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Personal Finance

Personal Finance

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Published by computerlove87

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Published by: computerlove87 on Jun 13, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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$-Personal Finance-$Taylor Kemp
It is down to the wire. We are almost done with High School, ready to enter college.Every decision we make could have a ripple effect on our entire lives. If we look at our lifeline,which we filled out right in the midst of the Eureka project and Grad Portfolio time, we can seethat everything goes up from this point in our lives. My overall goal for the next decade is toattain mastery knowledge in every aspect of computer science and engineering, and secondly toreap the financial benefits of a high paying tech job.The first steps in my plan for computer-world domination start this summer, this summerwill be a crucial time for the next 10 years of my life, so much so that I will not be startingcollege until winter semester. The summer will also be the start of my rise back to happinessafter the lowest point of my life on my lifeline chart, this school year. This summer I willattempt to get my MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) designation. Adding that to myresume will let my possible-future employers know that I have mastery knowledge of Windows,Windows networking, and Windows server environments. I will also attempt to get myCOMPTIA (Computer Technology Industry Association) A+ certification. The A+ certificationis a tech support certification that certifies that I have everything from basic desktop support toenterprise level support knowledge. The A+ will be crucial to making Taylored Technology anactual reputable tech support business. The A+ designation requires 2 tests, each of which are$200, aside from that; you pick the course material to study for the test. The MCP has a pricingstructure based on what courses you feel you need to pass the test, my best calculation of howmuch the courses would cost me is ~$500, and the 2 tests themselves are $400 each.Aside from MCSE and COMPTIA A+, there is another crucial factor in my educationduring this summer. I am going to take online open courseware classes. Open Courseware is aphenomenon in modern teaching. In efforts to become increasingly paperless, professors have
started to make as much of their course material as possible digital. Sometimes the professors orthe universities post these things online where they can be viewed by anyone. You can eitherread all the course material as-is online or sometimes other websites take the course material andorganize it in a way that makes it easier to read through and learn. I have found a lot of opencourseware online this year, and this summer, it will serve as my reading material.This summer will also be a crucial time for me to make money for college. I plan onworking at CitiScape at least 25 hours a week at 17$/hour. In addition to working at CitiScape, Iwill also have more time to offer my tech support services at 40$/hour, which I plan to devote atleast 10 hours a week to. I have been collecting leads for my tech support for a long time, and Iwill finally have time to use those leads this summer. This also coincides with one of the highpoints on my lifeline which is the point where I get my first car that I pick out myself, a ToyotaYaris or Honda Fit this august. My car will cost me ~150/ month for the next 5 years (my parentsare paying for ½ of it.
Since I didn’t get in to any good colleges this time around, I will be going to City
College. I want to get my initial credits out of the way before I go to Berkeley. The ability toprove myself to Berkeley by getting high grades at City College, combined with the money I willbe able to save by attending such a cheap school will be beneficial for me getting in to Berkeley.I have tried to estimate the payments myself, but for some reason I keep getting abnormally highnumbers. Ms. Chapman has estimated a full time student to pay ~$9,000 per year.Next summer (the summer after my first year of college) I will be attempting to getproperty management designations. The CCRM (California Certified Residential Manager)designation, along with CitiScape Property management, and 2222 Hyde St. Maintenanceexperience will be good to put on my resume. By the time I go to Berkeley, I will be a viablecandidate for a job as a property manager of a small building so that I can get free rent. Most
apartment managers also make additional salary, but there is no real average price, it isdetermined by factors such as: the size of the building, the average rent of the building, themarket value of your apartment, the number of units in the building, the responsibilities of the job beyond leasing, the number of hours per week the job will take, etc. At this point in mylifeline, I will be pretty happy until I get my PHD in computer engineering in 2018.After I start City College, I expect my finances to stay consistent until I (hopefully)transfer to Berkeley. Once I start Berkeley, The immediate change that will occur will be anincrease in tuition. According to the College Board, Berkeley will cost $7,164 per year for instate tuition, plus $9,340 per year for room and board for people who are not living on campus (Iam not sure if this is what they estimate you will be paying in rent, or if they actually charge you
for room and board even if you don’t live on campus).
Also I will be moving to my ownapartment with free rent in the building I will manage (utilities are usually also covered for on-site managers). If it just so happens that I am lucky enough to land one of those rare apartmentmanagement jobs that includes a 2 bedroom apartment instead of a 1 bedroom, I will also be ableto pull in income by getting a roommate, but I will not expect it or factor it in as income until itactually happens. When I move in to my own apartment, I will probably need some appliances. Iplan to allocate ~$500 for appliances;
I don’
t think I will need any furniture beyond what Ialready own. The only appliances I think I will need are a blender, a toaster, an iron, and avacuum.
Apparently, you don’t start making the big dollars in the tech industry until you have amaster’s degree. Once I have a master’s degree, I will be able to get a job making ~ according to
-. Since that salary is listed as a part time job, I will still be able to go to school for my PHD. It isa good thing that I will be making the big bucks, because at this point, I would like to starthelping my parents retire, and in addition to that I will need to start saving money for my duplex

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