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old sun 16

old sun 16

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Published by Rimal

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Published by: Rimal on Jun 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Continuation of the Twilight Saga- Old Sun: 16
16. Truths and Lies
Today was Monday, my first day of school after the party disaster. Ihad to begin tutoring Matt, and stay discreet at the same time. I slipped intomy car with Alice, after having a nice, healthy breakfast of sweet coyote blood."Jasmine, I never thought I would say this, but why haven't you toldyour friends the truth? Edward told Bella in chapter 
. You're stillwaiting?!?" Alice emphasized."I didn't know you would want me to... I mean, what if they startavoiding me. They're not like Bella, you know, who didn't care at all whatEdward was; she only loved him 'uncontrollably.' But for what reason,Alice? What reason?" I replied, changing the subject entirely. Alice ignoredmy question."Just, please. Take them to the clearing today, and confess.""Fine." I said, annoyed. If Matt and Shane were really my friends,they would accept me. Telling my secret to Lindsay was out of the question,since she was such a gossip spreader. I drove to school as slowly as I could,taking my time. I sat through my classes, and when school was over, I wentto Shane and Matt. This was the first time I had seen them after the partyincident, and it was kind of awkward."Uh... We have to talk..." I said."Is this about Spanish?! I promise, I'll let you tutor me, it's just thatI'm grounded for a week since I tried skateboarding to school without mymom's permission and now she's pissed at me so please just don't hurt me—"Matt stammered."Dude, slow down. What is it, Jasmine?" Shane shut Matt up."Let's go on a...walk." They agreed, and got into my car. I drove themto the clearing in the forest, without a word."Where are we going, Jazzeh?" Matthew kept repeating."Please
 shut up
." Shane yelled."Well, here we are..." I said, gesturing towards the beautiful opening.It looked amazing, especially with the pink flowers, and the butterflies.But...it seemed fake. Matt collapsed into the long grass. He closed his eyes
and lay there."Let's hope he's dead and make a run for it." Shane whispered."I heard you!" Matt retorted. I could see this wouldn't work."Meet me here, at 5:30 tonight." I ordered. I then turned to Matthew."It's tutoring time.""
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
 —""Oh..my..GOSH! Please, I know you really like that song, but DON'TKEEP SINGING IT!" I totally spazzed out. Here we were (Matthew and I),listening to the radio, and one of my favorite songs (Nothin' On You byB.o.B. feat. Bruno Mars) was on, and Matt was ruining it with another songthat I don't like as much (O.M.G. by Usher, feat. Will.I.Am.)."Okay, okay. Fine." Matthew took out his Spanish book. He lookedaround, confused at the roads surrounding us. "Wait, you picked me up frommy house...Aren't we going back to your place?""No, the library." I told him. When we got to the library, Matthewimmediately went to the "ANIME/MANGA" section. He began to flipthrough a
manga."Matt." I hissed, "Get your butt over here." The librarian shot me adirty look. She turned to her co-librarian (is that even a word?!) and shook her head disapprovingly. I took out my Spanish textbook, and began readinga short story about a kind man who meets his rude, uptight cousin."
 El hombre le tendió la mano a su primo, que se mantenía erguido enel lado de la pared 
." I recited."Hmm?" Matt asked. I repeated the sentence."What the hell does that even mean?" Matthew questioned, whiletexting someone on his cell phone. I snatched the Motorola from him."Seriously? The Spanish test is next week. I'll be surprised if you even pass the test. But, your mom says you've got to get at least an A-. So,STUDY!""
!" The librarian glared at me through her glasses. I smiledapologetically.
 At least I didn't suck your blood, woman.
"Huh? What was that?" Matt said."Uh... Nothing."
 Did I just say the 'suck your blood' thing aloud?Oops.
"You wanna bail this place and get a smoothie or something? I wouldkill for a Tropical Blast right now.""I'm—er, allergic to smoothies.""Fro-yo?" Matt offered.
"I'm lactose intolerent.""Chinese food?""Vegetarian.""Fine, how about the place that sells nuts?" Matt laughed at his own pun."Not punny. Okay, sure. How about peanuts?" Peanuts were one of few foods that I could actually swallow. They tasted 'nutty,' given that theywere peanuts. But also kind of sweet."I'm allergic to peanuts. They make my throat swell up and I can die."Matt chuckled."So...Let's get some peanuts?" I whispered. "I'd love to see thatallergic reaction.""
funny." Matthew looked into my golden eyes, his dark brownones looking as if he was staring through my soul. I immediately felt bad,and instantly knew Matt's strong point—his hard stares with his solemn eyeswould just keep looking at you until you regretted your mistake."Sorry." I mumbled."Out of the library! Both of you!" The angry librarian pushed us out of the library and closed the doors behind us."I can't believe we got kicked out of there. I feel so bad-a$$ rightnow." Matt smiled devilishly."Hmm." I checked my watch. It was already 4:30. I had to preparemyself for the 'confession time.' "I'm sorry, Matt. I have to go. I'll see you inan hour!" I grabbed my bag, and left the site.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Alice stood in front of me, holding a bunch of index cards. "Now,what will you do if they start screaming and running around?""Uhh..." I strained to remember. "Grab them both, cover their mouths,and drag them to my car. Explain that I'm a 'vegetarian,' and offer to buythem a smoothie or something if they shut up." Alice smiled proudly."You're a natural. Now go get 'em, tiger! Good luck!" Alice huggedme, and I left the house at about 5:22, knowing that in about 10 minutes Iwould have told my deepest secret to some guys I had just met about 3-4months ago.When I arrived at the clearing, I felt ready and sure of my self. Iwaited for the next 5 minutes for Matt and Shane to get there.Both guys arrived, disscussing some
episode. The momentthey saw me, their expressions turned from smiling to serious."Look, I have to ask you guys something..."

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