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25330550 a Z Pocket Guide to Financial Terms

25330550 a Z Pocket Guide to Financial Terms

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Published by Ganeshan Paramathma

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Published by: Ganeshan Paramathma on Jun 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Your pocket guide to
understanding nancial terms
Financial Literacy Programme
A NALA/EBS Partnership
The EBS Building Societypartnered with the NationalAdult Literacy Agency(NALA) to develop aprogramme, which wouldhelp to target the growingissue of family and nancialliteracy. Prior to entering thepartnership, EBS recognisedthat many challenges existedin tackling the barriers tofamily and nancial literacy.In today’s society, theavailability of increasinglycomplex nancial products
and the growing need to
be nancially self-sufcientmeans that people mustbe increasingly nanciallyliterate.
As an organisation founded
on the principles ofmutuality with a long
heritage in providing
educational support, EBSunderstands that familyliteracy development isparticularly important, asparents are the rst andmost constant educatorsof children. Family literacy
encourages parents and
children to work together toimprove both theirliteracy skills.In bringing together thenancial and customerexpertise of EBS with NALA’sspecialist knowledge of
adult basic education, the
organisations are working
together to help tacklenancial literacy and to
address the issue of access
to nancial products and
services for those with
literacy and numeracydifculties.This A-Z Pocket Guide toUnderstanding FinancialTerms is just one of theachievements of EBS’spartnership with NALA.Having launched it originally
in 2004 we have now
updated it with modernterminology to meet withthe increasing demand forthe book. The guide is animportant resource thatwill help to create a much
greater understanding of
the dense and obscurejargon which is used ona daily basis in relation toall aspects of the moneybusiness. This resourcewill also give guidance tomanagement and staff whowork in the nancial servicessector, money advisers, theGovernment, regulatorsand utility companies inexplaining phrases usedby them.Financial decisions areamong the most importantthat are made by peopleduring their lifetime and it isour collective responsibilityto provide better tools toassist people in makingthose decisions. We hopeyou enjoy and learn fromthis book.

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