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DNA Monthly Vol 3 No 1 January07

DNA Monthly Vol 3 No 1 January07

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Published by pibo

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Published by: pibo on Jun 26, 2010
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January 2007 (Vol. 3, No. 1)
Notable & Quotable: 
"It seems clear that our hidden human potential is now unfolding.The higher order of consciousness that represents our next leap in human evolution is nowbeing activated, and we are evolving into a higher frequency of light [...]"Moreover, it is possible that the hidden potential lies within the very fabric of our DNA. Thehuman body may be a hologram, a reflection of light encased in matter, of the greatercosmic hologram. Or, stated another way, the blueprint for humanity as a spiritual species ...is holographically enfolded within us ... Scientists have found that most DNA componentshave no recognizable function within the current paradigm--only 3 percent are believed to befunctional. It is possible that the other 97 percent known as 'junk' DNA represents hiddenhuman potential. What if they hold the code for the higher orders of human evolution that willoccur in the future?""[A]s evolutionary biologist Elisabet Sahtouris points out, the history of evolution hasrepeatedly demonstrated that DNA is capable of rearranging itself intelligently in response tochanging environmental conditions. Therefore, some types of mutation may not be randomat all. Our DNA may be capable of utilizing information and making conscious changes in itsstructure. That is, it may consciously direct the process of mutation, thus transforming aspecies."
Judith Bluestone Polich,
Return of the Children of Light: Incan and Mayan Prophecies for a New World 
 (Bear & Company, 2001)
"Beyond Duality: Healing the Fragmentary Body," by Sol Luckman
"The Spinning Vortex" (Chapter Six of the book
Ecstatic Relations 
)," by Carolyn North
"Indigo Nutrition & Healing Support," by Celena Hadlock
Also, Also ... DNA-related Definition of the Month
Did You Know?
Beyond Duality: Healing the Fragmentary BodySol Luckman
Page 1of 11DNA MONTHLY January 200726-6-2010http://potentiation.net/DNAmonthly/January07.html
iven that the very atoms that comprise matter are dualized into positive and negative, itshould come as little surprise that duality also expresses itself in the body's electromagneticfields, which have been shown to regulate our biochemical (i.e., genetic) expression asphysical beings. In the human electromagnetic spectrum, duality appears as an energydisruption sometimes called the
Fragmentary Body 
.In most present-day humans the second electromagnetic field (which corresponds to thesecond or sex
) exists as a bioenergy or consciousness vacuum that to a significantdegree separates the worlds of spirit and matter. The Fragmentary Body does this bydraining one's
(the individual's life-wave of universal creative consciousness) as itseeks to rise into the higher electromagnetic fields and chakras, while impeding the free flowof this same energy emanating superluminally from Galactic Center that seeks to infuse thelower fields and chakras.The Fragmentary Body thus represents a major impediment to the sacred marriage betweenthe lower self and Higher Self, or the embodiment of the light of soul that occurs duringgenuine bio-spiritual enlightenment.
From Book One on the Regenetics Method,
Conscious Healing 
: Sealing the Fragmentary Body. The left imageshows a typical human bioenergy blueprint with nine electromagnetic fields/ 
and a Fragmentary Bodyin the second field/chakra from the bottom. The right image shows a “potentiated” bioenergy blueprint with an“infinity circuit” of eight fields/chakras. Note how sealing the Fragmentary Body replaces fragmentation andduality with harmony and sacred geometry, allowing for the free flow of bioenergy throughout the body.Copyright (c) 2006 by Sol Luckman and Kara Brown. All Rights Reserved.Click hereto preview
Conscious Healing 
The Fragmentary Body constitutes an electromagnetic "rift" in the human bioenergy fieldsthat corresponds to the Great Rift dividing the consciousness that created the system ofduality, visibly manifest in the night sky as the band of the Milky Way. Such mirroring is inkeeping with the ancient hermetic dictum "As above, so below," since this holographicprinciple that conflates the part with the whole requires that our consciousness-basedphysiology be consistent with the cosmological consciousness that created and sustains us. The Fragmentary Body is not only associated with sexuality but also with the mouth andspecifically the tongue: our speech organs. This connection supports the widespread belief
Page 2of 11DNA MONTHLY January 200726-6-2010http://potentiation.net/DNAmonthly/January07.html
that our dualistic universe was literally spoken or sung into being. "In the beginning was theWord," we read in Genesis. The primacy of speech in creation is perhaps why the Egyptiangoddess Nu, one of many feminine icons for Galactic Center, is pictured in hieroglyphics asa great milk cow with full udders. Today scientists and theologians alike are beginning toagree that if we were indeed created, we were
into existence.During the time leading up to the Tower of Babel, which I propose is a metaphor for theperceptually fused or unified state of consciousness (what has been termed
) that preceded humanity's experimental and educational Fall fromgrace that created optimal conditions for individuation, the Bible records that "the wholeEarth was of one language, and of one speech." The stories of the Garden of Eden andTower of Babel are of special interest to our discussion because they directly associatehuman biology with language. While the language of the Garden is divisive, that of theTower is both unified and unifying, leading upward (not unlike the spiral staircase of a DNAhelix) to a heavenly marriage between human and divine.The divine language of the Tower, apparently spoken by Jesus and called the Language ofthe Birds, the Green Language and also the
lingua adamica 
, is composed exclusively ofvowels. This was a major reason the five vowels were extracted from written Hebrew: theywere revered as sacrosanct, God's language of creation. "The vowels were 'extras' inHebrew," writes William Grey in
The Talking Tree 
. "The vowels were originally very specialsonics indeed, being mostly used for 'God-names' and other sacred purposes. Consonantsgave words their bodies, but vowels put soul into them."It appears that the five vowels are indeed sacred because, among other things, theycorrespond to the five nucleotides (protein bases) of DNA and RNA used to create biologicalorganisms: adenine, cytosine, guanine, thymine, and uracil. These five nucleotides,represented as A, C, G, T and U, literally form our genetic alphabet. Mastery of theLanguage of the Birds effectively turns one into a master geneticist not only capable ofcreating life-forms via speech, but of evolving these life-forms into
structured onthe tripartite tetrahedron shape that is the basic building block of the
.Medieval alchemists used the phrase the Green Language probably owing to the criticalalteration of hydrogen bonds (which are green on the electromagnetic spectrum) inbiological water molecules that occurs during
creation. Not surprisingly, manyfigures associated with the lightbody, such as Osirus and Quetzalcoatl, are typically depictedas green. Similarly, Lao Tzu's Immortals achieve bio-spiritual enlightenment by creating a"jade body."The Fragmentary Body is electromagnetic evidence of misuse or mispronunciation of theGreen Language or Language of the Birds, apparently through insertion of consonants thatdisrupt the unified flow of vowels and create dualistic syllables. The story of the Garden ofEden appears to record this historical speech event that gave rise to duality in the form ofthe Fragmentary Body--which energetically corresponds not only to the mouth and tonguebut also (appropriately given the procreative "doom" that results from Adam and Eve's fatefuldiscussion of knowledge) the genitals.With many parallels to Eckhart Tolle's concept of the "pain body" that keeps people fromaccessing the infinite "Power of Now," the Fragmentary Body operates much like a deepscratch in a record or, to use a Vedic term, a
that maintains one's consciousnesslocked in a limited (unenlightened) matrix of thought and belief banished from knowledge or
of unity with the Garden or Ground of Being. Toltec masters often refer to theFragmentary Body as the Parasite--fittingly, since at the energetic level, parasites (physicaland aetheric) enter and establish themselves at the human organism's expense by way ofthe Fragmentary Body. In all cases, the Fragmentary Body is a dualistic principle of
Page 3of 11DNA MONTHLY January 200726-6-2010http://potentiation.net/DNAmonthly/January07.html

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