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Illuminati Visits to French Lodges

Illuminati Visits to French Lodges

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Published by Frater WothanAzazel

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Published by: Frater WothanAzazel on Jun 25, 2010
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 Illuminati of Bavaria
 Illuminati Visits To French Lodges
During the period 1782-1787, Illuminati from Ger-many made several visits to the Paris Amis Reunis lodge.This includes the following Illuminati in these years: Kolow-rat (1782),
Costanza (1784),
Dietrich (1784),
Hilmer (1785),
Kolowrat (1785),
besides the well-known and famous visit of Bodeand Busche in 1787.Previously, those trying to identify the influence of the Illuminati on the French Revolution only knew of the1787 visit of Bode and Busche. Barruel also mentionedDietrich’s visit in 1784, but put no great emphasis on it.
1.Gustave Bord,
La Franc-Maçonneríe en France; des origines a 1816: Les Ouvriers de l'Idéme Révolutionnaire
(1688-1771) (Paris: LibraireNationale, 1908) (reprinted Geneva-Paris: Slatkine, 1985) at 351.2.Le Forestier,
 Les Illuminés, supra
, at 658.3.Barruel,
 Memoires pour servir 
, Vol. V, at 80.4.Carlo Francovich,
Storia della Massoneria in Italia Dalle Origini alla Rivoluzione Francese
(Florence: 1974) at 315; Richard von Dullmen,
Geheimbund der Illuminaten
(Stuttgart: Frommann-Holzboog, 1977)at 97.5.Gustave Bord,
 La Franc-Maçonneríe en France; des origines a 1816: Les Ouvriers de l’Idéme Révolutionnaire (1688-1771)
(Paris: LibraireNationale, 1908) (reprint Geneva-Paris: Slatkine, 1985) at 353.6.Gustave Bord,
 La Franc-Maçonneríe en France
(1908) at 351.7.Le Forestier,
Convent du Philalethes
at 44-45, citing FranzDietrich von Dittfurth,
 Antwort an die Philalethen
(Wolfstieg: 1906) at43.
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Illuminati Visits To French Lodges
Illuminati of Bavaria
Hence, this gap in knowledge allowed those who didnot wish to see any influence of the Illuminati over theFrench Revolution to wallow in their preconceptions.Not only has scholarship established all these othervisits, but now legitimate university professors who study thismaterial have reprinted numerous documents relating to the1787 visit of Bode. The Illuminati had long been nurturingthis already inflamed spirit among the French. These histori-cal advances have been in the last one hundred years:
We now have a copy of the paper that Bode presented in 1787 tothe Amis Reunis on the origins of Freemasonry. Bode gaveFreemasonry a spin that it had from inception a revolutionarypurpose in matters of religion and government — to serve theProtestants need to combat Catholicism under a cloak. Bode’sthesis was a highly revolutionary thesis;
Since 1994, we have had a published copy of the diary thatBode kept from the 1787 journey. This had been kept at theDresden State Library for over 200 years;
Since 1906, Engel made accessible the contents of the letters of Bode to his girlfriend Frau Hess which he sent her from Parisduring the trip in 1787. These letters had been kept at the Dres-den State Library.
Since 1906, we had in print the diary of Dittfurth who attendedthe 1787 world congress hosted by the Amis Reunis at Paris.
This goes to show that history often cannot be com-pletely understood until many decades later.
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 Illuminati of Bavaria
Amis Reunis of Paris & Link Back To Munich
 Amis Reunis of Paris & Link Back To Munich
The CB Lyons-Paris Link To The Illuminati’s Head Lodge atMunich: An Overview
In 1777, key members at a Munich lodge known as
 Loge Zum guten Rat 
joined the Illuminati of Weishaupt. In1779, this lodge affiliated itself with the Chevaliers Bienfai-sants (CB Templars) lodge of Lyons — the mother lodge of the CB Templars. The same year, the Munich lodge changedits name to a French one —
 Loge St. Théodore au Bon Con-seil
. The mother lodge at Lyons was operated by Willermoz.The Lyons system was in turn operated under the authority of the Strict Observance of Germany.In time, this lodge Theodore at Munich became theheadquarters of the Illuminati of Bavaria.This is a key piece of evidence overlooked by manywho study the impact of the Illuminati on the French Revolu-tion. Many of the leading actors in the French Revolutioncame from the Amis Reunis at Paris.Le Forestier, a neutral historian privy to masonicrecords, explained the closeness of the Lyons and Munichlodges: “Lodge Theodore of Good Counsel at Munich was
 the most cherished daughter of the Lodge des Chevaliers Bienfasaints
Identically, Albert Pike, head of AmericanFreemasonry at one time who had similar access to masonicrecords, explained:
The Lodge
des Chevaliers Bienfaisants de la Sainte Cité 
at Lyons, in France, was the mostzealous and systematic of all the Cosmopolitanlodges, and erected many Lodges in France,
8.René Le Forestier,
 Les Illuminés de Bavière et la franc-maçonnerieallemande
(reprint 1974) at 680 (“Loge Zum guten Rat Rath deMunich était la fille la plus chérie de la Loge des Chevaliers Bienfais-sants....”)
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