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Welcome to the Insane Asylum - Our Collective Psychosis

Welcome to the Insane Asylum - Our Collective Psychosis



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A personal examination of our individual insanity and how it manifests both in the collective consciousness and in our current reality.
A personal examination of our individual insanity and how it manifests both in the collective consciousness and in our current reality.

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Published by: Cognitive Dissonance on Jun 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Welcome To the Insane Asylum
Our Collective PsychosisBy Cognitive DissonanceAn Exploration in Five Chapters
This series was originally published on www.ZeroHedge.com during the month of June 2010. After you finish the series, may I suggest you considerreviewing the voluminous comments left by hundreds after reading each of these articles in situ and which
reproduced here? Sometimes there’s
more to be gained from reading the collective consciousness than there is inreading the author.This series was not professionally edited so please grin and bear the
occasional lapses in spelling and grammar. I’m an amateur in every sense of 
Chapter 1All Aboard the Crazy Train.
All amusement park rides have one characteristic in common. Regardless of the twists and turns of the experience, the exit is always at the end. Thisexamination of our collective and individual dysfunction, our insanity, followsa similar path. We start with the identification of a few of the bigger pictureissues, then move closer for a critical inspection of several of the individualand cultural dynamics and end with some guidance towards the lighted exitsign and one possible way out.I
ve never been more confident in
humanity’s ability
to finally throw off thechains that bind. But (and there
’s always a “but” 
) this can only beaccomplished using the powerfully disinfecting sunlight of awareness andunderstanding. This is usually achieved through self reflection, self actualization and eventually enlightenment. A common misperception amongmany is that the general population is not intelligent enough to becomeaware and enlightened. The awakening process has nothing to do with ourIQ and everything to do with our EQ or Emotional Quotient.If we can be conditioned by fear and narcissistic naval gazing to be self destructive, we can be encouraged to be emotionally and spiritually healthy
as long as we don’t look to our leaders for guidance
. In fact, we must nottransfer the responsibility for our own well being to others for this is simplyan invitation to manipulate and extort us.
There’s no single solution, no
magic button to be pushed that makes everything better, allowing us to goback to our comfortable insanity. Ultimately our own unique journey is adeeply personal and individual experience and while the direction is clear,the path is customized by each journey.There is no softer easier way, no short cut through the maze and no one towalk the path for us. I know this because of my long and at times difficultpersonal experience overcoming self erected obstacles as well as thoseplaced there by my culture and country
. I’ 
ve tried every path I couldpossibly imagine before eventually settling on the only one I could find withan exit. That alone should be encouraging to many because until a few yearsago
I didn’t think there was a way out.
I’m not
alone because many people I talk to still
feel it’s hopeless. The
question (in my mind at least) is no longer can we save ourselves but what
the process that must be followed in order to make the lasting changesneeded to not only survive but grow and prosper. Make no mistake about
what I’m saying;
there will be pain
no matter what we do or don’t do
. Butthere is pain during healing as well as pain during destruction and we have achoice.
Swimming in the Shipping Channel of Life
The answers are deceptively simple, which makes it difficult for most peopleto accept when we
ve been conditioned to believe that complexity requirescomplex solutions. Nothing could be further from the truth. When one findsthey
ve dug themselves into a hole, the first rule to follow is to stop digging.Since we
ve been trained all our lives that digging
s what we do
, it’s almost
heretical to ponder anything else. Considering how our narrow view benefits
certain select “others” 
we should question everything we believe
once we’ve
stopped digging and are looking for a way out.As with all my work, I ask the reader to consume it i
n it’s entirely, in the
order presented and to leave all sections in context. I
’ve broken this
essayinto multiple parts (5 at this point) for easier consumption. But it really
doesn’t work unless it’s
read as a continuous thought process. So I suggestyou read each section in order because
this isn’t 5
independent articles, butrather one article broken into 5 separate pieces.
Each section won’t
make sense on its own unless you’ve read the
preceding sections. Even then it might not make any sense,
but I’m only
responsible for my insanity.
You’re on your own.
This silliness started out asa one or two page blurb but quickly morphed into Godzilla like proportions.Consider it the insane leading the insane and have some fun whileexpanding your mind.May I also suggest that you read each section twice, something I usually dowhen reading anything new? Reading it the first time trips all the objectionsmy ego comes up with, which exposes my deep conditioning andindoctrination. My ego always defends my consciousness from the inevitablecognitive dissonance I experience when I read something that contradictswhat I think I believe.

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