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...the Unknown Heart...

...the Unknown Heart...

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Published by nayeli
An Idea I had for a long time now...hope u guys read and like it :)...I'll continue Immediately ^_^. and p.s My other story 'Regrets' will be continued, so please be patient :)...now enjoy ^_^.
An Idea I had for a long time now...hope u guys read and like it :)...I'll continue Immediately ^_^. and p.s My other story 'Regrets' will be continued, so please be patient :)...now enjoy ^_^.

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Published by: nayeli on Jun 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This is an Idea I had and just started to
write it down ^-^..hope u guys like it, and
tell me what u think.PLEASE... enjoy the

story and comment...any suggestions,
questions…etc...Don’t hesitate to ask :).
The Unknown

The strangest things in life, is not knowing what you are, or
will become of you in the near future. To spend years walking
amongst an existence, that you were only half apart of. How will
you blend with that part of you that you didn't even know that
existed when all knowledge of the truth is revealed to you... how
do you take it? I don't know how your going to take it, but
me...not so well...


It was dark and quiet. I could hear nothing, but my own confused
thoughts. I blinked a couple of times to realize that the dark space
around me wasn't getting any brighter. I hugged my arms around my
body, and started to walk forward from where I was standing. I kept
turning to every direction now and then with hope of seeing some kind
of light to illuminate my dark path. There was nothing, but darkness!.
Suddenly, I had this uncomfortable feeling that someone was watching
me or following me. At first I just ignored it, or told myself that it was
just the darkness that was intimidating me. I kept walking. This time a
little faster not missing a thing of what was going on around me. This
time I was turning to my left side to check when I noticed two big gold
dots. I had already started to walk towards them when I noticed what

they really were and stopped in my path. They were a pair of beautiful
bright gold colored eyes staring at me.....ME. My mind screamed
DANGER!!!!!....as the big scary cat I was. By now I had made an about
face and runned to the opposite direction I had seen the beautiful
bright gold eyes as fast as I could. I didn't know who it was or WHAT it
was, but I sure didn't know if it was looking to help me , or HURT me!
The only hope I had was to run and hope that this was just a
nightmare. I was running at a pace that I didn't know I had. I was
running out of breath so I looked back to check if that thing was still
after me!. I looked back and saw those beautiful gold eyes which also
had a hint of dangerous in them right in the eye which got me twice
fired up. THIS time I runned as fast as I could, but I could see that it
was keeping the easy pace behind me. I was turning around when I
tripped over my own feet. I could feel the breeze trough my hair as I
went down to hit the floor. I was on the floor looking up when big pain
came to my head. Then I felt my eyes closing. The last thing I
remember seeing was a pair of beautiful gold eyes stopping close to
my body and looking at me with a weird look of excitement and, love. I
was coming out of consciousness when a big pain hit me. I opened my
eyes... when suddenly I was blinded by the lights.......wait lights? How
could this be? What happened with the darkness? I blinked a lot, but
my eyes easily adjusted to the bright light. I was standing up, with my
hands holding and rubbing my head when everything came back to
me. I was looking everywhere for those eyes. I didn't find anything, but
then when I turned around I was standing a couple of feet’s away from
a beautiful woman with that beautiful bright gold that I remembered.
The woman had long beautiful curled brown reddish hair, paled white,
flawless, beautiful skin. She was wearing a beauty of a dress. It was a
light blue dress. (nail : I'm sorry for the crappy description... :/ ... and

the future ones!!!.....X (.....SORRY AND THANKS!!!)She was starring at

me with such curiosity and love but I still was deeply afraid.....and
curious of whom she was. She moved closer with her hand in front of
her like if to touch my cheek, but I stepped back. Her sight then
suddenly became a sad look. She smiled and was about to tell me
something when........BEEP BEEP BEEP...I was woken up by my alarm
clock. I opened my eyes alarmed ,and disappointed at what had just
happened or dreamed .My throat started to hurt and burn really bad,
but I decided that it was nothing. I would just drink water or something
later. I was looking at the ceiling when I heard my door creak open and
I turned my head to see my mom's head peak in trough my door.
''Good morning'' I said sitting up. ''OH...YES! You’re awake!
Here...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sweetheart how did you sleep? Are you
excited about today? You’re seventeen!!! can you believe it!!!'' my
mom Katherine said walking and seating next to me in my bed
squeaking and handle ling me a small box with one hand ,while putting
a blue tiara in my head with the other. I smiled and said...''what are

you talking about? And why should I be excited?.....mom I DON'T want
a party! You know that right?! And what is this?! I hope you didn't
spend a lot of money in it!'' I warned. ''I did not spend ANY money in it
even though you know that money is not a problem, and I am not
planning you a party! Why would you think that???'' my mom said
reassuring me. ''aha....so what’s this???" I asked. ''OPEN IT!!!...come
on!!! I KNOW YOU WILL LOVE IT'' my mom almost screamed. ''o.k.

...but I don’t know. There’s something weird about you're
enthusiasm.....MOM!'' I said. I opened the small box and..... It was
beautiful .I looked at every detail and I loved it!...It was a silver plate
filigree crescent and a Siam red swarovski cut crystal heart that
dangles from its tip. It was just my style...taste...you could say that I
really, really loved it!.
‘‘Mom!!!.. I love it. It's beautiful'' I said not taking my eyes out of it. I
looked up and hugged my mom. ''I'm glad you like it'' she said. ''It's
perfect'' I said. ''Did you know that it's kind of like a family air loom.''
she said. We separated from our hug and I looked at her. She was
looking at me too. ''Really?...was it my grandma's...or your
grandma's...or maybe it was your...'' I was saying but was cut off by
my mom. ''It's not from my side of the family sweetheart...It was
actually your father's. Everyone in your father's family has one. The
details and diamond are very unlike.'' she said looking at my face. I
guess that she was waiting for my reaction. I opened my mouth to
speak but words couldn't come out, and when they did...my voice was
a little shaky. ''This was my father's?'' I asked. ''Yes'' she answered in a
whisper. ''Why are you giving it to me now?'' I asked curious.'' I
thought that well...you are growing up Hailey, and I'm sure that
sometime in the future you're going to want to find you're dad ...so I'm
giving you this.'' she said. ''Did you ever try to look for my dad?'' I
asked. ‘‘Sincerely Hailey ...no!'' she answered. ''Why? ...didn't you love
my dad? Did it ever occur to you that I would need a father!'' I said.
''Hailey!..It did occur to me, but what could I do...just go out there and
look for a dad for you and Johnny.'' she said. ''NO mom! How about my
real father..hu!...how could you not look for him.?'' I asked with a little
shock in my voice. ''Hailey! It’s complicated...you don't understand.''
she said. ''I don't understand because you have never given me the
change to even try and understand. You have never told me something
actually useful about my dad. How can I ever even find him if I don't
know how he looks like, how he is, or ever where he might be right
now! Can you even believe that I don't even know his name mom!.
How could I not know my dad's name...HU! ...What is my dad’s name
anyway?!.'' I said. My mom had a look of understandment , and
kindness look on her face. ''Hailey… please be patient. It already looks
like I'll have to tell you the whole truth in a couple of days or maybe
even hours, but first I have to conclude my suspicions.'' she said.
''What suspicions?...that I'm going crazy. Mom...what are you waiting

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