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DNA Monthly Vol 4 No 6 June July 08

DNA Monthly Vol 4 No 6 June July 08

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Published by pibo

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Published by: pibo on Jun 26, 2010
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June-July 2008 (Vol. 4, No. 6)
Notable & Quotable: 
"The spiral is the sign of the eternal, creative, unifying andorganising force or principle at work in the universe, and especially of the ongoing creationof consciousness. It is a divine mark on nature, what may be termed God's personalsignature on the cosmos, the Great Architect's own autograph--from the cradles of stars andplanets in the awesome spiral arms of galaxies to the beautiful double helix structure of theDNA molecule [...] As the spiral seems to be integral to physical growth, so it is also thesymbolic pattern of human spiritual growth ... [T]he spiral is as much part of our 'cultural'DNA as it is part of our biological DNA [...] Indeed, I have come to realise that 'spirality'--thecondition of being spiral--and 'reality' are almost interchangeable terms."
Geoff Ward,
Spirals: The Pattern of Existence 
(Green Magic, 2006)
"A Practical Application of Era III Medicine," by Sol Luckman
"The Many Benefits of Heart-centeredness," by Diane Brandon
"The Deeper Secret: Attracting What You Really Want," by Jean-Claude Gerard Koven
Also, Also ... DNA-related Definition of the Month
Did You Know?
1. A Practical Application of Era III MedicineSol Luckman
n one of the classics of new medicine,
Reinventing Medicine: Beyond Mind-body to a New Era of Healing 
, physician Larry Dossey addresses one practical application of what he callsnonlocal or Era III medicine: "Recently modern scientists have discovered that nonlocalevents, meaning events that don't happen where they're initiated necessarily, are notfantasy but are part of the fabric of the universe." Citing well-known physicist Nick Herbert,Dossey enumerates three primary characteristics of nonlocal events. Nonlocal events, hesays, are:1) unmediated, meaning you do not necessarily need a transmission field for a nonlocal
Page 1of 13DNA MONTHLY June 200826-6-2010http://www.potentiation.net/DNAmonthly/June08.html
event to occur, that it occurs even in the absence of an identifiable field;2) unmitigated, meaning their strength does not fall off through time or distance; and3) immediate, sometimes even anachronistic, meaningthey can happen before theyhappen.On numerous occasions over the past five years performing theRegenetics Methodremotely for hundreds of clients living all over the globe, my partner Leigh and I havereceived feedback indicating that a substantial percentage of these individuals begin to feeltheir sessions happening before the actual session. Time and space seem irrelevant withDNA activation, which is what one would expect working with subspace "torsion" energyscientifically shown by N. A. Kozyrev and others to be capable of moving faster thanobservable light.Here, research conducted by biophysicist Peter Gariaev's team in Russia provides aplausible explanation. The Gariaev group found that DNA can cause "disturbance patterns"in space, generating small electromagnetic "wormholes" of a subquantum nature. Thesemicroscopic DNA-activated wormholes, similar in their ability to bend light to the nonlocalenergy signatures found in the vicinity of "black holes," including Galactic Center, areconnections between different areas in the multiverse through which data (such as soundand light codes designed to assist human evolution) can be transmitted outside the space-time continuum.
Remote healing, for example, is thus reasonably explained as an ener- genetic phenomenon 
.Early in 2003, after much research, Leigh and I formulated our ideas and performed the firstDNA activation of the Regenetics Method,Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning, onourselves while living in South America. Initially, to be perfectly honest, I did not experienceany significant shifts. But after a few weeks, I realized I was beginning to crave foods--starches mostly, carbohydrates--I had been unable to eat for years because of severeallergies.Leigh theorized I was craving starches again because my body--which had been severelycompromised by vaccines, heavy metals, parasites, and other factors--was starting tocleanse and was asking for foods to help bind toxicity from my cells and escort it out of mysystem without further damaging my tissues. She suggested that I try some of the foods I
Page 2of 13DNA MONTHLY June 200826-6-2010http://www.potentiation.net/DNAmonthly/June08.html
had been craving such as pasta, bread, rice, and potatoes. So I began eating them, timidlyat first but with increasing gusto as it became obvious they were no longer overrunning mewith Candida or causing unbearable bloating.If Potentiation had stopped there, we both knew we had been given an extraordinary gift. Ingoing on a decade of dedicated searching, nothing else had been able to restore my abilityto enjoy the full range of foods. But Potentiation did not stop there. I began getting backgreater and greater levels of vitality and was able to start exercising again. Within sixmonths, I returned to swimming a mile without stopping. I had been unable to performanywhere close to this for years. Today, I can swim two miles at full speed, which is morethan I could do in my twenties before the onset of my mysterious illness that had affinities tochronic fatigue (CFIDS), multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), and fibromyalgia.My body was recovering its inherent wisdom, that had been undermined, and was beginningto harmonize with the natural environment again. The experience reminded me of a storyfrom Greek mythology about a giant named Antaeus who wrestles Hercules. Antaeusderived his great strength from his connection with Earth. Every time Hercules tried to pinhim, Antaeus would simply touch the ground and grow exponentially stronger. Finally, whenhe was almost spent, Hercules realized the only way to defeat Antaeus was to lift him off theground where he could no longer draw strength from Earth. This was how Herculesstrangled and killed Antaeus.A month after Potentiation, for the first time in nearly eight years, I felt as if Hercules hadfinally set me back on the ground. I knew intuitively, as well as experientially, that I wasagain drawing strength from food, water, and sunlight. Something altogether profound washappening in me. Leigh also underwent an "ener-genetic" transformation with many tangibleresults that, to our amazement, included the partial straightening of her lifelong scoliosis thatnot even a back brace, regular chiropractic treatments and intensive Rolfing had been ableto modify.We wanted to share Potentiation with family and friends, but were still living on anothercontinent. One of my mentors suggested we could do this work at a distance using theelements we were already using: sound and intention--or radio and light waves. This struckme as very much in line with Dossey's notions of Era III medicine and nonlocalized mind.We began to explore the possibility of performing Potentiation at a distance. One techniquewe looked to for ideas was radionics. Radionics is a type of energy medicine that hashistorically been performed remotely. There is some very substantial proof of the radionicconnection between practitioner and patient in something called "radionic photography."This is where film that is never actually put in a camera, but is only exposed to the thoughts(light waves) of the radionics practitioner, is then developed without applying light to the film.Radionic photography is a concrete example that
thought or intention is a form or function o higher-dimensional torsion waves manifesting as light 
.The matriarch of radionics, a chiropractor named Ruth Drown, created photographs ofpeople at a distance by simply connecting with them mentally. She produced some uncannyimages. In one she captured a fetus inside the womb of a patient who lived miles away. Theshape of the fetus is clearly recognizable and the anatomy of the mother perfectly correct.Drown made other radionic photographs that were "taken" during surgeries happeningsometimes hundreds of miles away that distinctly show surgical tools entering recognizableorgans. These amazing images have been published in Dr. David Tansley's
Radionics: Interface with the Ether Fields 
.Also a radionics practitioner, Tansley explains such remote energy transmission in terms ofthe "psi-field," described as a matrix in space filled with triangular energy vortices that allow
Page 3of 13DNA MONTHLY June 200826-6-2010http://www.potentiation.net/DNAmonthly/June08.html

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