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Published by shelley

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Published by: shelley on Jun 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Extortion SYSTEM of the Ruling Elite
Healing our World Through Truth and Love Freedom Follows Truth, as the Truth will Set youFreeWritten by infinite love through man created in our image and after our likeness of God,who chooses to answer to the calling of francis robert thomas haywww.freedomfiles.org freedomone@shaw.ca structureoflight@gmail.comLife without Lawhttp://groups.yahoo.com/group/lifewithoutlaw/You may distribute but reference Freedom Files Website as the source. I am currentlywriting letters based on what I have learned, which I am attaching at the end of the book.Completed in the fictional year of 2009 Currently being edited for grammar etc. New editionexpected to be done by April or May 2010
 Whatever you believe will be truth, not because it is, because you believe or imagine it toobe. There can be no truth in Illusion for truth has no Illusion. Infinite Love is the only truth,Everything else is Illusion.When the World wakes up to and sees that all power resides in each individual as beingabsolutely sacred, we will all be free. Nobody has any more or less power than anyone elseand that is what they don't want you to believe. Law is an illusion when no one can provewhere they get their authority over others from. Laws are only created to support illusions.Truth has no illusions. The entire world’s Political, Legal and Religious systems are builtupon a house of cards, which is the illusion of the few having authority over masses.Nobody can prove that they have authority over others and that is the ultimate thing thatwill set you free. This book destroys that illusion and examines the mechanisms that holdthat illusion in place. The abuse of power openly has a short life and those that perpetratethat abuse are always defeated. Freedom does not come with a price; it comes with thedispelling of illusion.Note:I will be writing an Essay and including it with this book once I have finished applying all thisresearch. So check back and look for the essay, which should be out around December of 2009 or so.DisclaimerI am not offering Legal Advice in this book just a culmination of thoughts and ideasconcerning Law and how people have over come difficulties within it. If you want Legaladvice speak with a Lawyer.

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