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Chapter Eight - Suppression of Illuminati (1)

Chapter Eight - Suppression of Illuminati (1)

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Published by Frater WothanAzazel

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Published by: Frater WothanAzazel on Jun 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Illuminati of Bavaria
How It Began
 Bavarian Investigation &Suppression Decrees
 How It Began
In 1783, an anonymous pamphlet claimed a danger-ous masonic sect operated at Munich. This pamphlet said thissect taught patriotism was a childish belief and mere chimera.The group also allegedly taught all religion was foolish.
 Soon thereafter, in October 1783, this claim wasrepeated once more in an anonymous letter to Maria Anna,the Dowager Duchess of Bavaria. It identified the group spe-cifically as the
Order of Illuminati
. This letter added further details, claiming the Illuminati taught members that theycould poison their enemies. And the Illuminati supposedlytaught all religion was nonsense. And again the claim wasmade the Illuminati taught all patriotism was childishness.This letter also said the Illuminati taught members to acceptsuicide if it advanced the Order’s cause.
 After receiving such information, Maria Anna con-fronted Joseph Danzer (1739-1800) whom she knew had joined the Illuminati. He was a Munich counsellor to theElector (a
or Privy Counsellor). MariaAnna asked Danzer whether he denied the Illuminati had thegoals as depicted in the anonymous letter. Rather than hold tohis oaths, Danzer confirmed the report. Upon her urging,Danzer signed a declaration upon which a criminal indict-ment was brought.
1.Jacques Droz,
 L’Allemagne et la Révolution Française
(Paris: PressesUniversitaires de France, 1949) at 404.2.Stauffer, supra, at 176 n. Leopold Engel quotes the letter in full in hiswork 
Geschicte des Illuminatens
(Dresden: 1908) at 183-87.
Bavarian Investigation & Suppression Decrees
Illuminati of Bavaria
Meanwhile, on November 11, 1783, the regular Mother lodge of Prussian Freemasonry,
The Three Globes
,issued a warning that the Illuminati at Berlin were a “masonicsect which wants to sap the Christian religion and to makeMasonry a political system.”
With this upheaval even among Freemasons trying towarn the brethren, the Bavarian Court of Inquiry summonedseveral Illuminati to testify. The first two witnesses includedProfessor Lorenz Westenreider (1749-1829) of Munich, anhistorian, and Stroble, a bookseller.
During Westenreider’stestimony, none of the alleged goals of the Illuminati wereconfirmed. Stroble similarly did not admit to any of the accu-sations against the Illuminati. So the issue remained dormantfor the rest of 1783.
Pezzl, A Renown Liberal Writer Warns About The Illuminati
Then in 1784, a highly regarded Bavarian-born“enlightened”
writer of several popular works
— JohannPezzl (1756-1823) — wrote about his encounters with theIlluminati in Bavaria. It was stated in his travel book entitled
 Journey through the Circle of Bavaria
 Reise durch Bay-erischen Kreis
) (Salzburg/Leipzig: 1784).
 Pezzl described his entry into an Illuminati lodge. Hesaid that within the lodge he heard certain teachings which“made me
, become hard and stoic and closed withinmyself when the system was read to me clearly at a smallacademy that two had joined.”
3.“Illuminés,” Daniel Ligou, Ed.
 Dictionnaire de la Francmaçonerìe
(1987), supra, at 604. Ligou suggests that this must have been directedat the Rosicrucians of Munich and Vienna where they allegedly wereinfluential.4.Frost
 , supra
, Vol. I, at 44.5.Wilhelm Haefs,
Zensur im Jahrhundert der Aufklärung 
(Gottingen:Wallstein Verlag, 2007) at 411 (“Aufklärer Johann Pezzl”).
 Illuminati of Bavaria
How It Began
Pezzl referred to goals similar to those that were men-tioned in the private letter to Maria Anna of 1783. The alarm began to be sounded by Illuminati members, and their wall of secrecy began to crumble.
Babo’s Warning
Then in 1784, the dramatic writer of numerous playsand the theater manager of Munich
— Joseph M. Babo(1756-1822) — published
 First Warning on Freemasons
 In this work, Babo said the Freemasons were quickly being dominated in German cities by the Illuminati Order. Hespecifically said that he knew the masonic Lodge St. The-odore at Munich had completely fallen under the Illuminati’scontrol. He also claimed the Illuminati attacked religion. Andhe advised that the Order’s tight-knit command-and-controlmade it a veritable “State within a State.”
Babo also criti-cized the Illuminati’s tactics of secrecy to achieve their ends.
6.He wrote
 Life of Joseph I 
. See Giulia Cantarutti, StefanoFerrari, Paola Maria Filippi,
Il Settecento tedesco in Italia
(Il Mulino:2001) at 250 (“distinguished in the fine arts”). A biography exists: G.Gugitz,
 Johann Pezzl 
(1906).Interestingly, Pezzl is an important clue to disprove the oft-heard claimthat Mozart was an Illuminatus. First, there is no hard proof. Second,after Bavaria Pezzl returned to Vienna where he lived, and attended amasonic lodge there which Mozart likewise attended, along with Hoff-man. (Peter Friedrich Barton,
 Jesuiten, Jansenisten
 (Böhlau, 1978) Vol. 1 at 376 (“Loge ‘Zur Wohltätigkeit,’ der uaMozart, Pezzl und Hoffmann”); Elaine Rochelle Sisman, Mozart, the“Jupiter” Symphony at 26 (“Johann Pezzl...a member of Mozart’slodge....”)If Pezzl was so disturbed by the Illuminati in 1783, it is impossible toimagine the masonic lodge he and Mozart attended was linked to them.7.It was recently reprinted by Süddeutscher Verlag in 1973.8.Richard von Dullman,
Geheimbund der Illuminaten
(Stuttgart: From-mann-Holzboog, 1977) at 25 quoting Johann Pezzl,
 Reise durch Bay-erischen Kreis
(1784).9.See http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Marius_von_Babo

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