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Triple Six Chapter 2

Triple Six Chapter 2



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Published by Triple Six
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The next chapter of Triple Six

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Published by: Triple Six on Jun 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Triple SixPart One: KatieChapter 2It took the better part of two hours to finally get out of Albany. The wind was still pouring down, making it impossible to keep the windows clear for more than half a second. And like Katie had predicted, she had seen his dark silhouette a couple of more times pass by the window. She had all but laid on the floor of Nathaniel’s car to remain unseen as he had passed by, her bag clutched tightly in her hand with all that she held dear. If he did find her, she wasn’t going back without a fight. It might cost her the use of her legs or arms for a couple of months, but she’d put a couple of bruises on him that would last for awhile.When the car finally cleared the city limits, she slowly sat up from thefloor, looking around outside just to make sure. She knew she wasn’t dreaming or making any of this up, the throbbing of her feet making itself known as she placed weight on them. But what caught her by surprise was the fact that, she hadmanaged to get away this time. She had managed to outrun and outsmart the man that had all but made her life a nightmare for the majority of her life. She sat down in the seat, placing her bag on the ground next to her feet and feeling therefreshing warmth of the vehicle’s heating.Outside it was pitch black except where the headlights cut through the shadows, a stark contrast to everything around it. Rain splattered against the window, blurring everything the light did shine against, the world outside mimicking the paintings that she would create and then sell every now and again. Without really thinking about it, she leaned back against the seat, finally allowing her exhaustion to hit her. She was tired, both physically and mentally. She had never doubted that she would try and leave that world again. What she had doubtedwas her chance to hide from him and actually leave. Actually get away from it all.“Why don’t you take off that jacket? It looks completely soaked. It won’t do to get a cold on the night that you get away from that mad man. I have a blanket in the back seat that you’re more than welcome to use if you want.” Turning her head to acknowledge Nathaniel, she slowly nodded, shrugging the jacket offof her shoulders and onto the floor with her bag, reaching her hand back to feel for the texture of cloth amongst the books. Her fingers lightly touched a softfabric and she pulled it to the front, not really paying attention to what it was. She was too cold to care much about anything other than getting warm.As she slipped it around her shoulders, she pulled her feet up onto theseat and leaned back, allowing herself to feel warm and safe for once. She didn’t remember closing her eyes, but she must’ve at some point as she stared out atthe featureless landscape through the water-distorted window pane. Because whenshe opened her eyes again, she found herself standing in a featureless void of pure shadow. Her face remained impassive as she found that her feet began to movein an all too familiar way. She had been here plenty of times before. Most often when she had been beaten into a state of unconsciousness.“Kumari, I know you’re here. Stop hiding,” she finally said after what felt like ages. Her monotonous tone seemed to cut through to the core of the voidand she heard a sigh that seemed to come from everywhere around her, as if theshadow’s themselves could speak.“You’re really no fun Mistress. I mean, you finally get away from the son of some bastard’s bitch and you still manage to have a super scary and seriousface!” Katie turned around and came face to face with a woman that couldn’t have been older than 27.“My face isn’t scary Kumari. It’s mature.” Katie always felt weird whenshe talked to this person. Not because of the dark aura that seemed to emanate from her, but because of the fact that there faces looked identical. However, theonly differences were that, unlike Katie’s auburn hair, Kumari’s hair was so dark that it looked like it was made of shadow that she had curled around her finger. That, and unlike Katie’s deep blue, almost gray eyes, Kumari’s eyes were pur
e black with a yellow pupil. It always reminded Katie of a wolf’s eyes.“Yes it is, especially when you glare like that. Try and lighten up foronce Mistress.” Kumari sauntered over to Katie, placing her hand on top of Katie’s head, ruffling her hair up in a way that made Katie glare even more. “See, like I said, no fun Mistress.” Removing her hand, she walked around Katie and satdown on seemingly nothing, as if the shadows had come alive around Kumari.“Kumari, why did you bring me here? I was perfectly content just sittingthere, sleeping. You didn’t have to do this.” She saw the smug look on Kumari’sface fall a little and she watched as Kumari sighed and placed a hand over hereyes.“I know I didn’t have to Mistress, but, as the demon possessing you, I had to make sure that you were alright. I mean, considering all that the jack assdid to you today….are you okay? Do you need me to heal you?” Katie’s glare softened into her default impassive face and she slowly shook her head.“No, you don’t need to heal me. Especially in front of the man who picked me up. He’s a man of God, and though I could care less about that, this man isthe reason I’m free. I don’t want him to drop me off on the side of the road somewhere because you’re inside of me.” She watched as Kumari stiffened a little and looked at Katie through her slim fingers.“Fine, first chance I get however, I’m healing you. You’re-”“I know Kumari. I know. I’m fine for now though.” Futzing with her hair,Katie moved it out of her left eye and stared at Kumari through and identical black eye with a yellow pupil that changed into a glassy, cloudy deep blue eye. “I’m going back now. I have a feeling that we’re close to our destination.”“Huh, really Mistress? But you’ve only been asleep for an hour-” the darkness suddenly began to consume Kumari in front of Katie and she closed her eyes. As she opened them, she noticed that the rain was still pounding against the glass, still distorting everything outside. But now, there were street lights that would shine through the glass.“Ah, you’re awake. I was just about to get you up so that you could getinside once I get to the hotel. I was going to get us some pizza while you warmed yourself up even more.” Katie turned her head, wincing at the stiffness in herneck from the position she had slept in and nodded.“I understand. If you want, I have money for the pi-” She stopped as heheld up his hand in front of her face, a smile growing on his.“It’s on me. You just worry about getting warm right now.” Stunned intosilence, she nodded, her face impassive as she felt a warmth seem to wrap aroundher throat.‘Ah, Mistress, see what I mean? You’re face is too serious!’ Choosing toignore Kumari’s voice for now, she turned her head back to face the window, staring out at the darkness that was interrupted by distorted lights. She wasn’t sure how long it took, but it wasn’t much later that he turned into a parking lot.She looked through the windshield and saw a Holiday Inn sign that seemed to dimbefore her eyes. As she stepped out of the vehicle onto the wet sidewalk, she shivered slightly, running her hands over her arms in her still wet jacket. She grabbed the bag as well and noticed that he was waiting for her attention.“Nathaniel, is something wrong?” He shook his head and smiled that warmsmile again.“No, just, when you go up there, say that you have reservation’s under your grandfather’s name. When the person at the counter asks for his name, tell him my name and you’ll get one of the room keys. I’ll be back in about forty minutes.” Katie nodded and stepped away from the older vehicle, closing the door before turning and walking into the hotel. As she set foot into the lobby, she noticed that it was colder in here than it was inside, and she shivered even more,her face still impassive as she walked up to the desk.A man who looked to be about her age stood at the desk, his face devoidof emotion as he read some book. She could tell that Kumari had decided to havesome control, because she could smell the paper of the book, the dusty, yet somehow fresh smell of aging paper. Shaking her head, she slammed her hand down on the bell on the counter, scaring the man who almost jumped off the seat and onto

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