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SQLite Expressions

SQLite Expressions

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Published by pun_82b

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Published by: pun_82b on Jun 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SQLite expressions
In this part of the SQLite tutorial, we will cover SQLite expressions.An expression in a programming language is a combination of values, variables, operators, andfunctions that are interpreted (evaluated) according to the particular rules of precedence and of association for a particular programming language, which computes and then produces (returns, in astateful environment) another value. The expression is said to evaluate to that value. (wikipedia)
Literal values
A literal value is a constant of some kind. Literal values may be integers, floating point numbers,strings, BLOBs, or NULLs.
sqlite> SELECT 3, 'Wolf', 34.5;3|Wolf|34.5
Here we return three literals. Namely integer, string and floating point constants.
sqlite> .nullvalue NULLsqlite> SELECT NULL;NULL
command tells the SQLite to show
values as
. SQLite shows empty stringsfor
values by default.
value is a literal too.
sqlite> SELECT x'345eda2348587aeb';
literals are string literals containing hexadecimal data and preceded by a single "x" or "X"character.
are used to build expressions. SQL operators are very similar to mathematical operators. There are two kinds of operators. Binary and unary. Binary operators work with two operands, unarywork with one. An operator may have one or two operands. An
is one of the inputs(arguments) of an operator.We have several types of operators:
Arithmetic operators
Boolean operators
Relational operators
Bitwise operators
Other operatorsSQLite understand the following binary operators.
||* / %+ -<< <> & |< <= > >== == != <> IS IN LIKE GLOB BETWEEN
Operators are arranged according to the precedence. The
operator has the highest order of precedence, the
operator the lowest. These are the unary prefix operators:
- + ~ NOT
is a no-op. It does not do anything. The
unary operator changes positive values to negative andvice versa.
sqlite> SELECT -(3-44);41
 The result is 41. The other two operators will be discussed later on.
Arithmetic operators
Arithmetic operators understood by SQLite are: multiplication, division, addition, subtraction andmodulo.
sqlite> SELECT 3*3/9;1
 These are multiplication and division operators, that we know from mathematics.
sqlite> SELECT 3 + 4 - 1 + 5;11

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