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Let’s Round Up All Neo-Conservative Politicians and Drown Them Like Lawyers

Let’s Round Up All Neo-Conservative Politicians and Drown Them Like Lawyers

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Published by Bigg Kell
A summation of the political climate and the advocacy of anarchy.
A summation of the political climate and the advocacy of anarchy.

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Published by: Bigg Kell on Jun 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Let¶s Round Up All Neo-Conservative Politicians and DrownThem Like Lawyers 
I just read that the Governor of Louisiana is joining the battle to overturn President Obama¶s¶moratorium on offshore drilling. He says that the moratorium hurts Louisiana economy. Nowthat is about the dumbest crap he¶s spouted to date, (to my knowledge, that is. I¶m sure this idiothas an all-time dumbest quotes album in the making). Just a shot in the dark here but, aren¶tmajor oil spills WORSE for Louisiana economy? Obviously the moratorium is only in effect for new drilling so we aren¶t talking about any already established oil economy and after the BPdisaster, you¶d think that a concerned governor would want to insure that all future drilling met asafety standard that would cut that chance of another oil spill, thus further deflating an alreadystruggling economy. You¶d think that, wouldn¶t you? Well, not this clown of a governor.Anything Obama comes out on, he comes out against, while secretly accepting benefits under thetable. Look at what he did with the stimulus package. He publicly decried how fiscallyirresponsible Obama was, but secretly took the stimulus money and distributed it, then; Lo andBehold!, he¶d written out checks with his name on them, taking credit for the stimulus programhe decried as irresponsible. He had those giant Publisher¶s Clearinghouse checks made, youknow the kind. Did he mention it was stimulus money from the federal government??? Hell no.That fact became lost to Louisiana history. Now, I know he isn¶t the only elected official to do this. All across America elected officials are putting on a vocal show, in their opposition publicly but have their hands out privately. Thehypocrisy of it all is what bothers me, plus that they see nothing wrong with lying to the public.That is a serious character flaw. Think about it in terms you can really relate to«.. You arewatching a movie with your significant other and the story is about a cheating spouse. You¶reasked what you think about extra marital affairs. After giving it thought you say that there could be any number of reasons why a person felt they had to step outside their marriage. Your significant other goes on a tirade about the sanctity of marriage and how God confirmed theunion and how the offending party is selfish and is destroying their mate. Later you find thatyour significant other has slept with your next door neighbor for some time.This type of behavior is why I do not believe in government. It has outlived it¶s usefulness, if itever truly had one. To put it in capitalist terms; We are not getting an adequate return on our  political investment. Regardless of the political party, government contributes nothing to theindividuals it governs, it perpetuates the division of people into classes, is the source of wars, places capital gains over humanitarian comfort and aid, it enslaves whole races, it draws to itindividuals of low moral character and criminal inclinations, and the list goes on. It wasProudhon who said µ
To be governed is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-ridden, regulated, penned up, indoctrinated, preached at, checked, appraised, seized, censured,and commanded by beings who have neither title, knowledge nor virtue´
. If you¶re honest withyourself, you know that the only reason there is government is because of man¶s weakness. We

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