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World Environment Day 2010

World Environment Day 2010

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Published by javedkk83

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Published by: javedkk83 on Jun 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wetland Community Walk On
World EnvironmentDay 2010
 Wetland CommunityMarks World EnvironmentDay 2010
The indigenous community of DehAkro-II wetlands first time markedworld environment day holdingwalk from Nawabshah bus stand toPress Club Jamsahib. The event wasorganized by Sangat DevelopmentFoundation, with coordination ofSindh Wildlife Department andIndus for All programme, WWFPakistan.The local community was holdingplacards and banners inscribed withenvironment and wetlandsprotection and rehabilitationslogans. They were also chantingslogans for an immediate stoppageof deforestation on wetlands of DehAkro-II and its surroundings, whichhave played havoc with localenvironment. According to them dueto massive deforestation from DehAkro-II area and its wetlands, whichhas resulted into major climatechange in the area.Due to climate change as well aswater shortage in the wetlands,largely depleted local plant speciesfrom the area. However, thedisastrous impact is on the faunaspecies of wildlife sanctuary of DehAkro-II. The fauna species of DehAkro-II wetlands either died downor left the area due to unexpectedand sudden climate changes and hotweather.
The local community representativesdemanded early rehabilitationactions in order to save the wildlifeand other local rare species fromdying from wetlands.While speaking on the occasion, Mr.Salih Billo, Senior Journalist andSocial Activist said that the theme ofthe year “
Many Species. OnePlanet. One Future.
” Is a timely callfrom the international communityfor the conservation of biodiversityand preservation of nature’s identity.He further added that thedestruction of natural resources istantamount to destroying the humanlife from the planet. The earth planetis hosting biodiversity, and that isthe beauty of it. If we would bentupon destroying one or other, itwould have multiple ill effects on theover all species of the planet.Therefore, we should make collectiveand unified efforts for the protectionof biodiversity from unbridled lustof anti environment people.Mr. Nisar A. Brohi, Director SangatDevelopment Foundation saidnatural resources degradation andglobal warming are seriousburgeoning threats to humanpopulation. Which require urgentand emergent efforts to be tackled onthe war-footing in order to save thefuture of living beings on earth.The gathering was also addressed byMr. Hussain Bux Dahri, GhulamMustafa, Rauf Samon, presidentPress club Jamsahib.

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