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AJ June 18-24, 2010

AJ June 18-24, 2010

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Published by ASIAN JOURNAL

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Published by: ASIAN JOURNAL on Jun 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Balik-Tanaw: Filipino Movie Stars Book Launch
Warning: The California Department of Real Estate has not examined this offering, including but not limited to the condition of title, the status of blanket liens of the project (if any), arrangements to assure project completion, escrow practices, control over project management, racially discriminatory practice (if any), terms,conditions, and price of the offer, control over annual assessments (if any), or the availability of water services, utilities, or improvements. It may be advisable for you to consult an attorney or other knowledgeable professional who is familiar with real estate and development law in the country where this subdivision is situated.
 Attend the free presentations of the affordable but luxurious housing developments in the Philippines!Presented in San Diego, Hemet and TemeculaJune 2010. Call 619-656-0409 for reservations.
 Presidio at Britany Bay,near Laguna de Bay, Sucat, Paranaque, Makati and Taguig areas
Call for scheduleof presentations forSAN DIEGOTEMECULAHEMETORANGE COUNTY
Call (619) 656-0409 forbrochures and reservations
 Luxurious single familyhomes beside Alabang
For brochures and other info, call 619-656-0409.
 Single family homes in Antipolo; Bacoor, Imus and Dasmarinas, Cavite; Sta. Rosaand Cabuyao Laguna; and Las Pinas
Baguio and La Union Beach properties.
Single family homes inPan-gasinan, Pampanga, Bulacan,Batangas, Iloilo, Cebu,Davao, Cagayan de Oro
 Retirement or vacationhomes inTagaytay
Condo units in Tagaytay. While you are away, you can rent out your unit as a condotel and make money on your investment. Presentationsavailable in August, 2010, from 10 am. to 5 p.m. at the
 Asian Journal 
ofce at 550 East 8th Street Suite 6, National City, CA 91950 (in OldSchoolhouse Square). Call (619) 474-0588 or e-mail asianjournal@aol.
com for more information.
Attend a free presentationfor MONTELUCE - the high point of Tagaytay
(Continued on page 18)(Continued on page 2)
The Philippine Center For Investigative Journalismwas presented with AgenceFrance-Presse’s prestigiousKate Webb Award for its out-standing contributions to pressfreedom.The Kate Webb award isfor local reporters or mediaorganizations in the Asia
Pacic who have produced
exceptional work in danger-
ous or difcult circumstances,
or have demonstrated moralor physical courage whilereporting.It carries a prize money of 
 €5,000 ($6,700), which will
 be used by the PCIJ to con-duct a training program for 
Filipino journalists on how to
safely conduct investigativereporting in dangerous envi-ronments.At an awards ceremonyheld in Manila, AFP Asia Pa-
cic director Eric Wishart and
Webb’s relatives commendedthe PCIJ for its fearless in-vestigative reporting over twodecades.The Philippines is theworld’s deadliest country for 
 journalists, and the dangers
for reporters were highlightedlast year with the massacre of 
57 people, including 32 media
workers, in the southern prov-ince of Maguindanao.“The PCIJ has been a bea-con of press freedom in thePhilippines and deserves to bea source of inspiration for all
of us who believe that journal
-ists should shine a light in allthe dark corners of our societ-ies, whether it pleases thoseconcerned or not,” Wishartsaid a speech at the ceremony.PCIJ executive director Malou Mangahas said her team wanted to also recog-nize all media workers in thePhilippines who toiled under 
Media group PCIJ awarded AFP press freedom prize
Internationally published
 photojournalist, author,
lecturer, environmentalist,and a Women Divers Hallof Famer Lynn Funkhouser represented the Philippinesin the Chicago TribuneTravel & Adventure Show.Her seminar entitled“The Philippines—Simplythe Best!” gave the audiencea glimpse of some of theabove-land and underwater attractions in the Philip- pines.According to Funkhous-er, “My favorite place in thewhole world is the Philip- pines. I’ve been able to dive
at over 250 of the 7,107 is
-lands, and RP has the richest
species diversication.”
Tourism Secretary AceDurano said, “We are hon-ored to have an esteemeddiver promoting our pristineunderwater sites throughher words and astonishingimages. Indeed, the coun-try has made waves in theglobal diving industry.”The renowned underwa-ter photographer said thather favorite dive sites areAnilao, Apo Reef, and Tub-
Popular int’l diver endorsesPhilippine dive sites
 Lynn Funkhouser 
 bataha Reef.Her photos have been
 published in major publica
-tions, notably in “Time,”
“Newsweek,” “National
Geographic,” “Action Asia,”and “International Wildlife.”She also has exhibited her work in many galleries.The Chicago TribuneTravel & Adventure Showheld at the Donald StephensConvention Center in Rose-mont, Illinois is the leadingconsumer adventure travelshow in the United States
June 18 - 24, 2010
Msgr. Gutierrez
Health & Family
 Everyone callsme “Father” 
Celebrate Fathers Day on June 20th
(Continued on page 2)
It seemed that Martaalready got used tohaving Albert as his son-in-law while Isabel stillfelt awkward with her husband whom he barelyknew. Hardly two weekshad passed since Albertcame to her life and nowhe was her husband.Albert felt the same,although he had long prepared for the day
he would nally have
 Promised Land 
Winners and Losers
Isabel as a wife. The rst time her cousin Ditas showed him Isabel’s picture, he
could not erase her image from his mind.By
Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
 Publisher & Editor 
 Asian Journal San Diego
The original and rst Asian Journal in America
See page 10
 Dr. Cesar Candari delivering his campaign speech in Or-lando, Florida for President-Elect of the Association of the Philippine Physicians in America, 1992
By Dr. CesarD. CandariNinth in a seriesof articles
 In barely two years after the three of us, foundersof the Clinic, left for sab-
 batical, in August 1984, an
inspection and audit of the
nancial status of the clinicrevealed scal problems andadministrative deciencies
that the county decided todiscontinue the RevenueSharing Program for Samah-an. There was a vigorousand forthright request by the public for me, Dr. Quini andDr. Gale to return to Samah-an. In response to the emer-gency situation, the three of us came back and the Boardof Directors at that timeresigned en mass except for 
From Antique to America:
Memoirs of a Filipino American Doctor 
The Operation Samahan Story, Part 2
Page 2June 18 - 24, 2010 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
Under the present state of the law, a person who is nolonger in lawful nonimmigrantstatus will not be allowed
to le for an application for adjustment of status here in
the United States even if animmigrant petition has beenapproved for that person and his priority date isalready current.There arehowever someexceptions to thisgeneral rule.
The rst ex-
ception is if the
 petition was led
 by a US citizenspouse, child or  parent and that parent is petition-ing for a child below 21 yearsold.The next exception is if the applicant is applying for 
adjustment based on an em- ployment based petition ledwithin 180 days from the date
the applicant fell out of status.The last exception is if the person is covered by Section
245(i) of the Immigrationand Nationality Act. Section245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) allows
Signicance of Section
245(i) of the INS
 persons who are the ben-
eciaries of immigrant visa petitions or labor certicationapplications led on or beforeJanuary 14, 1998, to le for adjustment of status in the
U.S. despite having fallen outof status or having enteredwithout inspec-tion. A lim-ited extension of 
Section 245(i)
in 2000 covered
of immigrantvisa petitions or 
labor certica-
tion applica-
tions led on or  before April 30,
2001. However 
these benecia-
ries should have been physically present in theUnited States on or beforeDecember 21, 2000 to qualify
for 245(i).
The following illustrationswould best explain one’s eligi-
 bility under 245(i).
Reynaldo entered the
United States as a tourist in
April 2008. Reynaldo wasthe beneciary of an im-migrant petition led by his
US citizen father on Sep-
tember 1, 1995. Reynaldo
decided not to go back tohis home country when he
entered in 2008 so he could
spend more time with his parents. Reynaldo’s prior-ity date will be current inJuly 1 2010. Can Reynaldo
adjust his status in the US?Yes, Reynaldo can adjust
his status since is the
 beneciary of an approved petition led on or beforeJanuary 14, 1998.
Victoria entered the
United States as a tour-
ist on May 5, 2006. No
immigration petitions
have been led for Victo-
ria. Victoria was offeredto work for a care homein Los Angeles. The carehome owner also offered tosponsor her for green card.
The employer led a labor certication application
with the Department of La- bor which was eventually
certied. The immigrant petition led with the US
Citizenship and Immigra-tion Services was likewiseapproved. When Victo-ria’s priority date becomescurrent, can she apply for 
adjustment of status? Vic-toria cannot le for adjust-
ment of status even if his
labor certication applica-
tion and immigrant petitionhave been approved as sheis not covered by Section
Manuel is a seaman
who was petitioned byhis father on December 5,
1997. His father however 
died a year after the peti-
tion was led. On Feb-ruary 14, 2008, Manuel
was on board a cargo shipwhich was passing throughSan Francisco. His shipdocked at the Port of SanFrancisco and Manuel andthe other crew memberswere given shore leave.Manuel called up his rela-tives in San Francisco who picked him up at the port.After being convinced by his relatives, Manueldecided not to return to
his ship and to just stay
in the US. After a year Manuel met Kritika, a UScitizen. The two later hadan amorous relationshipand eventually got mar-
ried. Manuel can adjust
his status through a visa
 petition led by his wife
 because he is covered by
245(i). Had Manuel not been covered by 245(i), hecould not adjust his status
even though he is marriedto a US citizen because heentered the country as acrewman.
Section 245(i) is one of the more signicant legisla-
tions passed and the law hasallowed a substantial number of individuals to get their  permanent residence status.People who are covered by
245(i) must take advantage of 
this law so that they may beable to legalize their stay inthe U.S.
Atty. Dennis E. Chua is a
 partner in The Law Firm of 
Chua Tinsay and Vega (CTV)- a full service law rm withofces in San Francisco,
San Diego and Manila. Theinformation presented in thisarticle is for general infor-mation only and is not, nor intended to be, formal legaladvice nor the formation of an attorney-client relation-ship. The CTV attorneys will be holding regular free legalclinic at the Max’s Restaurant
in Vallejo, California on June28, 2010. Call or 
e-mailCTVfor an in-person or phoneconsultation to discuss your  particular situation and/or how their services may be
retained at (415) 495-8088;(619) 955-6277;Dchua@
ctvattys.com.dangerous circumstances.“We are most humbledand fully inspired by thisaward and the legacy of MsKate Webb,” Mangahas said.“Tonight the editors and staff members and fellows of thePCIJ are truly and fully af-
“Over the last 20 years of our young organization’s lifewe might have been doingsome good things to have been chosen to receive the prestigious Kate Webb award.“We accept it in honor of 
over a hundred Filipino jour-nalists, including 32 in Magu-
indanao, who have been killedfor bringing to light the evils
Media group PCIJ awarded AFPpress freedom prize
(Continued from page 1)
of corruption, political dynas-ties and bad governance.”The PCIJ is the secondwinner of the annual prize,which was created in memoryof Webb after she died of can-
cer in 2007 at the age of 64. New Zealand-born Webbwas one of the nest corre-
spondents to have worked for AFP and earned a reputationwhile covering the biggest
events in the Asia Pacic as
a brave and compassionatereporter.The AFP Foundation, a
non-prot organization cre-
ated to promote higher stan-
dards of journalism world-
wide, and the Webb familyadminister the award.which showcases the besttravel and adventure destina-tions in the world.The Department of Tour-ism
led thePhilip- pine del-egationin thetraveleventwhichincludedtoptourismstakeholders. The DoT boothand materials highlightedsome of the unique activitiesavailable in the country, mak-ing the Philippines a crowd-favorite during the show.Aside from being a beachhaven, the group offeredcountless activities for adven-
Popular int’l diver endorsesPhilippine dive sites
(Continued from page 1)
ture travelers of every kind— from kayaking to white-water rafting, from wakeboardingto sky diving, and from scubadiving to bird watching.Cul-tural presen-tationsfromdifferentcoun-triesat theGlobalBeatsStagewere
also a major sensation in the
event. Sulyap, a local cul-tural dance group composedof children and young teens,showcased the Philippines’rich and colorful culture andhistory through native Fili- pino dances.
10717 Camino Ruiz, Ste. 122 San Diego, CA 92126
Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry
State-of-the-Art Technology and Sterilization
Digital X-rays and Massage Dental Chairs
Caring and Friendly Staff 
Affordable Fees
Military Dependents Welcome
Evening and Weekend Appointments Available
New, Walk-in and Emergency Patients Welcome
Most PPO Plans Accepted
Email: dr_oliverbadillo@yahoo.com Phone: (858) 566-6099
Open:Monday – Friday 9am – 6pmSaturday 8am – 2pm
Credit Cards Accepted
Exam, Digital X-rays& Cleaning *
*Over $200 in savings, in theabsence of gum disease, new patients onlyLimited time offer 
Reg. $238
Towards AnyDental Service$550 or more
Cannot be combinedwith insurance.Limited time offer.
In Office
Teeth WhiteningIn Just an Hour!
Limited time offer 
Reg. $600
Law Offices of Chua Tinsay & Vega
 by Atty. Dennis Chua
Legal Buzz
 Read Atty. Dennis Chua’s previous articles by visiting our website at 
Page 3 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.comJune 18 - 24, 2010
Last May 22, all starsshone brightly and took their  place in history…On this date, legendarymovie icons of the Golden
Era of Philippine Mov-
ieworld came together tocelebrate the launching of a book about their lives, writ-ten by Dr. Romy Protacio, an
acionado of Philippine mov-
ies who had the rare chance
“Balik-Tanaw: The Filipino Movie Stars of Yesteryears”
Tiningnan mo na ba ang cable bill mo lately?
Alamin kung bakit DIRECTV is stillthe best value in town!
Access sa 10 Filipino channels – Mas marami kaysa sa cableAccess sa higit pa sa 160 full-time HD channels*DVR records and saves hanggang sa 100 hours ng programming**Pinakamaraming sports in HD***
Tumawag na sa aming Filipino customer service ngayonat magtanong na din about our bundle package!
/month plus taxfor 12 months
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English Channels
†Price includes PinoyDirect
packages with a $14 bill credit for 12 months after rebate, plus an additional $5 with online rebate and consent to email alerts, with agreement‡. PREFERRED CHOICE package requiresactivation of any DIRECTV International service. PREFERRED CHOICE regular price $38.99/mo. Offer ends 10/6/10, on approved credit, credit card required (except in MA& PA). New customers only (lease required, must maintain programming,DVR service and HD Access). Hardware available separately. Lease fee $5.00/mo. for second and each additional receiver. $19.95 Handling & Delivery fee may apply.
Get DIRECTV premium service na hindi nagbabayad ng premium price,because you deserve the best. Panahon na para mag-upgrade!
*Base sa 24/7 na HD channels. Ang bilang ng HD channels ay nag-iiba ayon sa base package selection.
(Seated) Gloria Romero, Perla Bautista(Standing) Delia Razon, Precy_BuenviajeCaridad Sanchez being inerviewed by GMA 7 Charlie Davao & Gloria Romero Eddie Garcia Romy signing the book.Marita Zobel  Perla BautistaMyrna Ogligacion, wife of the late Os-car Obligacion.
of sharing friendship withmost of the stars in his book.The book was published bySimeon G. Silverio Jr., Presi-dent of Green Mango Books.Silverio is also the publisher and editor of the Asian Jour-nal San Diego, the original
and rst Asian Journal in
America.The book, entitled,“Balik-Tanaw: The FilipinoMovie Stars of Yesteryears”is a compilation of snippetsof the lives of actors andactresses who illuminated the
silver screen from the 1930sto early 1960s. True to its title, Dr. Romy(or Doc Romy, as most people fondly
call him), gives the reader a chance to
reminisce (mag
 balik-tanaw) theglorious days of Philippine mov-ies, as they readquotes from thestars themselves,talking abouttheir past achieve-
ments, the love(s)
of their lives, lifelessons learnedand thoughts ontheir lives today.It has beena lifetime dreamfor Doc Romy towrite about his friends in the movie industry and see themimmortalized in print. With the help of the stars he featured,this is now a dream cometrue. He believes that movieicons such as Delia Razon,Gloria Romero, Rosa Rosal,
Susan Roces, Dolphy, Eddie
Garcia, German Moreno,Anita Linda, Bella Flores, toname a few, have their right-ful places in the history of 
Philippine lm. Their works
are testaments of amazinghomegrown talent that havesurvived the test of time.The book launch wascelebrated with a cocktail
 buffet from 3:30 pm on May 22, Saturday at
the Traders Hotel, Roxas Boulevard . A lot of fans got the chance to see their favorite movieicons as they signed the fans’ a copy of the book which they can treasure for the years tocome. Other highlights of the evening includ-
ed lm clips of vintage movies, outstanding
song performances from the world renownedU.P. Concert Chorus, dance exhibitions from
world renowned ballroom dancer, Edna
Ledesma and partner, Miguel de la Serna, aswell as special numbers by Ms. Pilita Corrales
and Ms. Marita Zobel. T.V. personality, Arnel
Ignacio, was the afternoon’s host and the DonBosco Rondalla Group provided the evening’smusic.It was a fund raising event which is opento the public. Part of the proceeds of this event
 beneted Baliksamahan, an organization fo-
cused on im- proving the wel-fare of moviestars, both stillworking andthose who haveretired from thelimelight.To order copies of the
 book at $12.95
each, call theAsian JournalSan Diego at

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