2.09 perweek. By mail in Allen, VanWert, or Putnam County, $105per year. Outside these counties$119 per year.Entered in the post officein Delphos, Ohio 45833 asPeriodicals, postage paid atDelphos, Ohio.No mail subscriptions will beaccepted in towns or villageswhere The Daily Herald papercarriers or motor routes providedaily home delivery for $2.09per week.405 North Main St.TELEPHONE 695-0015Office Hours8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri.POSTMASTER: Send addresschangesto THE DAILY HERALD,405 N. Main St.Delphos, Ohio 45833
Moe’s Dug Out II
416 W. Clime St., Delphos, OH419-692-1112
10-2Friday, June 25Start off theweekend withthe electrifyingsounds of theband & the gangat Moe’s.
Deuces Wild & The Redneckswith the Redneck Girl
Feb. 24, 1925-June 22, 2010
Ella R. Lehmkuhle, 85, of Delphos, died at 12:33 a.m.Tuesday at St. Rita’s MedicalCenter.She was born Feb. 24, 1925,in Allen County, to August andTheresa (Seffernick) Fuerst.She was married to JosephBohnlein, who preceded herin death on March 10, 1986and Herman Lehmkuhle, whosurvives.Other survivors includesons Ronald (Cathy) Bohnleinof Scottsdale, Ariz., John(Jane) Bohnlein of Findlayand Mark Bohnlein of VanWert; daughter Susan (Dean)Donald of Marietta, Ga.; sisterGussie (Edgar) Van Autreveof Delphos; brother UrbanFuerst of Delphos; stepchil-dren Tom (Sue) Lehmkuhleof Granville, Arlene (Tim)McCue of Toledo, Nora(Roger) Luersman of Kalida,Frank (Jane) Lehmkuhleof Delphos, Roger (Terri)Lehmkuhle of Bridgefort,WV and George (Jenni)Lehmkuhle of Frostproof, Fla;nine grandchildren and onegreat-grandchild.She was also preceded indeath by her infant son Paul,three sisters and a brother.Mrs. Lehmkuhle was ahomemaker who also workedfor Aeroquip for over 20years and retired from, andshe volunteered with the foodpantry in Brandon, Fla. Shewas a member of St. John theEvangelist Catholic Church.She loved her family, espe-cially her grandchildren andgreat-grandchild. She enjoyedreading and wanted to beremembered for being a goodmother.Mass of Christian Burialbegins at 11 a.m. Friday at St.John the Evangelist CatholicChurch. Burial will follow inSt. John’s Cemetery.Friends may call from 2-8p.m. Thursday at Harter andSchier Funeral Home, wherethe wake begins at 7:30 p.m.Memorials are to donor’schoice.
(Continued from page 1)
Dudley said they will“step back” from the issuewhile they investigate the rigexplosion.Also Wednesday, BP saidDudley has been appointedto head the new Gulf CoastRestoration Organization,which is in charge of clean-ing up the oil spill.Several companies thatferry people and suppliesand provide other servicesto offshore rigs argued thatthe moratorium was arbitrari-ly imposed after the April20 explosion that killed 11workers and blew out a well5,000 feet underwater. It hasspewed anywhere from 67million to 127 million gallonsof oil.Feldman’s 2008 finan-cial disclosure report — themost recent available — alsoshowed investments in OceanEnergy, a Houston-based com-pany, as well as QuicksilverResources, Prospect Energy,Peabody Energy, Halliburton,Pengrowth Energy Trust,Atlas Energy Resources,Parker Drilling and others.Halliburton was also involvedin the doomed DeepwaterHorizon project.Feldman did not respondto requests for comment andto clarify whether he stillholds some or all of theseinvestments.He’s one of many federal judges across the Gulf Coastregion with money in oil andgas. Several have disquali-fied themselves from hearingspill-related lawsuits and oth-ers have sold their holdingsso they can preside over someof the 200-plus cases.Although Feldman ruled infavor of oil interests Tuesday,one expert said his reason-ing appeared sound becausethe six-month ban was overlybroad.“There’s been some con-cern that he is biased towardthe industry, but I don’t seeit in this opinion,” said TimHoward, a NortheasternUniversity law professorwho also represents busi-nesses and people claimingeconomic losses in severalspill-related lawsuits. “Theyoverreacted and just shut anindustry down, rather thanfocusing on where the prob-lems are.”That was what Feldmanessentially said in his rul-ing, writing that the blan-ket moratorium “seems toassume that because one rigfailed and although no oneyet fully knows why, all com-panies and rigs drilling newwells over 500 feet also uni-versally present an imminentdanger.”Josh Reichert, manag-ing director of the PewEnvironment Group, said theruling should be rescinded if Feldman still has investmentsin companies that could ben-efit.“If Judge Feldman has anyinvestments in oil and gasoperators in the Gulf, it rep-resents a flagrant conflict of interest,” Reichert said.Feldman’s ruling prohibitsfederal officials from enforc-ing the moratorium until atrial is held. He wrote: “If some drilling equipmentparts are flawed, is it ratio-nal to say all are? Are allairplanes a danger becauseone was? All oil tankers likeExxon Valdez? All trains?All mines? That sort of think-ing seems heavy-handed, andrather overbearing.”At least two major oil com-panies, Shell and Marathon,said they would wait to seehow the appeals play outbefore resuming drilling.CLEVELAND (AP) —These Ohio lotteries weredrawn Tuesday:
Mega Millions
12-17-21-23-30, MegaBall: 24Estimated jackpot: $26million
Midday 3
Midday 4
Pick 3
Pick 4
Estimated jackpot: $97million
Rolling Cash 5
09-11-20-25-37Estimated jackpot:$660,000
Ten OH
Ten OH Midday
WEATHER FORECASTTri-countyThe Associated PressTONIGHT
: Partly cloudywith a chance of showers andthunderstorms. Muggy. Lowsaround 70. Southwest winds10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain40 percent.
: Partlysunny. A chance of showersand thunderstorms mainly inthe morning. Highs in the mid80s. Northwest winds around10 mph. Chance of rain 40percent.
:Mostly clear. Lows in thelower 60s. Northwest winds5 to 10 mph becoming northafter midnight.
: Mostly sunny.Highs in the mid 80s. Eastwinds around 5 mph.
: Mostly clear.Lows in the mid 60s. Highs inthe upper 80s.
:Partly cloudy. Lows in theupper 60s.
:Partly cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms.Highs in the upper 80s. Lowsaround 70. Chance of rain 40percent.
: Partlycloudy. A chance of show-ers and thunderstorms in theevening. Lows in the mid 60s.Chance of rain 30 percent.
: Partly sunny.Highs in the lower 80s.The high temperatureWednesday in Delphos was87 and the low was 68. Ayear ago today, the high was85 and the low was 61. Therecord high for today is 97, setin 1923 and the record low of 41 was set in 1918.Corn: $3.24Wheat: $4.22Beans: $9.89
Delphos WeatherElla R. Lehmkuhle
By TREVORHUNNICUTTThe Associated Press
SAN FRANCISCO — Inthis city known for produc-ing laws both path-breakingand contentious, legislatorshave forcefully stepped intoanother debate — this timeover the potential danger of cell phone use.With the Board of Supervisors’ 10-1 vote infavor of an ordinance MayorGavin Newsom has indicatedhe will sign, San Franciscohas waded into the as-yetunresolved debate over therelationship between long-term use of cell phones andhealth problems such as braintumors.It would be the coun-try’s first law requiring cellphone retailers to disclose thephones’ specific absorptionrate, or SAR, to customers.SAR measures the maxi-mum amount of radia-tion absorbed by a per-son using a handset. TheFederal CommunicationsCommission limits SAR toan average of 1.6 watts perkilogram of body tissue, butinformation about radiationlevels is not usually readilyavailable when people pur-chase phones at stores.“From our perspective, thisis a very reasonable and quitemodest measure that will pro-vide greater transparency andinformation to consumers forwhom this is an area of inter-est or concern,” said Newsomspokesman Tony Winnicker,who noted that the mayor isan iPhone user. “We’re play-ing a role that we’ve oftenplayed, which is to be at theforefront of a debate.”The city has producedreams of novel legislation andother regulations, banningplastic grocery bags, end-ing municipal use of bottledwater, making compostingmandatory, and requiring theposting of nutrition informa-tion in restaurants.Still after a number of scientific inquiries into thisissue, no conclusions havebeen reached.A major U.N. studyreleased last month, forinstance, found no clear linkbetween cell phones and therisk of developing brain can-cer.Industry representativessee that as a reason to opposea law like this.“They’re just respondingto unfounded concern,” saidJohn Walls, a spokesman forindustry trade group CTIA-The Wireless Association.He said the law “could verylikely confuse and misleadconsumers.”But advocates said theysee the ordinance primarilyas an effort to inform con-sumers.Renee Sharp, the Californiadirector of the Washington-based EnvironmentalWorking Group, also said shehoped the law would dissuadeconsumers from buying rela-tively high radiation phonesuntil their effect on the humanbody is fully understood. Theadvocacy group providedreports and other counsel tothe city’s Department of theEnvironment as they devel-oped the policy.“We’re also hoping it willspur greater debate aboutwhether the current federalstandards are adequate ornot,” Sharp said. “We cer-tainly don’t think that peo-ple are not going to buy cellphones because of radiation.”Industry officials wouldnot speculate on the impactto their business, but many of the nation’s most popular cellphones have relatively highSAR levels.This is because many of those popular phones aresmart phones, which haveWi-Fi and Bluetooth receiv-ers, as well as basic cellularcapability, that add to theirtotal SAR rating, accordingto Walls.
City passes new cellphone emission law
A minor traffic collisionoccurred Tuesday afternoonwhen the driver of one vehiclefailed to keep a reasonabledistance from a vehicle stop-ping in front of them.Linda Hullinger, 68, of Delphos, was southbound onWashington Street behindCharles Hullinger, 72, also of Delphos, who then stopped atthe stop sign at First Street.Linda Hullinger failed to keepa reasonable distance andstruck Charles Hullinger’svehicle in the rear with herown.There were no injuriesand moderate damage to bothvehicles.
Driver cited
By The Associated Press
Today is Wednesday, June23, the 174th day of 2010.There are 191 days left in theyear.
Today’s Highlight inHistory:
On June 23, 1960, the Foodand Drug Administration for-mally approved Enovid as thefirst oral contraceptive for salein the U.S.
On this date:
In 1860, a congressional res-olution authorized creation of the United States GovernmentPrinting Office, which openedthe following year.In 1931, aviators WileyPost and Harold Gatty took off from New York on a round-the-world flight that lastedeight days and 15 hours.In 1947, the Senate joinedthe House in overridingPresident Harry S. Truman’sveto of the Taft-Hartley Act,designed to limit the power of organized labor.In 1967, President LyndonB. Johnson and Soviet PremierAlexei Kosygin (ah-LEK’-saykoh-SEE’-gihn) held the firstof two meetings at GlassboroState College in New Jersey.In 1969, Warren E. Burgerwas sworn in as chief justiceof the United States by theman he was succeeding, EarlWarren.In 1972, President RichardM. Nixon and White Housechief of staff H.R. Haldemandiscussed a plan to use the CIAto obstruct the FBI’s Watergateinvestigation. (Revelation of the tape recording of this con-versation sparked Nixon’s res-ignation in 1974.)In 1985, all 329 peopleaboard an Air India Boeing747 were killed when theplane crashed into the AtlanticOcean near Ireland, after abomb widely believed to havebeen planted by Sikh separat-ists exploded on board.(Continued from page 1)in chief publicly. When theydo, consequences tend to bemore severe than a scolding.Indeed, the presidentialspokesman’s prepared reactionto the article was remarkablyrevealing, even for the normallycoded language of Washington.Press secretary Robert Gibbsrepeatedly declined to sayMcChrystal’s job was safe,often an indicator of an immi-nent firing, and went further toquestion whether McChrystal is“capable and mature enough”to lead the war.“Our efforts in Afghanistanare bigger than one person,”Gibbs told reporters, a formu-lation typically used when oneperson is about to leave.A senior U.S. military offi-cial in Afghanistan told TheAssociated Press the general— who had not spoken withObama on the matter beforetoday — has been given noindication that he’ll be firedbut no assurance he won’t be.The official spoke on condi-tion of anonymity to describeinternal discussions betweenWashington and the general’soffice in Kabul.Once considered thebeleaguered, eight-year-oldAfghanistan war’s brightesthope, McChrystal was hand-picked to take over the warlast year, viewed as a vision-ary with the guts and smartsto turn the war around.But despite his militaryachievements, he has a historyof making waves. This is nothis first brush with Obama’sanger. Last fall, the presidentcalled McChrystal on the carpetfor speaking too bluntly abouthis desire for more troops.Wisconsin DemocraticRep. David Obey, chairmanof the House AppropriationsCommittee, called forMcChrystal to resign.Sen. John McCain, the topRepublican on the SenateArmed Services Committee,was among three prominentRepublican senators to criti-cize the general and say adecision about his futureshould rest with Obama.
Alice Grothouse isthe winner in Week 3of the Delphos Herald140th AnniversaryGiveaway. Week 4 win-ner is Philip Fetzer.
 Herald winner 
Wednesday, June 23, 2010 The Herald –3www.delphosherald.com
Alex Altenburger
OSU Trustees ScholarshipScholarship
Ashley Hoehn
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Matt Hoffman
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Kyle Koester
UD EngineeringDean’s ScholarshipUD Adelee ScholarshipUD Trustees’ MeritScholarship
Keith Pohlman
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Laura Verhoff 
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Eric Ricker
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Christopher Rieger
Ball State PresidentialScholarshipMusic & Admission Award
Shelby Roney
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Jordan Schimmoeller
Ohio Basketball CoachesAssoc. ScholarshipPaulding-Putnam ElectricCooperative ScholarshipPutnam County SchoolsDr. Mack SchafferScholarshipDistrict 8 Basketball CoachesAssoc. ScholarshipPutnam County Golf Foundation ScholarshipLima News ScholarAthlete Scholarship
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Mandy Kramer
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 The Delphos Herald
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